Trendy Smartphone Tech That Will Change The Way We Use Our Phones

By Rahim Makhani

Technology has advanced a lot in every sector. With the help of technology, our devices and appliances have become more innovative. In this digital era, technology is getting updated at the speed of a rocket. However, even though the technology is advanced, our use of smartphones is the same as we used in the past. 

If you are a business owner, you need to stay updated and keep an eye on the latest technologies so that you and your company can be updated as per the latest trends and technologies. 

The updates in technologies and trends change the way of using applications and our smartphones. It brings us many new functions and features that can make the usage smoother and faster. People owing a samsung phone and want to change the network provider need not to wait for the contract to get over, they can know how to unlock a samsung phone using online services.

Many mobile app development services in the USA are searching for innovative ideas to make more advanced applications based on the latest technology. 

How can smartphones change the way we get information and communicate?

The way we get knowledge from the information has changed from talking to each other to reading newspapers to watching television to getting information from a computer and now from the smartphone to social media. 

Currently, we can get information whenever and wherever we want through our smartphones. This is very convenient and amazing. This is also amazing for our communication. Our intelligent mobile phones enable us various ways of communication such as calls, texts, instant messages, email, social media, blogs, and much more. 

The undeniable fact is that we can get any information anytime we want has impacted our living and daily lives. According to a recent study, it is found that we are significantly expected to forget the information that we know we can easily retrieve again. When we are asked for something, we think about how we can get it from the internet instead of thinking about how we can solve it without the help of the internet. We have become dependent on the internet for everything, and we ask even tiny things to the internet. Because of the internet, we have become lazy, and we also don’t use our brains. 

How can smartphones change the way we behave and feel?

Our days start with the help of a smartphone. The first thing we use in the morning is an alarm clock on our phone; after that, we use our phone to read a newspaper on the phone while having our breakfast. As the day moves further, we scroll through our social media or our friends with the help of smartphones. We can also chat with our friends or other people. 

We are continually connected and always expected to have mobile phones by our side all day. Because of smartphones, we can do our work even if we aren’t at the office. 

Technologies that will change the way we use our phones

  • Depth cameras
  • Bendable displays
  • Modular phones
  • Virtual Reality
  • Ultracapacitors
  • Depth cameras 

With the current phone cameras, we have almost reached the dead end. Developers can twist the optics, add more sensor resolution, and take better pictures, but the user experience will be the same. Smartphones cameras are already of better quality for every purpose they are used. 

Depth camera

The manufacturers went to depth cameras now. These are not just stereo cameras that we have seen in 3D. These are real depth cameras that know the precise depth of each pixel presented in the image and can also extract the 3D image of the picture. This similar technology is also used in Kinect 2.0. 

Using the latest technology that is known as short for simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM), your phone can seamlessly extract a 3D map of the world. It can use it to figure out where you are located in space, as well as it is also helpful to identify natural objects. Apps can use this technology for many things, such as new augmented reality games for furniture shopping, GPS that can help you find where you are in the store, and much more. 

  • Bendable displays

Nowadays, smartphones have become thinner and more comprehensive. We eagerly want more interactive space to work with, which is why gadgets like the iPad are popular. However, it is not possible to carry bags everywhere, so we have pockets to hold our smartphones but not the iPad. 

bendable display

One effective approach to resolve this problem is bendable smartphones, with OLED displays developed on top of a malleable underlying layer that can be easily folded or bent just like paper. This will allow the developer to add a vast interaction surface within a small space that is easy to carry.

Make a smartphone-sized device that is foldable, and when it unfolds, it is the size of an iPad or even a newspaper. By giving a little effort, you can imagine a lot of various form factors a mobile device can take to develop the use of malleable technology. 

  • Modular phones

Currently, one size phone can fit all. Everyone buying the same model of a phone will use the same screen, the same speaker, the same processor, and the same camera. This varies while we buy PCs. Many people like to modify and advance their PCs with a faster GPU, better screen, an appropriate keyboard, prominent speakers, and many more things. 

Bringing such a modification to the smartphone is an essential thing in this era. So Google has taken a great initiative to modify the smartphone components to Lego blocks, self-contained units that can be mixed, matched, and upgraded. 

It will work like customers will buy the skeleton with slots of various modules. These modules will contain processors, speakers, memories, batteries, and what they like. Without changing the whole smartphone, these modules can be updated or replaced with no particular expertise tools.

  • Virtual reality

Now let us know about something more essential. A smartphone is a vast screen HD OLED display linked to a computer device that is faster than the last generation console. You will realize this as about 90% of the hardware needed to provide an impressive VR experience. 


VR on mobile is already an excellent experience for watching movies. In another one or two generations, it can also prove to be useful for mobile computing, letting us use crazy VR operating systems, designing giant virtual screens to work where we are sitting away from our desks. 

  • Ultracapacitors

One of the main restricting factors on our phone is the battery. Recently batteries are also advancing but not rapidly compared to screen resolution, power processing, or storage space. The result is that many new phone features can’t be implemented as they would represent too much of a drain on already short battery life. 


There are a lot of latest technologies that can improve battery life. One of the most important in extended battery life is ultracapacitors. It uses nanostructured materials such as graphene to create devices that can charge almost instantly while storing far more energy than standard batteries. 


A smartphone is something irresistible. Everyone spends most of their time on smartphones surfing and browsing through the internet. It seamlessly plays many minor roles in our lives and provides small services that we don’t even know we want. So many things have become easy because of the use of smartphones.

You can indeed hire mobile app development services in the USA to develop the advanced and rearmost smartphone according to your choice and business requirements. I strenuously recommend you relate to this piece of an article before you decide to build a mobile app to know all the rearmost trends of technology. This blog can also help you to choose between modern technologies.

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