Transitioning Your Workforce Home

Transitioning Your Workforce Home

Now that the world is starting to open back up, there are many companies that are bringing their workforce back into the office. But some companies are deciding that working from home is actually better for their staff. This may seem like a huge transition but it can be easier than you think.

Making the Decision

Firstly, you want to decide if working from home is what is best for your employees. Companies are finding that a lot of their staff is actually more efficient and productive when they are allowed to work from home. Optimally you will have some data on each of your employees to determine if that is true for each of them. Then you will want to have a group meeting or one on one meetings with each employee.

In these meetings you want to open a dialogue about working from home. Hopefully they will speak candidly about their enjoyment level associated with working from home. Once you have this information you should be able to pick the option best suited for you.

Vacating Your Space

The biggest hurdle in making this transition will be the physical space and the equipment. Some employers will offer up the chairs and desks to employees so that they can create a dedicated space in their home for work. An office move checklist can help with this process.  

Anything not needed can be put in a storage unit. In fact, maintaining a storage unit for your extra products, supplies, equipment and furniture, is a good idea when you are working from home.

Of course, you will want to make this transition when your lease is about to expire in order to avoid any extra fees. If you own the space this will be the time to start working with a real estate agent. They will be able to find someone to buy the space. If your office is in bad condition or in an area that is less desirable, you can look into selling it to your city to get it off your hands.

Tech Is Your Friend

Now that everyone is at home and everything is squared away, it’s time to focus on your tech. You want your team to still feel connected and friendly even if they aren’t seeing each other regularly. 

This is easy to achieve as long as you make sure you dedicate time to socializing. This can include a weekly happy hour or making sure everyone gets together to celebrate big life events. There continue to be updates to the technology that makes this easier and easier.

Making the decision to move your entire staff home is not easy. There are many variables to consider but ultimately you have to do what is best for your employees and your company as a whole. The time, energy, and money that will be saved for everyone may end up being the largest deciding factor.


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