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Are you tired of looking for different brokerage platforms for different instruments? It is always concerning how you have to switch between one brokerage platform and another. Not only is it I’m taking, but it also results in a lot of overhead expenditure.

Expenses mostly include the account opening charge, and account maintenance charge in the minimum account balance.

Tradeviz Has touched upon this pain point of its users and has looked forward to mitigating it. They have ensured that you can diversify all of your funds in a single platform.

Guess what? You don’t have to run from one platform to another to get the best out of it.

In this trading platform, you are in safe hands when it comes to you trading on multiple instruments.

Let us find out some of the instruments that this platform supports trading in.

  1. Equity market: Every trader, big or small, has investments in the equity market. The major reason is that it is one of the most stable markets compared to the rest. Backed by strong fundamentals and great technical charts, this is the building block for every trader.

    Tradeviz Comes along with some great features like market tracking and quotes that help you to trade in the equity markets. 
  2. Derivative market: The market is also linked with the equity market, but the derivative market comes along with higher capital investment and more potential for risk. These generally include the index options and future contracts.

    this trading platform ensures to back it up with great technical analysis along with the support of key account managers. Guidance is always best for your trading journey.
  3. Forex market: Trading in the Forex market is not difficult.Understanding that the market is open 24 hours and the volatility of the market is quite high, it is one of the riskiest markets to trade though.

    Tradeviz gives you exposure to great charting tools and techniques backed up with some excellent user experience that makes your trading experience easy.
  4. Commodity market: The commodity market includes both metals and energies trading on the commodity market means being exposed to the macroeconomic factors. The macroeconomic factors often have a great role to play in deciding the prices.

    But with this trading platform, you can continuously focus on the market news.Macroeconomic factors are given kind consideration to ensure that their traders are aware of them. Taking a trade with the help of them makes it very smooth.


Trading can be quite difficult if you’re not following the right method. Many traders have resulted in gettingcompletely bankrupt.But, if the right method is followed with the perfect guidance, you can do really well.

Tradeviz Comes around to be that perfect guide for you that you have been looking for. Moreover, the great customer support ensures that you never get stuck during the trading. Ours, isn’t it really what we all wanted? Sign up right now to explore many more opportunities with them, right now. Hurry up!

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