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In the market of digital financial assets, there are trading platforms that combine tools for beginners and professionals. review is an example of such an exchange. Its developers have united the best technological developments in the project. Against the backdrop of another surge in the digital asset market, many crypto community participants and new investors began to search for decent crypto exchanges to buy and sell coins. Unfortunately, most marketplaces are aimed at working with a narrow segment of the audience, so their teams do not strive to make the platform truly convenient for everyone. However, there are on the market pleasant exceptions to the rules, for example – the exchange We talk about the review in its feature.

Traderpowers Stock Exchange Features Overview review of Digital Asset Exchange. The main purpose of a financial agent is to teach investors to make effective transactions. How long the exchange platform has been functioning – is not specified.

Multilingualism increases the marketplace’s liquidity by attracting users from around the world. This approach makes it easier to conduct transactions on through the expansion of the platform’s audience.


Registration will be required to begin work. To do this, you need to specify an email address and verify by specifying the phone number, the system will send an SMS message with the code. Also, binding a phone number is one of the options for two-factor authentication, you need to enable it to get started. The company is regulatory political, so you can trust it. The exchange cooperates with several payment platforms with which you can buy cryptocurrency. At the same time, the minimum purchase on the platform is set at the equivalent of $1,000 in local currency. In total, traderpowers supports the purchase of cryptocurrency for many currencies, including USD and EUR without significant changes.

There are limits on the operation of invalid accounts. Therefore, it is better to verify the account. supports the display of prices in user-friendly currency. At the same time, the platform has all the tools necessary for professional trading, including a variety of indicators.

More about the exchange

The exchange has a mobile app for traders. According to the company’s official website, the project provides trade services in more than 100 countries around the world. It’s not a scam, because the company has a good platform. By the way, the broker provides risk-free assets. It’s no damage resulting from trade there.

Stock market innovation

Recently, the developers of the trading platform introduced its new interface. With it, users will be able to track the market value of cryptocurrencies, as well as trading volumes of circumstances coin of interest. The platform also includes tools for quick sorting of assets and indicators of interest to the user. In addition, the developers added information about trends in the digital asset market, cryptocurrency markets, and graphical analytics tools of the referral program, with the help of which you can monitor the progress results.


The commission level depends on the amount of the project’s internal cryptocurrency on the user’s account and trading volume. Tariffs for work on the spot market, depending on the volume of coins in the account. Also, the level of fees depends on the trade volume of the user. The system calculates data every month. But, more often it is not going to lose capital. It is worth mentioning that time significant on the website.

Crypto exchange security

traderpowers has several tools that help secure users’ assets and account data, and avoid risky assets. One of them is two-factor authentication – the user must necessarily connect at the registration stage. You can also use authentication, anti-phishing codes, and transaction confirmation tools to improve security and avoid potential loss. You can find them in the account settings section. It helps to bring security to your tokenized assets and personal data.

Identification level

You can work on the stock exchange by specifying only your mobile phone number and email address. User-defined limits depend on the level of identification. Once the ID is confirmed, the limit will be increased. traderpowers has five classes of accounts, allowing investors to choose one that matches their budgets and trading preferences:

  • Bronze – $999.
  • Silver – $10000.
  • Gold – $25,000.
  • Platinum – $99,999+.
  • VIP – $250,000+.

Information about the status of the account can be found in the section «Account Level».

Among the shortcomings of the platform are a small number of available cryptocurrencies compared to other exchanges. Representatives of the company believe that this approach allows them to focus on the most liquid coins instead of spending on one-day projects, which regularly appear on the market and often represent high risks for investors.

Channels of communication with technical support

The team aims to provide feedback to users. To do this, the developers have launched several channels at once. For example, questions can be answered on the platform’s official website in the dialogue box. Also, to get in touch with traderpowers, the project team offers email communication. But support is available 5 days a week.


Despite some drawbacks, in comparison with other platforms, the list of available cryptocurrencies, the traderpowers exchange deserves attention for several reasons, among which are the following:

  • There is no information on The developers provided users with a wide range of tools they needed to protect their accounts and assets.
  • The exchange is easy to operate. At the same time, the platform has all the necessary tools for professional trading, and cryptocurrency restrictions.
  • The developers used an ecosystem approach. The project offers a wide range of complementary products to work with digital assets.

traderpowers also supports access to your desktop via a full-featured mobile application.

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