Traderfex Review 2021


The forex market undergoes a daily inflow of approximately $2.4 quadrillion, with over 170 currencies being traded on the global market. In fact, the forex market is the most liquid asset market in the world, according to The Tokenist.

Despite the COVID-induced situation, significant investments have been made in both the stock and forex market. The market’s volatility opened plenty of room for a pool of opportunities. While opportunities are there to be exploited, real, genuine progress does not happen in a vacuum. It’s the result of thorough market analysis, painstaking trends follow-up, and choosing the right platform by your side.

If you are planning on catering to your financial stability via stock, currency, and futures investing, it’s crucial that you choose the right community and a platform that’s reliable, above all else. Traderfex can help you find that, build a sustainable source of income, and learn that growth happens gradually.

We realize this may be a bit vague, so let’s get into details: 

What Is Traderfex?

Traderfex is a unifies trading platform solution that allows investors to invest in the world’s most popular assets—everything from foreign and cryptocurrency trading, to assets and commodities represented by international brands and reliable companies that have been present on the market for decades catering to their customers’ satisfaction, trust and confidence.

The platform is said to have a strong sense of simplifying processes and adapting its interface to beginner traders. Traderfex is bridging the gap between simplicity, instant access to trades, 24/5 customer support, and a customizable platform on the device of your choice. Whatever feels more convenient for you—Traderfex is giving traders all the options they could possibly need.

The advantage when investing with Traderfex’s solution is not just the breezy navigation and practicality, rather, it’s the vast umbrella of trades to choose from, the glitch-free trade flow allowing you to save time using a multifunctional platform packed with the market data analytics tools.

Traderfex: Pricing

Traderfex offers 4 pricing plans, each of which is scalable as you move forward with your trading expertise. The thing we love most about Traderfex pricing is that it’s fair, and there is an absolute price – value correlation.

Beginner. There is a floating spread included in this plan, which means that the difference between the ask and bid prices can vary depending on the market’s situation, but you get a personal bonus policy, an account manager, and there are no advance payments.

Advanced. Again, the spread is floating. Here you get exchange rate hedging, education tools, and market change emails.

Expert. If you set up the expert account, know that your spread will be fixed, plus, you will get access to advanced training, a consultant you can talk to, and live news updates.

VIP. Users will get transferable spreads, their own executive account manager, and one-on-one trading.

Islamic Account. No spread widening. No post listing or hidden costs. The account is designed to meet the Sharia law and its principles of trading and finance wherefore there is no interest accumulation.  

Apart from its generous pricing plans, Traderfex offers a set of features to cater to investors’ unique experiences. You can make use of the economic calendar to keep track of upcoming events and market-related announcements. The stocks heatmap, that will help you compare prices and exchange rates and detect the strongest and weakest currencies.

Traderfex also offers a data screener that sorts through stocks and shows which ones are available for trading, as well as live market data i.e., live streaming of prices, and bid/ask quotes.

Discount on swaps is allowed only in the Advanced, Expert, and VIP pricing plans.

Traderfex Features: Pros and Cons

What we love about the platform is the advanced technology made available to investors i.e., you can track trading strategies and even imitate expert trader’s accounts and learn from their practices and strategy implementation.

You can limit your wins but also your losses and you can choose your risks. No loss can happen without your consent. The platform is designed in such a way that it cushions your losses and controls your behavior on the platform so you can spend as much as your risk tolerance allows you to spend.

Another cool feature is you can also check the history of the stocks and currencies from the moment they appeared on the market. You can track the movement of the prices by the second. This is crucial because to learn the market you have to learn FROM the market.

For those that find trading a bit fuzzy and confusing, they can still trade with the help of a broker. You can get your own agent that will guide you through the process until you learn the basics and gain confidence. Or you can choose to continue trading with an agent, whatever makes it easier or more exciting for you!

Their shortcoming may be the fact that swaps are not free, but they are offered at a discount. Educations tools may be the most valuable to new traders, but they are not offered in the basic plan—they start from the advanced package, so perhaps, it would be best to understand the starter plan as a way to learn, experiment, make mistakes, learn from them, learn to be patient instead of greed-driven, and ultimately learn how to not get emotionally attached to a trade.

Traderfex: Platform Safety

The platform is protected with a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that encrypts data so brokers or cybercriminals cannot get access to sensitive information like your bank details, and they cannot interfere during transactions.

To open an account with Traderfex, you can register here.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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