Toyota Automotive Industry Had Introduced 3 New Technologies


It’s not easy being at the top of the automotive food chain; you have to constantly innovate. Toyota is one of the companies that is constantly footing money into projects and resources for development. Just recently, they announced 9 projects with different universities for researching safety. 

Those are long-term projects though; the company is bringing out some new tech in a short while. These vary from mechanical enhancements to navigation improvements to aesthetic advancements. The piece below shows you the newest Toyota tech that you must know about. 

How Is Toyota Doing These Days? 

Toyota has been making the automotive headlines but for all the wrong reasons. The company recently saw a bad sales period. It saw a decrease in car sales for the month of April. This is due to a shortage of parts (namely chips) that led to them slowing down vehicle deliveries. 

But that’s not the only bad news that we’ve heard about the company. Multiple news outlets say that it is running out of EV tax credits. Since they’re using them up, this will eventually lead to them increasing the prices on their cars. It will also make the Japanese company’s transition to greener vehicles slower.

On the plus side, the company is improving its building facilities. Overseas genuine Toyota parts suppliers, such as are available on the market. Toyota is using AI tech to help improve the production efficiency of their factories. They’re also using the latest virtual reality tech to train their technicians better. These training resources will certainly be useful in improving their skills and professionalism. 

The New Toyota Technologies That You Have to Know About

Below are the recently announced upgrades that we could soon be seeing in Toyota’s lineup: 


The first new Toyota technology on this list is the eAxle. It can loosely be described as a transmission for Toyota’s electric vehicles. The concept is essentially a module that allows the integration of the electric motor, the axle, and the inverter. There are different versions for the various drivetrain types.

The result is not just a new technology for the sake of it. But the eAxle also manages to provide the car in question with improved driving dynamics. Also, it brings about more torque than you’d get from a more primitive gearbox setup. In addition to this, you get a higher mileage for your vehicle as well. 

One of the reasons for these improvements are the excellent heat management characteristics of this module. These combine with the measures taken by the developers to reduce energy losses in it. Apart from the high performance, it’s also better for functionality as it provides more passenger and luggage space. 

The eAxle gained spotlight when the new Toyota bZX4 was unveiled. This is Toyota’s all new electric vehicle that has just been put into production. The eAxle will have the honor of making this new EV move.   

Navigation Enhancements

Mapbox is one of the biggest names as far as developing maps is concerned. This is a company that empowers developers to make more accurate and realistic maps. The company is now collaborating with Toyota and Lexus to create a revamped navigation and multimedia system. 

This comes as no surprise since the current multimedia system utilized by these two companies has been bombarded with criticism. The new system will not only look and perform better, but it will also take over-the-air updates to keep on improving the user experience. 

Dress Up Paint

This one’s pretty cool considering how long Toyota vehicle ownerships tend to last. The new paint removal tech will allow the consumers to switch the color of their car with a new one. They will also be able to have the paint removed with the original coat of paint being untouched below it. 

The result is that it prevents the user from becoming bored of their car’s color. This means that they can have it changed whenever they like without ruining the car’s resale value or the original coat of paint. It removes all the barriers that prevent owners from modifying their cars’ paint jobs. 

High pressure water can strip off the paint. As a result, the car will be kept longer by the owner as it could be made more attractive to them via just a subscription. Also remember that the paint will be of an excellent quality and it will be impervious to most types of regular damage that normally takes place. 


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