Top Things To Remember When You Are New To Home DIY

Home DIY

Home DIY has been increasingly popular among so many people. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to spruce up your home and contribute to its aesthetic. You can TikTokers and other social media influencers concentrating on home DIY to enhance the beauty of their content. Apart from that, many people believe it’s a great way to contribute to the feeling of it being home, especially if their home interiors were drab or dull.

Now, if you are interested but have no clue where to start, here’s a list for you to get started! There are many fun home DIYs to try, here are the basics to get started.

1. Use A Strict Color Scheme

Stick to a theme for your house and manage within that color scheme. This makes your venture more economical and your house would look absolutely gorgeous. Many people give different themes to different rooms of their houses. Some people stick to one combination in an array of patterns which makes the house look delightful. 

Getting creative with paints is really fun. Many people have creatively DIY painted their staircases and walls in order to spruce up the decor. Pick colors that complement your furniture well. Decide between a warm theme or a cool theme and decorate your house accordingly. You won’t go wrong.

Color Scheme

2. Use LED Strips

This has generated such a huge fan base after TikTokers and social media influencers have used it to create a beautiful colored hue in their rooms that gave their videos an extra charm. Many people are now popularly buying RGB LED strips in bulk to personalize their rooms. It is easy as a do-it-yourself as it comes in a kit that you can connect to any socket in your room. 

It gives a whole different look to your room and makes your room look larger too. It is quite inexpensive but the beautifully arranged tiny lights make your room surreal-looking almost. People have used this to line their dressing tables and the top corners of their room and the whole look of the room changes.

LED Strips

3. Don’t Underestimate Repainting

Many people generally discard old furniture just because they look faded. The fading generally is due to dust, wearing out of the varnish, and mites. These can be easily undone by a quick cleaning, painting, and giving it a fresh coat of varnish. You can even paint it to match the room or use vibrant colors to make it look new. This way, you would not have to buy new furniture and your old ones would be looking perfect. 

4. No Tiles Are Boring

Often, a house can look really drab because of the plain-looking tiles. Instead of, however, opting to do a retiling, you can decorate it beautifully. Initially, you need to sandpaper and clean your tiles. The next step is to then paint a block color. Chalk paint is the most used type of pain as it sticks on for a long time. If you have only standard paint available to you then consider using a primer first. The next step is to tape down a stencil and use a paint roller to fill in the design. 

Some people use ready-made stencils to decorate but you can even prepare your own designs. The primary reason for this turning out to be a great idea is because it can be highly personalized. You can even make a DIY mosaic floor to suit any of your rooms.

5. Use The Walls

Often, the walls of the houses look empty requiring accessories to spruce them up. There are many, many options for this including small shelves, photo frames, book racks, wall-hangings, etc. 

A picture feature wall is a popular way to give a personal touch to the living rooms. It makes an amazing first impression with your guests and is a beautiful way to showcase your personal memories. For DIY picture walls, there are so many creative ways you can go about it. 


There are various styles you can use and even stick to a minimal budget to do so too. A new and economical way to go about picture walls is to opt for blackboard film where you can draw on your own frames and add your own designs. You can even change it from time to time, either to update or to just change the look on a whim.

6. Don’t Underestimate Mirrors

If you have a small place, and you don’t want to clutter and you want ways to make your room look bigger, there are always mirrors. Mirrors placed at strategic angles across the room, especially in front of windows or sources of light can virtually make your room seem a bit bigger than it is. Hence, you can purchase any reflective surface and personalize it. You can add frames, LED lights, or even custom plastic borders.

7. Spruce Up Staircases

Staircases can often contribute to 30% of how sprightly a house looks. They are normally placed in plain sight, thus commanding most of the first impression of the house. While there are expensive ways to either repaint it or retile it, there are cheaper ways too. Staircase stickers are quite popular as they give the exact touch of color that your house needs. You can avail of them in patterns, colors, textures, etc. This would completely give your house a whole new look.

Up Staircases

Final Words

Home DIY is the best and most budget-friendly way to improve the whole look of your home. This might be time-consuming or difficult, but it would be worth it as you tend to save a lot of money. 

It is also important to take advice from experts or specialists if you are doing a huge thing by yourself. Often, however, to spruce up your home basic DIY is enough. Normally, the basic surface improvements like upgrading the look of your home can be done by yourself. It would be worth it, fun, and would completely give your home a beautiful look!



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