Top Things Every Gamer Needs For Their Set-Up

Gamer setup

Today, it is not about the specifications of your gaming rigs or screens but about the instruments around your rigs that you can upgrade to create a streamlined and efficient gaming setup. By doing this, you can create a gaming environment that works for you and is visually pleasing for any visitors you may bring into your lair.

Battle Station Therapy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a PC junkie or a console gamer; every gamer needs a few essential gadgets to complete and create their perfect personal battle station. Level up your experience with little touches that are aesthetically pleasing while adding all the benefits true gamers are making use of into your artillery to get an edge over the competition. Play games the right way this season with the following additions to your battle stations.


Headsets and Microphones

It’s relatively common for gamers to use communication devices while playing their games to have a far more fulfilling gaming experience. Especially when it comes to those games set in a competitive environment such as Rainbow Six Siege or Valorant, a decent headset can be the difference between audio spatial competence and incompetence. In other words, you do not want to be the gamer who can’t hear the enemy’s footsteps and have everyone asking if you are hard of hearing or if you put your headset on backward! In addition, most headsets will come with a decent microphone to allow you to communicate and strategize with the team or to chat in the discord server with your friends, which is a bonus.

However, those who want some extra clarity and the option to do a lot more vocally should look at investing in a separate microphone. Consider your space limitations before purchasing, though, as you may need a mic stand and some other extras. The Blue Yeti is the perfect starter microphone for your set- up! This self-standing multi-polar pattern mic can be picked up for about 130 dollars, a great price for good quality, and will be the only microphone you’ll need unless you decide to chase a Grammy. Of course, not everyone has 130 dollars lying about, so finding a cheaper alternative is an option. Still, it’s suggested to try instead to spend a little more on a headset and worry about a microphone later.

Remember not to cheap out on your audio equipment. Costs can be cut elsewhere, but high-quality audio hardware means upgrading will not generally be necessary. In contrast, cheap audio tools will not only result in a bad experience but will likely become faulty and break much faster, which means spending more in the long run.


Even if you are a PC gamer exclusively, a controller is still one of the essential things to include in any gamer setup. The obvious reason for this is that some games on PC require a controller for you to have the best possible experience. You can make custom controller with the help of xbox design lab. You also will be able to accommodate any friends who come around and are not familiar with the keyboard and mouse control layout but are comfortable using a controller. With the prevalence of couch play, and the numerous games that are just played better with or need a controller to have the full experience, like playing in a real-life setting with a tl3 simulator that is packed with revolutionary features, it doesn’t hurt to have a controller handy. Imagine playing FIFA or your favorite skating simulator using a mouse and keyboard – it just wouldn’t be the same.


It may also be handy to invest in some thumb grips for the controller if you want that “new controller feel” without having to commit the funds necessary for a brand-new one.

Give Me Some Space

Games may be getting better every single day, but they are also getting bigger. Since nobody seems to up the storage of their consoles past the Terabyte region, and some games already take up one-fifth of that storage space, it may be wise to look at purchasing a portable hard drive. By doing this, you are pretty much adding another console’s worth of storage and also making it possible to take your games with you wherever you go without bringing your entire gaming rig.

There are several good reasons for you to use a portable hard drive, especially if you’ve got a lot of games on your PC or are subscribed to an online console service – with a separate storage device, you won’t need to download the full games every time you want to play them!

Decoration Station

Now that you’ve got your essentials, let’s get to the personalization. Every gamer is a little different in their tastes and niches, but where gamers meet is in wanting the pretty little gadgets to complete their setups. Want to stay ahead of your competition? Just looking for a way to make long gaming sessions more comfortable? You can buy standing gaming desks at Up Down Desk. With a wide selection of ergonomic gaming desks, you’ll improve your posture and remain focused no matter how long you’re gaming. Headsets falling on the floor is a painful and common occurrence for gamers without headset holders. A headset holder can be as simple as an attachable wall mount you can put on the side of your desk, which is not only easy to install and capable of holding more than one headset but also gives you a place to keep your cables. This gives you more desk space with less chance of you accidentally knocking the haptic reactor out of your brand new headset. Holders for your controller can be handy, too; with many different styles available, you can find the perfect buddy to hold up your controller, or phone, or really anything of the correct size. LEDs or any lighting, in general, can transform your battle station into a futuristic new zone of gaming bliss. There are many options out there for those who want programmable lighting to fit their aesthetic schemes.


Some final touches may include getting a computer duster to ensure your PCs and consoles are not getting dust inside their sensitive hardware. With these air canisters, you can quickly push out any dust particles without damaging anything. A desk fan can also come in handy for those gaming sessions in summer where your in-game sweating becomes a problem. Stay cool, calm, and collected with a small desk fan that can be powered via a USB cable, making your gaming rig a viable power source.

After all of this, you may notice an abundance of cables, and good cable management truly will make your life easier! Besides, once the clean-up is done, it looks neat and satisfying – so why not treat yourself to some cable management sleeves? These make the process of good cable management an easy task that will allow you to avoid unnecessarily stressful situations while in your gaming sessions.

These are some of the essential items needed to complete your gaming set-up, and with Black Friday coming up, it should be easy enough to catch most, if not all, of the things you need to create your gaming haven affordably.

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