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Mobile app development

Have you ever wondered how strongly applications have penetrated our lives? The set of everyday activities starting from food delivery, transportation, leisure, and even healthcare can be done by clicking beautiful buttons in mobile apps. 

Behind these intriguing applications, there’s a tremendous share of work. The team of talented programmers aspires to deliver you the best user experience at your fingertips. There are also elaborated frameworks thanks to which the app you can’t go without once saw the market. Let’s see what are some of the best technologies for app development.


Flutter is a cross-platform app development technology for creating applications for multiple platforms with a single codebase. Flutter was released in 2017 and since that time managed to gather a growing and robust community of developers. In 2021, Flutter was admitted as the most popular mobile app development technology used by 42% of developers globally. To create with Flutter, developers use the programming language Dart.

Main Advantages of Flutter 

  • Flutter is a complete software development kit (SDK) providing programmers with everything necessary for app development. 
  • Greater application speed and faster delivery to market.
  • Flutter app development is simple to learn and use.
  • Flutter is perfect for MVP development.

React Native

The major Flutter competitor, React Native is another cross-platform mobile app development framework presented by Facebook in 2015. React native is a powerful engine that can be either used in the existing apps or to create a whole new application for iOS and Android from scratch. React Native is based on the programming language JavaScript.

 Advantages of React Native Development:

  • Fast refresh: React Native lets you iterate at lightning speed.
  • React Native is widely recognized and used in such apps as Instagram, Skype, Uber Eats, Facebook, and etc.
  • Lower cost of app development thanks to one codebase.
  • Access to a wide range of tools and libraries to facilitate the developers’ work.


Node JS is an open-source cross-platform for app development released in 2009. This server uses JavaScript and runs on the Google Chrome engine – V8. NodeJS is far from being a one-size-fits-all solution. Nevertheless, when it comes to creating fast and scalable applications, NodeJS is second to none. 

H3: Advantages of App Development With NodeJS

  • A large and vibrant developers community makes the outsource node js development possible;
  • Node uses JavaScript which is easy to learn.
  • Share the same piece of code from both the client and server sides.
  • Works on a single thread with non-blocking IO calls.


Ionic uses HTML-5 programming language and is widely preferred for mobile app development nowadays. Ionic is an engine allowing to build, grow and scale mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. To get started with Ionic, you don’t need to have deep expertise in mobile app development. All that is required is to be familiar with the Angular framework.

Pros Of Ionic App Development

  • Quick development and fast time to market compared to native iOS and Android applications.
  • Plenty of UI components are available and easy to use.
  • Can develop for iOS and Android at once.

Native Script

NativeScript is one of the most desired frameworks for building cross-platform mobile apps. It allows developers to create mobile apps using Javascript or any other programming language that can easily comply with JavaScript. 

Main Merits of Native Script

  • Code reuse: you can share code between Native and Mobile apps.
  • Powerful data visualization with native UI.
  • This is an open-source project which means you don’t have to pay unless you decide to use its Sidekick cloud services.


Finally, it’s Xamarin that we can’t ignore when speaking of key technologies in mobile app development. Xamarin is a tool allowing the reuse of up to 90% of the initial code between major platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android. Xamarin uses the C# programming language to build apps for all mobile platforms.

Key Advantages Of Xamarin

  • Close to native performance.
  • Simplified updates and maintenance.
  • A complete development toolset.
  • Better optimization and native-level functionality.

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