Top Seven Business Gifting Ideas

Business Gifting Ideas

There are many businesses that need to send out gifts during the holidays. You may have clients, sponsors, investors, donors, volunteers, or others, and sending gifts shows them that you value their connection to your business. You want your gift to be personal and unique, even though you may not know the person well. You can send out gifts such as a wine set or corporate gift baskets. Take a look at the top seven business gifting ideas.

1. Canada Gold Maple Leaf Ornament

One gift that will be useful for many people is an ornament. You can choose a gold Canada maple leaf with your company name engraved on it. You can send it out to many different clients or investors to show them that you are thinking of them during the holidays. It is a thoughtful gift that adds to their holiday cheer, and it is easy to get as many as you need for your holiday list. There are options out there that have a ribbon that is white with red piping, and the Canadian maple leaf is printed on the ribbon in red.

2. Gift Basket

Corporate gift baskets are one of the best gifts to send to your VIPs. You can customize these baskets to show them how much you appreciate them, incorporating items that people will use. You can customize these gift baskets with nuts, crackers, fruits, wines, and more, which everyone enjoys. You can also choose different gift baskets for different types of people. For example, you may want one type of basket for your VIP customers and another for your investors or directors. You can also choose these gift baskets for your employees or your staff.

3. Water Bottle

A water bottle is a great corporate gift because everyone can use it. You can choose custom colours and have your logo and business name engraved or etched on the side. There are stainless steel bottles that can keep a drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. In addition, some of these products will give off a faint glow when it is time to hydrate. This is a unique and useful gift that your recipients will be sure to appreciate.

4. Coffee Set

Many people are coffee drinkers, and you can wow them when you choose a coffee set. You can include a bag of coffee grounds, a ceramic mug with your company name and logo on it, and chocolate chip cookies. There are a number of different styles of mugs out there, so you can choose colours that fit in with your company theme. Your recipients will appreciate the gesture and will think of you when they drink their coffee in the morning.

5. Sherpa Blanket

The holiday season is a chilly time of the year, and a sherpa blanket could be the perfect gift. They come in different colours, so you can choose those that complement your company name and logo. People love to get cozy with a blanket when they stream shows or movies in the evenings, so this is a useful gift. Everyone loves a comfortable, warm blanket, so this gift is sure to be a hit.

6. Leather Journal and Pen

Another useful gift is a leather journal with a pen. Journaling is a great exercise for anyone, as it offers them a place to get their thoughts out on paper. People who journal come up with ideas, write about their thoughts, create lists, and do anything they want to do. The reality is that everyone will use it differently, but it is a useful gift that is sure to be appreciated. You can have your company name and logo stamped on the journal cover and inscribed on the side of the pen.

7. Touchscreen Gloves

Another gift that is great for everyone is a pair of touchscreen gloves. People can use their smartphones or tablets without taking these gloves off, so their hands will stay warm. This means that they can use their smartphones outdoors and still keep their hands warm and dry. You can choose from different colours and have a design or your logo embroidered on the side. This is another useful gift that everyone will enjoy.


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