Top Security Measures for Protecting Your Company Data

Security Measures for Protecting Your Company Data

One of the top priorities of various business owners today is securing company data. This is because of the increasing cyber-attacks that target individuals, organizations, and many companies, both big and small.

As a matter of fact, according to Statista, around 70% of businesses were affected by ransomware in 2022. It was the highest figure compared to the percentages reported in the past five years.

With this evidence, you need to double your efforts in protecting your company data. Dive in and learn about the best ways to do it.

1. Encrypt Sensitive Data

Data encryption provides a safe method of storing and transferring company information. It makes all your company-sensitive data unreadable to any unauthorized third party. Even if a hacker accesses your company files during storage or in transit, the person can’t read or steal anything.

This explains why many businesses on the internet embrace data encryption, such as retail stores, banking channels, and online casinos. For the latter, they use the technology to encrypt all the data you provide when joining the site. So, you can enjoy various casino games like slots, online poker, baccarat, and roulette without worries. You don’t have to worry about the leakage of your private information.

2. Embrace Firewall Protection

Firewalls are popular tools for preventing unauthorized access to various networks through firmware or software. The firewall uses particular rules to examine and block outgoing and incoming traffic on your company’s private network. By doing so, it enables it to identify and prevent cyber attacks.

Undoubtedly, firewall security for network protection is important for every business. Some operating systems already have in-built firewalls, but it is better to embrace third-party firewall applications. They provide additional security and maximum protection.

Another good thing about third-party vendors is that they always update their applications, especially when discovering new threats. It saves you from being caught unaware by a new threat.

3. Buy Anti Virus Software

Nothing is more frightening than having your company data destroyed by a malware virus. Many businesses lose their valuable information to it. So, to protect your company from such situations, use anti-virus software because of its strong security features.

The software scans all files received on your company computers and all other connected devices like flash disks and mobile devices. It does so in search of any viruses or threats. Once it detects something dangerous, the anti-virus software deletes it or instructs you on how to handle it.

4. Monitor Account Access

You should closely monitor access to your company’s privileged accounts. Wondering how? You need to set up a system that sends real-time alerts when someone suspiciously accesses them. For example, you receive a notification when;

  • Someone accesses company files after working hours.
  • A person accesses the network from an unknown device or location
  • A user enters the wrong passwords repeatedly to access the account
  • An employee accesses data he or she doesn’t normally use

If you have a well-established alert system in place, you receive warning notifications on time to take necessary measures.

5. Train Employees On Security Awareness

Another amazing way of strengthening your company’s data security is by training your employees. You need to invest in security awareness and educate them about the do’s, and don’ts of handling business files.

Not only that but also teach them how to scan all new files from third parties with anti-virus software. Employees should do it before storing them on company computers.

Additionally, restrict your working team from accessing certain websites using business computers, because some of them are unsecured, and put your company data at risk of being hacked.

6. Use Strong Passwords

Passwords help restrict access to your confidential company files. One must first enter a unique password known by only authorized personnel to open any file. But, if you use weak passwords, hackers can easily crack them and access your data.

So, strengthen cybersecurity by using stronger passwords that no one can guess. Here’s how to create a strong password:

  • Use a mixture of numbers and letters
  • Avoid using any information connected to the company, like its name
  • Use both upper and lower case letters
  • Change it often

7. Tighten Physical Security

Besides cyber hacking, people also steal data by accessing your company premises. Make sure to tighten your physical security to restrict outsiders from accessing offices and working desks.

In addition, you have to install cameras throughout the different corners of your company to detect any trespassers. More so, all your employees should have ID badges for accessing the premises, and no person is allowed to enter without one.

Improve Your Company Data Security

Never let your company data fall prey to ever-growing cyber attacks. As a responsible business owner, you need to employ all the best security measures possible to keep it safe from both cyber and physical theft.


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