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Powerpoint Presentation

Isn’t it amazing that the brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than texts? Words have a lot of power, but without proper delivery, they mean nothing. But if you hope to ever convince your audience, you should be prepared to include images in your presentations. And what better way to do this than Powerpoint presentations. 

Across the globe, different categories of people rely on Powerpoint presentations. Even professionals use this to persuade their potential buyers on what services to purchase. With this as your strategy, you are more likely to bag a lot of juicy contracts. Imagine a sales manager making an oral presentation without graphics? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine! The chances are that the audience will lose interest in the pitch. 

No one wants to be in a room where a pitch is not engaging. This is why most departments mandate the use of Powerpoint presentations. If you are looking to maximize opportunities, you should consider actionable presentations. It saves you the time and energy of writing lengthy articles. Besides, it makes you appear organized. 

What more? You can make a good impression with your prospective employer with this. And hey! I think you‘d like to know that people create over 30 million Powerpoint presentations daily. It is a goldmine. Companies like TerraCycle exploit it to make huge returns in millions of dollars. 

Over 500 million people use Powerpoint point presentation writing across the world. With this number, you would realize that competition is stiff.  Great ideas could be a waste if they don’t appeal to your audience. So, can you afford a poor pitch? Definitely not! 

You should know that you can even sustain the interest of an uneducated audience. This is the power of quality delivery. But not everyone possesses that expertise. Indeed, it requires skill and attention. Writing presentations are quite tasking. It would help if you were intentional in engaging companies for Powerpoint presentation writing.

Below you can find the 3 best Powerpoint Presentation writing services available online.

1. 99Papers

99Papers is a student-oriented site. Students usually find it hard to research their assignments, and this is no fault of theirs. They have to shuffle between the classroom, tests and other activities. Thus this company comes to their rescue. What 99Papers does is simply priceless. Over 15,000 customers rely on their fast and reliable service. 

With a team of professional writers, you have an assurance of credibility. These experts are knowledgeable in several niches. So, you need not worry in finding a suitable writer for your work. 99papers is timely. It doesn’t matter the urgency of your work, you will surely get it at the agreed time. With this, the company has continually built trust with students. 

Originality is the watchword of this site. Your work is well-researched and written from the scratch. The writers make sure to avoid any dint of plagiarism. Also, they use simple and clear grammar. Not even your Professor would realize that it was done by a third party. The writers are that sound! But no one loves a detailed work full of errors. Thus, in addition to qualified writers, 99papers has an abundance of editors. Theirs is to ensure your presentation is error-free. 

You will agree that it not just enough to have qualified writers. How well do they adhere to clients’ instructions? Well, 99Papers writers pay special attention to your requirements. All works are customized to reflect your preference. If you aren’t satisfied with their work, you can request for multiple revisions at zero cost. C’mon, how many companies offer that?

While a vast majority gives thumbs-up to 99Papers, a minute percentage however complains about the poor response of some of their writers. This is probably why the company has a rating of 4.71 out of a possible 5.0 from clients. This shows that their customers generally derive satisfaction in their top-notch delivery. 99papers ranks among the best PowerPoint presentation writing sites in the world

To show willingness in improving their services, the company responds to their customers feedbacks. However, such response might take a while. 

You can have a taste of 99Papers’ writers’ skills before hiring them. A quick look at this website and you would see samples of quality Powerpoint slides. It is impressive that this website operates a refund policy. If you have genuine concerns on the service rendered, you would surely get a refund.  

99Papers provides Powerpoint presentation writing service to all categories of students. From high school to Ph.d level, you are the perfect client to work with. Customers can even request for additional services such as plagiarism report, copy of sources used for the work, as well as summary. You only need to pay an affordable fee for any of these. 

2. PaperHelp

Undoubtedly, every business should be making profit. But does any website seek to improve your writing skills in addition to providing quality writing services? Perhaps, we can guess from its name. That’s definitely PaperHelp! With over 10 years of experience, PaperHelp boasts of a myriad of core professionals. These writers are degree holders with good command of language. 

This website has an affordable pricing system. They structure their prices in such way as to make it possible to bargain. An honest assessment would show that the PaperHelp is not all about the money. They want to ensure that your Professor or boss is impressed with you presentation. 

Pursuant to the above, the company set up a Quality Assurance Department. This section double-checks your slides before they are sent to you. Thus, every dollar is spent worth it. The mantra here is:  “If perfection is impossible, then excellence is achievable.”

The company ensures that customers have revisions up to 3 times. Likewise, a loyalty program is in place. Clients can enjoy up to 20% off the original cost of any Powerpoint presentation. Of course, this is subject to you making multiple purchases from PaperHelp. If you are a first time client, you have an instant 5% discount with 10% credits. This is part of what endears a lot of students to this site. In addition to getting premium service, you are also saving yourself some costs. 

Anyone can use PaperHelp. The price calculator feature allows a client to enter details of their presentation. Such details include the requirements, deadline and number of slides. The platform then sums it up and gives an estimate for your work. Once you pay and input your e-mail, you can sit back and get your slides in record time. To top it all, reference and title pages are free of charge. This also applies to paper formatting.

3. EssayPro

This website offers premium and customized services for your academic presentations.  The writers on EssayPro are highly professional and meticulous.  The first step in hiring here is to fill the requirement box. The details should contain information on your Powerpoint presentation. Then, you can select the most suitable writer for you. This is after you must have had a preview of their previous works. 

Should you be indecisive in choosing a writer, the website can do that for you. The platform also allows you to converse with your writer and give him more clarity. 

EssayPro has an organized payment system. To secure a writer, you need to pay a deposit.When he is done with the work, you can review the presentation. If it satisfies your requirements, you can then pay the remaining money. 

To process your payment, EssayPro partners with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. There is no cause for alarm, over your privacy. Payments are usually processed through PCI DSS level 1 gateways. Your data is therefore in a secured space. 

To spare your wallet, the website offers free services with your presentations. Among these are plagiarism report, title page and outline. EssayPro is never late in delivery. However, you can enjoy lower prices per page of your slides. This boils down to how far your deadline is.  

What is Powerpoint Presentation?

To bring words to life is a great deal, but not everyone has the ability to do this. A Pitch affords you the chance to organize your thoughts. In simple terms, Powerpoint presentation allows you to communicate your ideas with slides. 

Your audience may range from clients to colleagues. Slides allow you to be creative and flexible. You may even decide to customize your presentation. But this depends on your topic and target audience. Perhaps, you have heard the cliché that first impression lasts longer. You only get a shot at securing that deal. Thus, you need every available tool. You could add chart, graphs, and tables to have a detailed presentation. 

Stage fright is not uncommon with a lot of people. This is probably your plight. Don’t sweat it! Slides allow you to add sounds and images. With this, you don’t have to present orally. You can sit back and enjoy the presentation just like your audience. Now, isn’t that amazing?

Apart from business, slides are used many industries. Teachers who desire their students to grasp topics faster do so with presentations. Also, you can time your slides or control it manually. This allows you to flow better with your audience.

Powerpoint Presentation Nursing Templates

Nurses barely have time for themselves. You have to shuffle work, family, and social life. However, you might have a presentation to make at work. This may even be crucial to your career. You don’t need to go through the stress of creating slides from the scratch. There are a lot of samples you can adopt on the internet. The only task here is to customize them to suit your purpose. 

1. Nursing Home

A first glance at this slide depicts that it relates to aged people. This reflects easily in the image used. Notice the environment too. It is very bright and neat, depicting healthiness. Without saying a word, the audience already knows this presentation is about caregiving. 

2. Nurse Resume

The patterns are plain and simple. These slides highlight your resume.  You are trying to convince your employers that you qualify to be employed as a health worker. It could be different if you were trying to get a marketing job.  You have to keep your slides cool.  You would also notice consistency in the use of colors

3. Appreciation of the Roles of Nurses 

 This cover page is expressive enough. You don’t need to be told it is about nurses. In fact, an educated audience may think it relates to COVID-19. The use of face masks is familiar. They may understand that the slides are meant to commend the roles of nurses in the COVID-19 pandemic.  The plant behind the nurse is suggestive. It portrays healthiness.  Also, the use of animations makes this presentation more endearing.

4. Roles of Nurses in the Operating Room

Of course, the essence of this slide is easy to understand. Images with Doctors, scrubs, and surgery equipment clearly suggest surgery. This slide is about how Nurses assist Doctors in the operating room. One peculiar thing in this presentation is that the green color matches the background image. Just as images and texts are important, colors also have a role in the quality of your slides. 

5. General  duties of Nurses

If you were meticulous, you would notice that blue is a consistent color with nursing. Likewise, the image of a stethoscope makes the slide medically related. Putting your texts in white perfectly blends with the blue color. You can hold your audience spell-bound with this kind of presentation.

How to Record and Create a Powerpoint Presentation?

To create solid slides is like choosing outfits for a business meeting. It is simply challenging. However, it would help if you got it right. A lot goes into creating Powerpoint presentations. You must be careful in the choice of colors, fonts, and images. It is vital to create an identity for your company. So, your template must be unique.

The first step in creating Powerpoint presentation is to launch Powerpoint software. Once you are in, you should choose a design that best suits you. But it is important that you preview it. This is because you cannot change the design for the rest of the slides. The design is a “one-design-fits-all” kind of thing.  

A project without a good title is as good as nothing. The next step is to choose a title for your work. To do this, click the box that says “Click to add title.” You can also change the font, size, or color using the toolbar.

Work has just begun for you. At this stage, you need to add more slides to convey your ideas. The hack is to present one idea per slide. This is to allow you to pass messages effectively to your audience. Also, using more images than texts on your slides is more appealing to the audience. the Chances are that you will need more than one slide. Therefore, you can use the “Duplicate slides” feature to get multiple slides.

Statistics and references portray you as a detailed person to your audience. You should definitely add some charts or graphs to your slides. If properly done, transitions and animations can give your slides fantastic visual effects. You even get to customize them if you desire. After saving your file as a PPT extension, it is advisable to test-run your slides before the main presentation. 

Powerpoint presentation is versatile. While slides, posters, info graphics can be created on it, videos are not exempted. To create videos with Powerpoint is to be meticulous. You must ensure that your slides and talking points tally. 

After ascertaining this, you can click on “Slide Show” and then “Record Slide Show.” You may decide to record either from the beginning of the slide or just a particular slide. After this is done, you have a green light to record as you so desire. 

If you are cocksure that your work deserves a wider reach, don’t sweat it! Your target audience can access your slides anytime. All you need do is to host them on your website or Youtube. I mean, in what better way can you have a better reach like the internet? To upload your work on Youtube is easy. Just go to “File,” “Save and Send” and then “Create a Video.” Your file is then saved in WMV format. You can sit back and enjoy while people stream your videos and slides

Powerpoint Presentation Examples 

a. “How to Craft Your Company’s Storytelling Voice,” MarketingProfs

Amazing! I mean, this is just fantastic! Can you see how creative and intentional this design is? Now, who wouldn’t love to give full attention to engaging slides as these? This presentation depicts MarketingProfs as a team that thinks outside the box. Interestingly, the presentation itself charges you to be different. This is what you should imbibe in creating your slides. It should distinguish you from the crowd.

b. “6 Snapchat Hacks Too Easy to Ignore,” Gary Vaynerchuk

This design is simple but informative. The images and texts are in unison. They communicate directly to the brain. At first glance, you would know what this slide is about – mobile phones or the internet. The first slide of your presentation should give your audience a clue on the whole presentation. What more?  The color combination is carefully selected. The bright-yellow background quickly attracts the eye. 

c. How to Build a Dynamic Social Media Plan by Post Planner

Concise and clear! The audience already knows that this slide is about social media. The images are conceptual. This presentation is targeted at a specific group of people – social media enthusiasts.

d. Study: The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Cars by LinkedIn

The very first images that catch the eyes are the holograms. If we are talking about AI, then we should be talking about robots. You would also notice how the front page presentation is self-explanatory. Likewise, the use of a shade of blue perfectly blends with words. 

How you can leverage Powerpoint features for a quality presentation

Here I was a few months ago, attending the pitch of my best friend. As an innovator, George had been toiling day and night for a breakthrough. He just needed an interested investor to fund his idea. Eventually, he had the chance to present his proposal to a group of investors. After sharing the mail for his invitation, I opened my PC to know more about these potential investors. Wow! This is huge! George face lit up with joy when I told him the worth of these investors.

The day finally came, and I was certain George would give quality delivery. He waited for this opportunity his whole life. Mounting the stage, he was a bit nervous. Well, that’s quite normal, I mumbled to myself. But the presentation would go south when my best friend started stuttering. George was not composed. His oral delivery was not in sync with the slides. I quickly looked across the room to sample the reaction of the investors. 

Oh no! They were whispering and shaking their heads in disappointment. At that moment, I knew it was all over. After the pitch, the investors took us to lunch. We had a 3-course meal. It felt so unreal to break bread with multimillionaires. But little did we know that would be our final meet. George fumbled his chance!

Hold on! You know that story isn’t real, right? Ahahah! I got you! This is one way you can sustain the attention of your audience. Giving a masterpiece presentation requires strategies. Continue reading this piece, and you will discover them.

It is not enough to be brilliant. You have to showcase that brilliance to clients or potential investors. You might even be giving a report to your Professor or Principal at work. How you impress the slides on them matters a lot. No one is going to settle for your ideas or products if you don’t inspire them. It is only through this inspiration that you can generate income for your business. 

You can take charge of your presentation using the presenter mode. This property automatically disables any window that may pop up on your screen while presenting. You cannot afford such a costly mistake on stage. The slideshow feature allows you to control the speed of your pitch. You may time the slideshow or control it manually while presenting. 

In addition, having a Powerpoint outline makes your work easy. You can quickly go to your outline to edit your texts without going through the hassles of locating them in your slides. This saves you time and energy. Endeavor to use this feature to have a perfect presentation. 

The background of your slides is as crucial as your delivery on stage. For your presentation to have a better outlook, neon colors are the best shot. As long as you don’t go extreme with the contrasts, your audience will better feel your work. 

Facts are sacred, and they should be treated as such. But your audience will get bored of your points before you are even halfway to your presentation. So, how do you sustain their interest? You can insert videos to break up your texts. Just like music, videos appeal better to an audience. Studies even confirm that human beings are more given to whatever relates to entertainment. 

Indeed, music makes the world go round. Everyone loves a good rendition of music. It doesn’t matter the genre; different races across the globe adore good music. Adding music to your slides has a soothing effect on the audience. You can easily get their attention from the beginning to the end of your presentation. This means that you must carefully select the music you want to accompany your slides. Such a piece of music must be in sync with the focus of your presentation. This has a psychological effect on your target audience.  

The audience will not spare you if your presentation is below par. They begin their assessment from the moment you step on stage. The audience usually scores your presentation using a rubric. A rubric is like a scorecard. They use this to review the contents of your pitch. Such contents are background, font and formatting, graphics, spelling and grammar. 

Your slides could have quality content but poor readability. This frustrates your audience at every glance. You should ensure that your font is carefully selected to enhance readability. It is advisable to practice your presentation before D-day. If possible, use a rubric to score yourself. You can also have a friend to do this for you. 

Stories are captivating. It is essential to dish facts and figures in your presentation. But the focus is to make the audience fall in love with you. Hence, you can organize your facts into stories. Who doesn’t love a superb story? In addendum to this, ensure that you are not reading from your slides. You wouldn’t love to appear unprepared and boring. Your slides are meant to highlight your points. So, it would be best if you prepare diligently to give a superb presentation.

Final thoughts

A picture indeed paints a thousand words. With premium PowerPoint presentation, you can convey thousands of words with just a few slides! To set up your slides, you may consider two things. Your pitch may be text-heavy or image-heavy. You may even decide to have a perfect blend of the two. Yet, not everyone possesses such skills.

Oh! You should avoid death by Powerpoint. This occurs when a presentation contains distorted colors or graphics and too much text. To this end, you should opt-in for the services of the best three websites mentioned earlier. They are reputed to create quality Powerpoint presentations.


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