Top Office Furniture Suppliers in the Philippines

Top Office Furniture Suppliers in the Philippines


Furnishing an office with the right furniture is essential for creating a productive and comfortable work environment. In the Philippines, numerous suppliers offer a wide range of office furniture to cater to diverse needs and preferences. In this article, we will explore the top 20 office furniture suppliers in the Philippines, highlighting their unique offerings and the quality of their products.

  • ErgoHome Philippines

Office furniture supplier that specializes in ergonomic designs, ensuring employees’ comfort and well-being. They offer ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, and other ergonomic accessories that promote better posture and reduce strain.

  • Office Warehouse

Office Warehouse is a popular choice for businesses seeking affordable and high-quality office furniture philippines. They offer a wide selection of desks, chairs, cabinets, and storage solutions suitable for small startups to large corporations.


MEGAOFFICE SURPLUS offers second-hand office furniture at competitive prices. Their products range from workstations to conference tables, making them an excellent option for businesses looking to save on costs.

  • Avino Fine Living

Avino Fine Living is known for its luxurious and stylish office furniture. They provide premium quality desks, chairs, and executive furniture, perfect for companies seeking a touch of elegance in their workspace.

  • Kaimana Interiors

Kaimana Interiors specializes in custom-made furniture, allowing businesses to create unique office setups that match their brand and culture. They focus on combining functionality and aesthetics to deliver top-notch solutions.

  • Urban Concepts

Urban Concepts offers contemporary office furniture with a focus on space-saving designs. Their products include modular desks, multi-functional tables, and compact storage options, suitable for modern office spaces.

  • 2K Philippines

2K Philippines is a reliable supplier of office chairs, offering a wide range of options to suit various preferences and budgets. They provide ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, and visitor chairs, among others.

  • ABV Trading

ABV Trading offers a comprehensive selection of office furniture, including workstations, partitions, and cubicles. They cater to businesses of all sizes and have a reputation for delivering quality products.

  • Furniture Station Philippines

Furniture Station Philippines is known for its practical and durable office furniture. They offer a variety of office chairs and desks designed to withstand daily use, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking long-lasting solutions.

  • Designhubph

Focuses on modern and innovative office furniture designs. They offer an extensive range of stylish furniture, perfect for companies looking to create a contemporary and vibrant workspace.

  • Santa Clara Furniture

Santa Clara Furniture is a leading supplier of office tables and desks. They offer an array of options, from classic wooden designs to sleek, modern styles, catering to different office aesthetics.

  • Office Republic

Office Republic specializes in modular office furniture, allowing businesses to create versatile and adaptable workspaces. Their product range includes modular desks, storage solutions, and collaboration furniture.

  • Office Furniture

Office Furniture boasts a collection of classic and elegant office pieces, ideal for companies aiming to create a timeless and sophisticated ambiance in their workspace.

  • Office Furniture Manila

Office Furniture Manila provides cost-effective furniture solutions without compromising quality. They offer a wide variety of office furniture, including chairs, tables, and cabinets.

  • Cofta

Cofta is a renowned supplier of durable and affordable plastic office furniture. They offer an array of plastic chairs and tables suitable for various office settings, particularly for meeting rooms and cafeterias.

  • Empire Designs

Empire Designs specializes in modern and luxurious office furniture, creating a high-end atmosphere for executive offices and boardrooms.

  • Manila Office Furniture

Manila Office Furniture offers a range of mid-priced office furniture, including workstations, chairs, and cabinets, suitable for businesses seeking a balance between quality and budget.

  • 8CONCEPT Office Systems

8CONCEPT Office Systems provides innovative and space-efficient office furniture solutions, catering to businesses with limited office space.

  • Woodcraft Office Equipment

Woodcraft Office Equipment focuses on wooden office furniture, providing elegant and timeless pieces for a classic office environment.

  • ACOM Trading

ACOM Trading offers a diverse range of office furniture, from office chairs to conference tables, providing comprehensive options for various office needs.


In conclusion, the Philippines boasts a wide array of office furniture suppliers, each catering to different needs and preferences. Whether businesses prioritize ergonomic designs, cost-effectiveness, or luxurious aesthetics, they can find suitable options among these top 20 office furniture suppliers in the Philippines. Furnishing an office with the right furniture is not only crucial for creating a pleasant work environment but also for boosting productivity and employee satisfaction.


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