Top Love & Relationship Psychic Reading Services


When people feel their romantic relationships are at risk, they seek a solution, and love psychic reading is a great tool for that. Earlier, people used to ask friends and parents for love life advice to find answers to their questions. However, today it’s enough to open a reliable site with online psychic readings and learn what’s the problem and how to fix your relationship. It’s the best way to get peace of mind, get rid of doubts, and make your romance flourish.

Where to look for real psychic readers with unique powers nowadays? Fortunately, there are online psychic reading platforms that connect people with experts who do tarot card reading, astrological readings, dream analysis, oracle card readings, or give solid advice by tapping into a person’s energy. Find out websites where you can get love psychic readings now and choose the one that meets your requirements on the basis of their short reviews!

6 Best Online Love Psychic Reading Websites Quick Look

Brand  ? Special offer ?  Top features
Kasamba 3 free minutes of the first session plus a 50% discount 
  • Full money-back guarantee;
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android;
  • Different communication modes.
California Psychics Buy your first 20-minute psychic love reading for as little as $1
  • Flexibility of contacting psychics;
  • Simplicity of service pricing;
  • Ease of finding an expert and starting a session.
AskNebula Get free 100 credits as a registration gift
  • In-depth expertise of all astrology service providers;
  • Different subscription types including one payment for life-time access;
  • Available in 6 languages in 50+ countries.
Keen First 10 minutes of the session for only $1.99 per minute
  • Over 1700 experienced psychics;
  • Ease of finding mediums with lots of filters applied;
  • Round-the-clock services.
Oranum $9.99 worth of credits is given to new members
  • A wide range of reading types and methods;
  • 24/7 access and customer support;
  • A minimum of personal details are required.
Asknow Introductory packages with a $1 per minute cost and 5 free minutes of Elite and Master advisers
  • Calls and chats with psychics;
  • 9 different categories including love advice;
  • Mobile app for quick access.

What is a love psychic reading?

Love and relationship psychic readings are the analyses performed by a person with a psychic gift who taps into another person’s energy and learns about current relationships, past, present and future of love life. 

A psychic reader located behind the screen can’t get into your mind, but he or she observes what energy or aura radiates from you. A professional looks at whether it’s blocked, weakened, or absent, which can be caused by constraints and limitations, and gives advice on how to revive it.

Psychic mediums scan human energy in various ways, including tarot cards, astrology, dreams, and others. Customers may decide who are the best psychics personally for them and ask them for love advice.

Reviews of the best psychic reading platforms

Live psychics have become available on online platforms for more than two decades, but sometimes people representing themselves as ones with superpowers may not have them at all. Therefore, when you start searching for psychic experts to solve relationship problems, it’s important to choose reliable and trustworthy sites with useful features and interesting offers. How to recognize a platform that fits you best? Consider the following reviews of websites with spiritual readings to find the best one!

Kasamba – Find out a key to true love with accurate psychic readings

  • Over 4 million customers for over 20 years of operation;
  • An impressive portfolio of qualified and experienced relationship psychic readers;
  • 24/7 customer support and excellent privacy protection policy;
  • Quick registration with a minimum of information required.


What makes Kasamba special?

Being a pioneer in authentic readings that take place on the web, Kasamba is constantly improving the user experience. It has introduced an AI-based psychic matching wizard that helps to find a compatible assistant out of lots of others offering their services through the site. Special attention is paid to safety with a strict privacy policy that protects personal information and prevents the involvement of fraudsters who introduce themselves as fortune tellers.


Kasamba is a trusted leader in love readings launched back in 1999. Its clientele number will soon reach 5 million people, and a good deal of them are interested in love and relationship. The selection of love psychics is wide enough on Kasamba to choose from. All of them have reviews from other clients, so you can find an expert on the basis of his portfolio and rating. When you find a specialist to rely on, it’s time to select the way you’re going to pour out your heart:

  • Chat;
  • Phone calling;
  • Video readings.

What problems can you solve during a psychic reading session? If you feel that your relationships have become toxic or you suspect your partner of cheating if you suffer from unrequited love or you’ve lost a beloved person, these and many other situations can be discussed with psychics to find a solution and strengthen the existing bond. Website experts will help you to cope with a rough patch in relationships and heal the wounds that don’t allow moving ahead. It makes no difference whether you want to have a look at a past life or learn about the future with tarot card readers, all this is possible on Kasamba. 

California Psychics – Get practical advice on love from relationship psychics 

  • Coverage of various aspects of life and romantic affairs;
  • Guarantee of confidentiality for clients;
  • A thorough and rigorous psychic’s appointment;
  • Possibility to contact experts via instant messenger, calling, and video chat.


What makes California Psychics special?

It’s a desire to provide the best customer care practices to users. There’s not only a big number of the best online psychics but also a variety of reading types and methods they use to guarantee the most effective psychic reading experience. Another great thing about this site is free psychic reading for new users and three types of pricing plans including a pay-per-message chat that allows having full control of your expenditures. 


California Psychic is one of the oldest platforms that offers spiritual guidance to everyone. It has a strict selection of experts that provide services since 98% of applicants are refused during interviews. The site also pays much attention to the quality of services provided, so new members are contacted by customer support after the first relationship reading to understand if their expectations have been met.

People come to experts registered with California Psychics to ensure their partners’ true feelings, zodiac compatibility, and how to be happy in a problematic marriage. The range of cases discussed is really enormous, so you can ask about anything connected with matchmaking and relationship building to get worthy answers.

Signing up for this platform is also easy and fast. You need to provide a little personal information and deposit funds via a suitable payment method to choose an advisor and start the session.

AskNebula – Find your way to happiness with psychic and tarot readings

  • Multifunctional platform for astrology lovers;
  • Experienced astrologers and spiritual advisors with a deep knowledge of different astrological systems from all around the world;
  • Available on computers and mobile devices via an app for iOS and Android gadgets;
  • 100 free credits are given as a reward for registration to new members.


What Makes AskNebula special?

Accuracy and honesty are two epithets that will characterize the Nebula app the best. A mobile application developed by this platform was downloaded over 8 million times and is considered the number-one astrology app in the US. You can find lots of interesting things there, including personal daily horoscopes, beauty and health calendar, biorhythm and focus of the day, as well as quality astrology readings, are done through personal chatting. A real surprise is palmistry readings conducted on the basis of hands’ photos.


AskNebula is a one-stop spot for astrology lovers where users can benefit from psychic love readings too. It’s a great place to check zodiac compatibility with a partner or read his/her Natal chart to understand if you have a future together. The experts help people to find out how to improve relationships and change the way they perceive unpleasant events in their romantic lives. You can even check what relationships will look like between two different signs of the zodiac and check the love horoscope of both people. 

Since the platform suggests access to 10 different astrologers, you can choose a love area of expertise and contact an expert in this field. If you’re interested in this astrology hub, you can start a free 3-day trial and, after that, decide what plan suits you the best: there’s a weekly, yearly, and life-time subscription!

Keen Psychics – Get love reading from the best psychics, mediums, and tarot readers

  • Multiple selections of top-rated psychics;
  • The varying price range with free trial access;
  • Over 20 years of service not only with love relationships but many other spheres too.


What Makes Keen Psychics special?

Keen psychic source caters to the highest quality of services provided, so it offers help even to people from isolated areas. There’s a callback feature for people who aren’t in a rush, and online love readings can be performed in different directions, including clairvoyance, angel readings, tarot readings, cleansing, numerology, and others. The service aims to improve customer experience all the time, so there’s a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied clients.


Keen Psychics was launched in 1999, and it’s still popular despite such an impressive tenure. It provides different types of services, including astrology and spiritual readings, career forecasts and life readings, tarot and past life readings, and naturally love reading too. When a person faces any issues with love relationships, he can find a psychic reader specializing in this sphere and learn about a partner, soulmates, divorces, and connect these issues with other aspects of your life. 

Users can access Keen on the site or download a mobile app that has the same functional online chat too. Though there’s no video interaction with a psychic source on the other end of the line, the experts still manage to establish a connection with their customers and deliver the most unexpected information to them. If you feel that Keen specialists didn’t help you or were wrong, you can contact customer service and ask for a money-back guarantee of up to $25.

Oranum – Discover how love psychic readings can change your life for better

  • Free open chat feature to communicate with a psychic medium prior to reading;
  • Top 100 ranking system and multiple filters to simplify the choice of the psychic online;
  • Live stream sessions and private psychic readings.


What Makes Oranum special?

Unlike other platforms that focus on chatting, Oranum provides its main types of online psychic readings by phone or video calls. Users can find the best experts for an online psychic reading session by looking through the top 100 or applying search filters and adding them to the favorites list. There are also pre-recorded videos from experts to feel a person better. Another reason to prefer Oranum is generally lower rates and rewarding bonuses to new members! 


Spirituality can become a great guide in life uncertainties, and Oranum mediums are always available to help. The site has operated for over 8 years already, and now it’s one of the biggest online psychic reading networks in the world. Though you can’t get free psychic readings there, a client can communicate with an expert for free before love psychic reading takes place. There are over 30 esoteric services from gifted love psychics, but the majority of users appreciate the live streaming feature most of all. Oranum is the best place to approach love life with confidence since you can get the right amount of insight and get valuable relationship advice. 

Every online psychic reader available on Oranum has completed a background check, and each of them is an expert in certain fields like card accurate readings, dream interpretation, astrology and relationship readings, clairvoyant and palm reading, etc. You can choose a necessary type in the filter section and enjoy communication with a really good psychic reader both on a computer and mobile device. 

AskNow – Get a scheduled appointment with a gifted psychic reader to solve any love issues

  • Detailed profiles of online psychics who are independent contractors;
  • Money-back guarantee for new clients;
  • Daily horoscopes and psychic spotlight interviews;
  • Readers’ customer reviews and ratings from other clients.


What Makes AskNow special?

All love psychics undergo screening and testing made by Master Psychic Managers, so you can expect to contact a really gifted person. Another reason to choose AskNow is the ease of sign-up that takes place via a special form or by phone and no need to deposit funds to browse the profiles of readers. You can learn what psychic tools are used and how this person conducts reading online before ordering any services.


Operating since the 2000s, AskNow features a wide range of psychic readers who register on the site and offer fortune telling services in their profile descriptions. There are no occasional people behind the screen since they’re carefully selected to offer only high-quality services. Though AskNow doesn’t offer free psychics reading, it’s possible to save asking low-tier love psychics for help or turn to more experienced readers with a higher payment rate too. 

AskNow offers psychic reading online in two languages: English and Spanish. You can chat psychics or call a toll-free phone number for them to exude deep spiritual energies and help you solve any love and relationships troubles. This site also offers to ask a free question, and a medium will contact you back by email in some time. Naturally, you should provide some sensitive data to join the site and choose a category connected with love life to get a meaningful response.

How we found and reviewed these love psychic reading websites

The number of fortune telling platforms increases every day, but many of them have nothing to do with gifted people and often turn out to be a scam. Therefore, even the choice of the site that works with people who have psychic abilities is a responsible task, especially when you give advice to others. These top 6 platforms with the best online psychics have been selected not occasionally since our team considered the following points to recommend them:

  1. Love and relationships psychic reading online: each of these platforms has experts who focus on love psychic reading, and it’s listed among other types.
  2. Years of experience: you can see that each of these platforms was launched many years ago and is still popular with clients.
  3. Careful choice of psychic readers: each platform runs special tests, interviews and offers practical tasks for people who claim to have special psychic abilities before accepting them. Furthermore, there are ratings, reviews, and favorite lists that help to choose the best psychics and search engines with different criteria to simplify the choice.
  4. Bonuses and discounts for new members: since free psychic love reading is a kind of dream, there’s still a chance to save if you try relationship psychic for the first time. Each of these sites has a special offer that makes psychic reading more affordable. 
  5. Positive reviews and good ratings: it often happens that free psychic reading has many negative testimonials, while all these platforms have proven to many people that psychic readings are effective and helpful, so positive feedback dominates about each of them.  

Are love psychic readers real?

It’s a hotly debated topic since many people consider online psychics scammers, but there is a significant body of research studying this phenomenon. Even the US government studied the possibilities of using psychic tools during the war and crime investigation, so spiritually gifted people do exist though official proofs still haven’t been presented. It means that only a belief in supernatural powers can be a reason to turn to psychics for help since skeptical people will hardly ever do that.

One more question that rocks the minds of people who admit the existence of gifted individuals is whether experts hidden behind the screen and offering online psychic reading really have any special abilities. However, it’s easy to check by asking some direct questions about yourself and a partner you can answer too. Probably, many people who have tried the services of love psychics before have already done that and shared their impressions about this experience. Therefore, there are high chances to find a trustworthy love psychic on such sites and get rid of relationship problems and other issues.

Benefits of getting an online psychic love reading 

benefits of phychics reading

Get 3 Free Minutes To Try Kasamba

Still having doubts about getting a psychic reading online? Plenty of people are too used to getting their tarot readings or advice on love relationships in person. Nevertheless, online platforms with these kinds of services have multiple advantages:

  • Price. Seeking help online can be approximately four times cheaper compared to in-person reading.
  • Variety. Your choice of online psychics is much greater compared to a much smaller list of gifted people in your area. Get readings from the best readers from all over the country!
  • Efficiency. You don’t have to drive anywhere or change your schedule to fit an appointment. 
  • Freedom. Contact a psychic from anywhere and at any time.
  • Informed decision. Read hundreds of online reviews on a particular psychic who interests you, which is hardly possible for someone who does in-person readings. 

What types of love psychics readers are there?  

When you turn to an advisor with spiritual gifts, you should understand there are different types of such people. They are divided into these categories depending on the method they use for getting information about a person. The most popular love psychic reading types are the following ones:

  • Spiritual guide: a person that works with your energy and aura to restore your harmonious life;
  • Tarot reader: a person who interprets tarot cards relevant to a person;
  • Palmist: a person who studies the shape, color, lines, and length of the fingers on the palm and makes conclusions on this basis;
  • Fortune teller: a person who predicts the future;
  • Medium: a person who communicates with souls of people who have passed away;
  • Astrologist: a person who analyzes the location of stars and planets at the person’s birth time and predicts the future on this basis;
  • Numerologist: a person who uses different numbers like the birthdate to interpret the present, past, and future;
  • Clairvoyant: a person who can perceive events in the future.

How much is love and relationships psychic reading? 

It goes without saying that every person wants to get free psychic readings, but people who have found a psychic source also need to earn their living, so they charge money for the services provided. How much will you pay for love relationships psychic readings? It depends on the platform and an expert offering these services. Free psychics don’t charge anything, but they are an exception to the rule. Cheap advisors usually charge around $1 per minute of chatting, while experts may increase this amount by $10 – $15 per minute of interaction. 


Love psychic readings have become one of the most popular and trusted ways to get professional advice and take your romantic relationships to the next level. Many people use psychic reading to solve serious problems and calm down the pain caused by the loss of a beloved person. No matter what love relationships issues you need to cope with, there are reliable platforms that offer paid and free psychic readings services. Now you don’t need to look for a site with real people who have found their own psychic source and use this gift to help others – all of them are listed in this article! Choose the one that meets your needs and find an advisor who will return your peace of mind again!


How can an online love psychic reading help?

Free psychic reading may help in a variety of ways: it can show the mistakes made in the past, give advice on what to undertake at the moment to change the situation, or take a glance in the future to understand whether any situation will get a solution and in what way.

What if I don’t know what relationships psychic advice I want?

You can explain the situation during the paid or free psychic reading session and an expert will explain if there’s any problem and how it should be solved.

How can you prepare for a psychic reading?

No matter whether you choose free psychic readings or paid ones, you should prepare questions in advance, decide what type of psychic method you want to use, choose a platform, find an expert, and check rates. 


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