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By Mahipalsinh Rana

Technology trends come and technology trends go, but Java is here to stay. Java remains the second most popular programming language, ranking only behind C. Even more importantly, Java’s held the same esteemed position since the 1990s when it was created. 

Don’t let that make you think that Java software is static or unchanging. A Java development company needs to stay on top of the latest updates and trending technology as any other tech company. Perhaps even more so, considering how vibrant the Java community is. 

Here are a few of the top Java development trends. Keep reading to learn how to learn about some of the most exciting changes that a Java software development company can implement!

1. Java Moves Into The Cloud

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the last 2 years, it’s the incredible fragility of the infrastructures we rely on to live and do business. The challenges presented from coping with the global COVID-19 pandemic disrupted everything from supply chains to the workplace itself. Virtualization and remote collaboration have been essential in pivoting and adapting to these challenges.

Cloud computing was already nearly universal before the pandemic. 94% of enterprises use some form of cloud computing as of 2020. Of course, Java is no exception. 

The increasing prevalence of cloud-based technology means that a Java development company needs to create new cloud-based solutions. Container-based services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are becoming increasingly popular and prevalent. Java web development services will need to keep up with these shifts in the industry.

2. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing every industry on Earth for a number of years. Of course, Java is no exception. Java software is uniquely equipped to make the most of AI, largely due to its stability, portability, and transparency.

These are just a few of the reasons why AI and Java go hand in hand. Java’s also a popular language for writing algorithms, which are central to how AI operates. This also means there are a ton of resources for both AI and machine learning a Java software development company can take advantage of. 

AI is now a part of the fabric of our daily lives, as well. Smart tools that optimize Java code are also using AI and Machine Learning. So are tools that automate common business practices. 

These are also some of the reasons to hire Java consultant. They can create solutions to automate many of the most common business processes that consume unnecessary time. Java and AI make it so that you can work smart and hard. 

3. Big Data 

Big data is now an integral part of every aspect of business, as well. It’s the infrastructure that powers AI and machine learning. It’s responsible for everything from predictive analytics to product recommendations. 

This has a lot to do with the fact that we’re producing more data than at any other point in history. The incredible amounts of data produced and consumed in any given day means that a Java software development company needs to find new and novel ways to make sense of this ocean of data.

Java is particularly well-suited for tasks involving big data thanks to numerous trending technology solutions that have come out in recent years. Tools like Apache Hadoop, Apache Mahout, and DeepLearning4j are incredibly powerful and available to anybody. 

This is another one of the main reasons to work with Java software developers. They’re equipped with the latest skills and most cutting-edge technology that can help you and your business hold your own against some of the world’s largest enterprises. 

4. Serverless

Serverless technology has been of the more interesting and popular technology developments in recent years. It’s looking like serverless tech is going to continue rising in popularity and shaping the way we think about tech. The way we code Java software will inevitably shift, as a result. 

Serverless technology lets Java developers focus solely on the code. This is achieved by cutting out the infrastructure middleman. There is no ‘Apple Developer’ or ‘Android Developer’ in serverless technology. This helps make serverless tech platforms agnostic, as well, as another strong selling point. 

Serverless tech is also inherently scalable. It’s completely portable, as well, making serverless Java tech mandatory for a post-COVID world. 

5. Spring

Spring has been one of the most popular frameworks for Java for a number of years. This doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, as Spring’s popularity among Java software development companies continues to rise with each passing year. 

Even if you’re already familiar with Spring and have been using it for years, don’t take this powerful Java framework for granted. The past few years have seen a number of expansive updates. These include the release of Spring Boot and Spring Security. 

Spring Boot eliminates the need for a lot of redundant tasks. It features built-in resources for many of the most common Java applications. This also lends itself to standardization, which means that even more developers will be adopting Spring. 

Java isn’t going anywhere. It’s been a mainstay of web development since before there was a web. That’s like several geological ages in digital time. Now’s the perfect time to rediscover what is possible with this powerful programming language! 

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