Top Industries Utilizing an Equipment Maintenance Software

Equipment Maintenance Software

By Salman Rashid

Nowadays, several organizations across different industries use some form of equipment, machinery, or critical systems to ensure smooth operations, among other things. This also means that they need to ensure that the pieces of equipment are in good condition at all times. Fortunately, maintenance management is easier than ever thanks to equipment maintenance software (also known as computerized maintenance management systems in many cases). 

Since its introduction, CMMS solutions have been helping optimize preventive maintenance, asset management, work orders, the life cycle of assets, and much, much more – reducing costs significantly in the process. However, most people have the perception that equipment maintenance software is used only by heavy industries such as manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, mining, and so on. That’s not the case anymore – CMMS solutions are being used by several organizations, irrespective of their size, in virtually every industry. 

That being said, let’s take a look at which industries are working on preventive maintenance management, simplifying asset and equipment repairs, minimizing unplanned equipment downtime, and improving efficiency by using CMMS software solutions.

Industries that are utilizing equipment maintenance software

The manufacturing industry

This isn’t a surprising entry as it’s been mentioned once, but let’s take a look at it nonetheless.

It’s a well-known fact that manufacturing firms are heavily reliant on a CMMS solution to keep their plants operating optimally and without hiccups. That’s because the manufacturing industry is full of organizations where multiple assets are utilized, most of which are complex, heavy, and require frequent maintenance. Moreover, production in the manufacturing industry requires all of the machinery to work properly at all times as unexpected breakdowns or downtime can lead to disruptions, bottlenecks, and heavy losses.

An effective CMMS solution helps manufacturing organizations streamline equipment maintenance management, schedule maintenance tasks, conduct inspections, reduce breakdowns, manage work orders, and avoid costly unplanned downtime within the plants they’re utilized.

Energy, oil, and gas industries

Pick one out of energy, oil, or gas – something that you can live without for a day. It would be quite a difficult choice to make for most people. It goes without saying that all three of them are extremely crucial components for virtually everyone around the world.

Oil, gas, and energy industries use astronomically expensive, complex, and heavy-duty equipment such as pumps, refrigeration systems, turbines, transformers, and generators, just to name a few. Organizations need to keep all of these pieces of machinery running smoothly and without unwanted incidents or unplanned downtime for optimal productivity and reduced costs. The OESuite software platform helps companies accomplish all of those important goals via an integrated set of modules designed to effectively address assets, workforce, and compliance issues.

A CMMS solution, thus, becomes quite necessary to keep such complex machinery up and running at all times and schedule planned downtime for servicing equipment. All of these are done using preventive maintenance plans, something which a CMMS helps implement smoothly. Streamlining maintenance management, reducing unplanned equipment downtime, scheduling maintenance tasks, creating work orders, and extending the life cycle of assets becomes manageable with a robust maintenance management software solution.

The healthcare industry

The practice of using a CMMS app within hospitals, health systems, and healthcare facilities is becoming more crucial than ever. Hospitals and health systems use a wide range of equipment and critical systems such as defibrillators, patient monitors, EKG machines, alarms, sprinklers, computers, electrical equipment, sterilizers, surgical lights, electrosurgical units, and much, much more. All of these critical systems must work together smoothly at all times for a single objective – providing accurate services to the patients that help improve their health.

Hospitals and health systems that are focused on providing exceptional healthcare services are already utilizing many strategies, one of which is using an equipment maintenance software solution to ensure that their pieces of equipment are well-guarded against unplanned downtime or malfunctions. With preventive maintenance, simplified repairs, inventory management, and work order management, a CMMS solution helps hospitals operate more efficiently, safely, and responsibly, avoiding unwanted patient safety incidents in the process.

Academic institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities have several facilities and have hundreds, if not thousands of visitors each day. Faculty members, students, administrators, cleaning staff members, visitors, among others, need to be supported by critical systems and equipment. HVAC systems, air conditioning, computers, gym equipment, generators, alarms, sprinkler systems, and more are just a few of the equipment or systems that are placed across the various facilities and require routine maintenance for uninterrupted services and preventing disruptions.

To ensure academic institutions are providing students with a proper and uninterrupted learning environment, many of them are utilizing CMMS solutions for maintenance management, improving the life cycle of their assets, and reducing machine downtime. Not only does maintenance management with a CMMS solution help reduce interruptions and bottlenecks, but it also improves efficiency, reduces costs, the administrative burden, and even helps with regulatory compliance by preventing safety incidents that might be caused by malfunctioning equipment.

The mining industry

Organizations in the mining industry use extremely expensive, highly specialized, and complex equipment to extract valuable minerals and materials. Quite naturally, the maintenance of these pieces of machinery is crucial for optimal performance, reliability, and longevity – the processes and procedures that are required to mine the materials need the equipment to work properly whenever required. Unplanned downtime or unexpected malfunctions can lead to significant issues such as bottlenecks, setbacks, workplace incidents, and even millions in losses. 

The mining industry requires organizations to use a robust CMMS software solution. These help with preventive maintenance, streamline work order management, schedule routine maintenance tasks, and more – reducing significant downtime, costs, and safety incidents in the process. 

Virtually every organization is using an equipment maintenance software

Equipment maintenance solutions have evolved rapidly over the years, and the most robust ones can perform a variety of functions such as keeping track of maintenance, technician movements, work orders, along with inventory management, simplifying repairs, and more – all from the palm of your hands! As these become more affordable, even smaller organizations are using them to prolong asset usability, keep everything organized, and reduce costs.

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