Top Features of a Luxurious Design

Luxurious Design

One can only feel at home in a house or flat if its decoration revolves around their tastes. If you want to have a home that looks luxurious without spending too much on it, there are several things you can do.

Opt for minimalism

The principle of minimalism is an effective way to give your home a much more luxurious look. Among other things, the goal of this practice is to get rid of everything that is superfluous in your home, which, on one hand, allows you to keep only what is really essential for you. On the other hand, you make more room for things that might be of great importance. 

One of the other decorating benefits is that it allows you to focus more on the decor elements you choose to keep, and which will have a greater impact on the overall look.

Own works of art

A home immediately feels luxurious when you decide to decorate it with artwork. They don’t have to be very expensive paintings with immeasurable value, you just need to make sure your picture hangers hang them properly and in the right positions. Now, there are more and more visual artists are now scouring the market, seeking fame to match their talents.

You just have to go to sites like ArtStation or the like to find a graphic artist whose work you like. Then, all you have to do is order a print of their work, which you can later display in your living room or any other part of your home.

Acquire designer furniture

It is possible to find a wide variety of furniture on online catalogs, such as Homey Design Store, which can make your home look much more luxurious than a usual place. You can choose anything that is more or less exotic – that can bring a new dimension to the decoration of your home.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can, again, switch to the online, but with a different strategy. More and more furniture manufactures are using Pinterest and Instagram as a gateway to easily connect with their customers. You can therefore go to their blog to, at least, find inspiration that may suit your decor.

Use vintage decorative objects

Vintage has the potential to bring that dimension of luxury that your home lacks. There are many items that allow you to do this well, and which can look great in your home. For example, we could mention record tours, which allow you to listen to music using vinyls.

What furniture and textiles to favor for a luxury decoration in your living room or in your bedroom?

High-end furniture is another essential part of a successful luxury interior design. Opt for quality armchairs and storage. As you will see, this is a way to enjoy a glamorous atmosphere that predisposes to relaxation. Want to create a chic living space on a small budget? No problem ! In this case, it would be enough to bet on one or two pieces of luxury furniture. A sofa, lounge chair or console could perfectly be transformed into decorative accents in your living room or bedroom!

Bring light to every room

If space allows, try setting up at least one chair facing the window. Put all your attention on the lighting that will highlight a particular object, texture or space. By multiplying the light sources, alternating shadow and light, you will draw the eye to points of interest such as a painting, a bookcase or a vintage chair.

For an even more glamorous atmosphere, consider high quality textiles. For example, get some velvet living room furniture. Or, revamp your old sofa by relying on leather for its upholstery. For your floor mats, consider faux fur options. They are a great way to add a cozy touch to your interior design!

Luxurious Design

Colors and materials to create a luxury interior decoration

Colors and materials are essential for luxury interior design. In recent years, chic decoration is mainly available in noble and natural materials. Wood and marble (or other similar types of stone) surfaces are particularly preferred in luxury interiors. They are often complemented by touches of glass and high-end coatings. 

On the color side, you can have fun making combinations of more or less daring shades. Certain shades, such as burgundy red, dark blue or metallic tones are considered typical of luxury interior design. So try to use them, for example, for an accent wall in the living room.

What accessories would you need for an authentic decoration?

Luxury home decor accessories add to the authentic look of your living space. For this reason, they should be chosen with great attention to detail. As a general rule, you don’t need a lot of luxurious decorative items to create a chic ambiance in your home. 

In fact, in some cases, interiors cluttered with accessories of this type could produce the opposite impression. You will end up with a kitsch decor rather than a luxurious one! To avoid this effect, select some really interesting accessories. 

A large mirror with a gold frame, for example, is an ideal object to decorate a bedroom or a living room fireplace. The same goes for art paintings with molded frames.

The power of plants

Bring nature into the heart of your cocoon. A green living room will only be more alive. You can opt for a Ficus Lyrata or a kentia for a more exotic atmosphere, or a large bonsai for an Asian feel. Bet on the green!

Finally, baroque-inspired chandeliers would perfectly fit into a luxury decor in your living room, bedroom or even bathroom. If this idea of ​​glam accessory appeals to you, know that the current market offers a very wide range of baroque chandelier models. These are available in classic or modern versions. Suddenly, you will easily find a chic light that matches your taste!

What about you? Have you already implemented these details into your home, or is the place yet to be awesomely transformed via a massive luxurious renovation?


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