Top Executive Education Courses Coming Out This 2023

Executive Education

From the metaverse to AI and crisis leadership to ESG, these ten executive education courses are crafted to reflect the needs of business leaders today.


Higher education is more than a college degree. With issues ranging from escalating economic and climate concerns to supply chain challenges and the far-reaching impact of the pandemic, recent years have seen an unprecedented upheaval in the business world. Add to this ever-emerging technologies, accelerated digital transformation and increased demand for employee engagement, and you have a recipe for complete business transformation.

This kind of transformation calls for a different type of leader, one who understands how emerging technologies like AI and the metaverse can impact business. Society needs one who can examine an organisation’s impact on the environment from an organisational perspective and lead with courage and conviction through a crisis.

Investing in leadership courses can benefit you personally and professionally and boost the success of your team and organisation. However, choosing the right course can be overwhelming with so many options available. To help you make the right decision, here is a comprehensive list of top executive education courses to help you reach your full leadership potential.

1. Berkeley Technology Leadership Program by University of California, Berkeley

The Berkeley Technology Leadership Program provides participants with the tools to improve their tech leadership skills in four key areas: enhancing tech leadership acumen, utilising data effectively, enabling digital transformation, and incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business. The program uses live classes, case studies, group exercises, and self-reflection to help participants create technology strategies. This program best suits C-level executives, division heads, mid- to high-level managers, and consultants.

2. ESG Executive Certificate for Senior Leaders by Aresty Institute of Executive Education, Wharton

Designed for executives and leaders who are charged with high-stakes ESG decisions in real-time, the Wharton ESG Executive Certificate for Senior Leaders follows a blended learning format of discussions, case work, role-playing and small-group breakout sessions. In top executive education courses, executives will learn to assess corporate exposure to climate risk and opportunities, develop the leadership skills necessary for positive stakeholder management, better navigate conflicting stakeholder demands and prepare for and proactively engage with ESG strategists.

3. Women’s Leadership Excellence by ESMT Berlin

This program by ESMT Berlin is about the excellence women bring to leadership. Maximize your and your team’s impact and learn how to overcome bias, strengthen your leadership talent, and evaluate your career options. Learn how to emphasise both your self-development and that of others in a supportive and collaborative environment. Through this program, you can understand and leverage your own authentic female leadership excellence by receiving tried and tested advice from world-class faculty, trainers and peers on career progression and satisfaction. Participants gain clarity on the next career move and the steps towards the next level of leadership and become change makers and creators for more inclusive workplaces.

4. Effective Leadership for Global Change by Kellogg Executive Education

The effective leadership program from Kellogg Executive Education helps participants create an actionable plan to lead their organisations through any form of disruption by teaching them to use trouble for innovation, examine the impact of digitisation and AI on business and the economy, consider the effects of climate change on business profits and reputation, and be prepared for future disruptions and growth opportunities.

5. International Senior Executive Development Programme by University of Bath

The International Senior Executive Development Programme by University of Bath stands out as an exceptional leadership course designed to prepare you for instigating transformation, motivating and empowering individuals, and seizing emerging prospects in global economies. This comprehensive program includes all essential provisions such as accommodations and travel, including flights. Participants will have the invaluable opportunity to engage in interactive sessions across three institutions situated on different continents. Through this enriching learning experience, you will gain practical knowledge, thought-provoking insights, and essential leadership skills to effectively lead change, motivate others, and inspire those around you.

6. Transforming Your Business with AI by INSEAD

INSEAD’s Transforming Your Business with AI program is designed for senior executives who want to understand how they can make their organisations AI-ready. The course offers a deep understanding of how artificial intelligence is deployed in business, so execs can see what it can or cannot do for their organisation. Leaders will walk away from this course with the skills and vocabulary to work effectively with data scientists, commission analysis and analyse the results they receive, and know how to build AI capabilities for their own organisation. With AI empowering significant and rapid change for businesses across almost all sectors and industries, being AI-aware is a C-suite necessity.

7. The Warwick Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership by Warwick Business School

If your role involves creating a successful strategic plan for your organisation and effectively capitalising on opportunities in the digital era, then the Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership offered by Warwick Business School is the ideal program for you. Traditional strategic thinking has typically focused on analysing competitors within your industry. However, with the far-reaching effects of digital transformation, the most disruptive competition often arises from unfamiliar sectors and businesses that may not be fully understood. This course aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of these dynamics, facilitated by the expertise of Warwick Business School faculty who are at the forefront of exploring the transformative capabilities of digital technology for businesses.

8. Ascending the Peak: Finding the Leader Within by Harvard Business School

Today’s organisations need leaders who can lead with courage and conviction through challenging times and toward worthy, positive change. Taught via the HBS Live Online Classroom, HBR’s Ascending the Peak: Finding the Leader Within program explores the tools, behaviours, insights, and self-awareness of iconic leaders, including Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and Katharine Graham (The Washington Post) – how they used these assets toward powerful ends, and how they bought those they led along in pursuit of their missions. Participants will leave with a personal leadership plan to continue growing their leadership capabilities.

9. Value Creation: Advanced Pricing Techniques to Boost Revenue by Chicago Booth Executive Education

Chicago Booth’s latest program introduces a multidisciplinary and data-oriented method aimed at optimising a company’s revenue. Students employ state-of-the-art techniques to develop pricing and monetisation strategies that provide their organisations with a competitive edge and generate enduring value for both their customers and their organisations. This intensive 5-day program immerses participants in The Chicago Booth Approach to pricing, which adopts a customer-centric, value-based, and analytical approach to decision-making. Attendees acquire proven frameworks and integrate various disciplines, including marketing, data science and AI, behavioral science, and microeconomics, to enhance profitable growth. Participants emerge from the program equipped with a roadmap for monetising their organisation’s opportunities and gaining a competitive market advantage.

10. Nano-MBA (with AI-powered feedback) by GLOBIS

Described as an ‘online MBA Starter Kit’, the Nano-MBA from the largest business graduate school in Japan (GLOBIS) takes a unique approach to business education, compacting study for partial MBA credit, which is then transferable to the full-time, part-time or online MBA programs at GLOBIS. Learning is done via live classes, video lectures, comprehensive exercises, live group work, and, uniquely, comprehension exercises with AI feedback, enabling students to practice solving real-life business problems.


For executives looking to build upon their current base of knowledge, individual courses can be an excellent method. These executive education courses offer a wealth of knowledge, practical tools and techniques, and valuable insights to help you become an exceptional leader. By investing in your leadership skills, you can stay ahead of the curve, inspire others to reach their full potential, and lead your team and organisation to new heights.


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