Top DIY Hacks for Old Laptop

Old Hacks for Old Laptop

Do you have a laptop, that you love and you don’t want to sell it out? Don’t you worry there are too many ways you can try to extend the life of your laptop? The value of laptops as they age, they are just like vehicles or any other products that are developed to last for a long time.

We have collected top DIY hacks that can give a new breath to your laptop. 

1. Use it as a surveillance monitor 

For this hack, the server isn’t required to be extremely powerful as you will be using it for managing simple tasks. Your laptop might have a webcam, relying on the quality of it—you can utilize it as a webcam and adjust it anywhere you like. 

Install software for instance iSpy, software your webcam will become a surveillance monitor cutting the cost of purchasing a new CCTV. It is a perfect way to utilize your laptop to keep an eagle eye on your pets, kids, or even driveway.

2. Install Linux 

If you aren’t aware of Linux, well it is an operating software that is sited on open-source code, so there are various versions. Web development services can give you a helping hand in this.

This is also a great choice for a grizzled laptop, as you can your ongoing OS and still provide better virus resistance, faster boosting, and also a Windows-like environment. If you see it from the perspective then is capable of handling anything.

3. Convert It into a Digital Frame  

If there is no purpose for your old laptop, how about you transform it into a digital frame?

You can acquaint an extraordinary frame size and at an amazing quality, and if you are ready for some DIY action then you can get it complemented by watching few guide videos that are available on the internet. 

4. Use It as an Ultimate Privacy Device 

Remember, you can always use your old laptop for your private purpose. With the assistance of privacy software, you can turn your laptop into a completely privatized laptop that will protect you will browsing on the internet.

5. Upgrading or Recycling 

Suppose, your laptop is really and you are struggling to run even the lightest operating systems – upgrading is always the possible option. 

Old laptops are build style that enables users to ingress the components, repairs, make changes, and even upgrade or replace everything altogether. Nevertheless, if your laptop is on its last breathe then recycling is a perfect way to go green and ask someone to take care of your laptop. 


Just because your laptop is old and outdated doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use it anymore. With the above-mentioned DIY ideas you can for sure make some use out of it.

A lot of people rely on their smartphones for their social media interactions. Anyhow, you don’t have to throw it or sell it right away.


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