Top 7 Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair During Pandemic

Health is a state of overall well-being and involves the physical, mental, and social aspects. One of the significant components of your body, i.e., your hair, requires utmost nourishment. With the pandemic around the corner, you can practice good hair care to improve the quality and quantity of your hair. Try to use the egg treatment or go herbal to achieve voluminous and shiny hair. Also, you might want to amp up your protein intake and increase the build-up of keratin proteins present in the hair constituents.

1. Consume Enough Protein

One of the most important tips for hair growth is the dietary intake of proteins. You must enhance your protein intake and include protein-rich foods in your diet. With top-notch protein consumption, you can elevate the keratin constituents of your hair. Also, it helps in promoting hair as well as scalp health. Some protein-rich foods to try are fish, lean meat, and poultry products. You can also read this article from Proper Good for meal ideas.

A lack of protein in your diet might cause brittle hair and increase hair loss. Along with this, it can affect the color and texture of your hair up to a great extent. You can try Curlsmith hair products along with protein consumption for additional benefits.

2. Choose Ideal Shampoo

Another great way to nourish your hair and cut out the hair issues is through a shampoo that suits your hair type. Different kinds of hair textures call for versatile hair products, including shampoo. Also, you must determine your hair type amongst dry, oily, or normal to choose the ideal product. Make sure to get your hands on the shampoo that suits your hair type and look out for harsh ingredients. You must avoid shampoos that contain ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate. Quit going by the cost of the shampoo and consider the hair type instead.

3. Wash Up With Caution

Most people end up over-washing their hair and using excess hair products. You must wash your hair and brush it up with utmost care and skill. Also, try not to wash your hair more than once a day as it can seep out the moisture content. Avoid using extreme temperature water to cleanse your hair and stick to a lesser quantity of hair products. After washing, you need to detangle the hair using a wide-toothed comb and avoid brushing at that time. This is because your hair is more prone to breakage when wet.

4. Manage Stress

Do you often end up being stressed due to work or personal conflicts? Stress and mental health issues can make your hair prone to damage and falls. Telogen effluvium type of hair fall occurs due to high levels of stress hormones in your body. Also, it turns the hair follicles into the resting phase and ceases the growth of hair strands. You can manage stress using some herbal remedies like lavender, chamomile, or valerian. Not only will it curb the stress, but it also improves your hair growth as well as texture.

5. Do Regular Conditioning

Almost everybody knows the importance of conditioning after washing up your hair. It locks in more moisture, turns your hair shiny, and curbs hair loss. You can use the conditioner after washing your hair with a suitable shampoo. Also, try to apply the conditioner using a comb and leave it for a few minutes. You can rinse your conditioned hair afterward for the much-needed glow. Ensure not to overdo the conditioning and use it once or twice every two weeks for adequate results.

6. Deep Oil Treatment

Are you skipping your hair oiling routine due to a busy schedule or other reasons? Your hair requires the right amount of moisture in the form of deep oil treatment. It can improve the quality, make your hair lustrous as well as strong. Also, deep oil treatment once a week is likely to curb the hair issues like damaged hair, hair falls, and frizziness. All you need to do is wash your hair and apply your hair oil. Leave it for a few hours before rinsing your hair with normal water. Not to forget, you must choose the oil that suits your hair type and contains the right ingredients.

7. Trim Often

Many people complain of getting split ends every month that ceases hair growth. In case you’re prone to the development of split ends, you might trim off your hair every two months. Split ends form due to several factors like pollution, heat, as well as lack of nutrition. Also, regular trimming ensures split-end free hair and encourages hair growth afterward. Go for a hair trimming session often to increase the growth and the visual appeal of your hair. You may modify the frequency based on the growth of split ends and the need for trimming.

Final Thoughts

Hair is an integral part of your body and requires the right amount of nourishment. If you’re tired of using different hair products and see no change in hair quality, you must follow the essential tips. Practice deep oil treatment at least once every week to lock in more moisture. Also, you can use the shampoo according to your hair type to enhance the efficacy. Try to control stress and condition your hair after washing for that extra luster. Along with this, you need to practice adequate after-wash care to minimize hair fall and increase hair growth.


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