Top 7 Europeans Business Schools You Can Target in 2021


Have you been wondering about taking admission to a business school? Enrolling yourself in a European B-school can be the best choice for your future. European Business Schools are known for their practical and research-based education system.

Apart from having beautiful cities and historic sites, Europe offers you a wide range of educational-based options. Opting for a business degree from a European Business school can be an altogether different experience for you.

If you are interested in taking admission to any European Business School in 2021 but confused, consider taking help from experienced business school consultants. These professional consultants will recommend the best colleges for you after evaluating your profile.

Should you consider applying to a European Business School?

European Business Schools are known to follow a different education format than their U.S. counterparts.  If you are familiar with the admission process of any U.S.-based institutions, you may realize there is a wide gap in these school’s application format.

For your reference, I am listing a few pointers as to how choosing a European Business School will be the right choice for your career.

  1. One-year programs – If you look at the list of European schools’ programs, you will notice that most programs are just one year long. Their rigorous curriculum, research-based education system ensures that you are doing your best in this competitive world. If you feel like a one-year program is your niche, check this list of one-year programs.
  2. Better Return of Investment (ROI) – One-year program will save several expenses. Also, grads from these business schools land into similar jobs as their U.S. counterparts.
  3. Applicability of Older candidates – European business schools readily admit experienced candidates between 28 and 35.
  4. Flexible applications – European business schools do not strictly recruit students based on their GPA or GMAT scores. Candidates with good profiles or experience get selected even when scores are low.
  5. International faculty/students – The student body of European schools, generally, comprises more international students than local students. This statement is true even for faculties at these schools. These schools are known to recruit world-class faculties who are both knowledgeable and experienced.
  6. Placement Ratio – Due to these schools’ international nature, they are famous for providing international placements. The rigorous curriculum and structure of these schools ensure that all students get employed at renowned companies.

TOP 7 European Business Schools to Target in 2021

1. University of St. Gallen – Switzerland

The University of St. Gallen is one of the top-class universities in Europe. Established in the year 1898, this university focuses primarily on research-based studies.

Faculty members of this university are also highly qualified academicians. The university is well known for providing specializations in several subjects such as Business Administration, International affairs.

Several accolades and credentials have credited the university. Also, it has continuously maintained its top rank as the most preferred university for business studies.

2. HEC Paris – France

HEC Paris is another well known international b-school. Established in the year 1881, the school has since maintained its exemplary reputation.

HEC Paris is also CEMS – the global alliance in Management Education’s founding member. The university provides education options for MBA, MiM, EMBA programs, MSc programs, etc. Another exciting factor is that the college has more than 130 clubs on its campus.

HEC Paris has also maintained its position as one of the top b-school in Europe. The university has taken affiliation from the AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB.

3. London Business School – London

London Business School is a world-renowned international B-school known for its business program. The university in London, UK, in the year 1964. The college’s admission criteria are particularly stringent.

LBS is known for its P.G. degrees, especially for MiM, Ph.D., and Finance programs. One of the best-known b-college in the LBS area has also taken affiliation from the London University, EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.

4. ESSEC – France

ESSEC is another globally recognized, leading b-school in France. The university is known mainly for its M.Sc in management program. Furthermore, it’s business studies program is also ell recognized.

This college has more than 160 researchers and professors who themselves are alumni of different b-schools. The school is known for its various approaches to management studies. They also focus on the research aspect of academics.

The university has also started an initiative to encourage students who want to follow entrepreneurship. All interested students design their business projects and try to implement them. Resultantly, the school has created several entrepreneurs who are contributing to economies worldwide.

ESSEC has a wide variety of student clubs. One can find about 100 clubs in different fields such as arts, humanities, cultural, and entrepreneurs clubs.

5. University of Bocconi – Itlay

Established in 1902 at Milan, Itlay, the University of Bocconi is another premium European Insititute on the list. The university has the honor of being the first higher educational institution in Italy. It is a private university that focuses on research-based education. The university enrolls thousands of students per year into its undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs.

Several programs prefer the English language to be the mode of teaching. Also, the university is known for its international student exchange, internship programs. This university’s b-school offers programs such as Management and MBA programs. Business programs offered by this university is internationally recognized. 

6. EDHEC Business School – France

EDHEC B-school is another internationally recognized school on our list. Established in the year 1906, and the school has internationally recognized business programs.

The university has a partnership with various universities for providing education and promoting their students. Apart from this, the university has a wide range of alumni networks, encouraging its growth.

7. University of Mannheim – Germany

The University of Mannheim or UMA is another famous university that provides business programs to its students. Established in 1967, the university is renowned for its legacy in the education sector.

A large number of students enroll in this university every year. The university is among the top B-schools in the world.


European Business schools have several advantages over U.S. schools. Furthermore, these schools are relatively affordable. These are the top 7 colleges to which you should plan to apply in the year 2021. Apart from these colleges, there are other colleges which you should refer to while searching for the best B-Schools in the European sub-continent. These colleges will provide you with quality education and other specialization opportunities.

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