Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Hair Health In Winter 2022

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Notice your hair feeling dry? Are you worried about breakage? You could be feeling the effects of Winter on your locks! Though Winter may be a beautiful time of year, the changing weather conditions can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dull and lifeless.

This article will give you the top five ways to improve your hair health in Winter 2022, so you can keep your hair game going strong!

1. Switch To Natural Hair Care Products

If your hair looks frazzled and fried, it’s time to change your hair care products. Many commonly sold products contain chemicals and additives that make your hair look fantastic at first, then start to suck the life out of it. They value immediate effect over longevity, and it shows.

Making the switch to naturally formulated hair care products can help improve your hair’s health and clarify your scalp. Natural products prevent the stripping of natural oils from your hair and instead focus on encouraging them and strengthening your hair with vitamins and minerals.

In Winter, it’s natural for your hair to start to lack vibrancy or lustre due to the harsh weather it’s exposed to. Natural hair products can help to revive your shine and natural vibrancy when you stick with them, it may take a few washes to see results, but when you do, you’ll be very happy!

Explore the rejuvenating power of natural hair care with products from Allurium Beauty.

2. Avoid Your Blow Dryer

We know that this is a real pain in Winter, but just because it’s colder outside doesn’t mean that your hair won’t mind the high heat temperatures coming from your hairdryer – in fact, your hair will dry out quicker with heat due to the sharp contrast.

As an alternative, try to wash your hair earlier in the evening, so it has longer to air dry. If you work from home, you could even wash it in the morning and let it dry during the day – be sure you don’t have any zoom meetings scheduled!

We know this isn’t possible every time, and sometimes you may need to reach for the blow dryer; after all, nobody wants to go to bed with wet hair on a cold winter night.

If you need to dry your hair with heat, try using the lowest setting possible and pre-treat your hair with a heat protectant.

3. Protect From The Elements

Why is your hair worse in Winter? It probably has to do with the rain, snow and hail constantly harassing it. One of the easiest ways to help protect your hair against the elements is to hide it as best you can – try wearing a hat or hood when out in crazy weather or braid your hair to prevent it from getting tangled by the wind.

If you don’t mind investing a little bit of money, you can use various hair protectant sprays to help strengthen your hair against the elements. It’s the same principle as putting on a heat protectant before going out into the sun – a little goes a long way when building your hair’s defences.

For those experiencing hair loss concerns, staying informed about promising developments is essential. Recently, advancements in hair restoration research, such as the Phase 2 trial of HMI 115 hair loss, offer hope for improved solutions.

4. Get A Detangling Brush

Sometimes you can’t help the tangles you get from throwing your hair up in a bun after a rain shower gets you or putting on your best fluffy hat to keep your ears warm during a snowstorm. A good detangling brush is the best way to resolve the inevitable knots and tangles in your hair.

While your standard hairbrush might be able to get tangled, it’ll likely take a lot of your hair with it. A detangling brush has special bristles that gently sweep through knots without tearing your hair.

5. Give Your Hair Some Love With A Hair Mask

Hair masks are a great way to restore some much-needed moisture to your hair if it’s feeling a little dry and brittle. They’re a type of deep conditioner that you leave on your hair for 10-30 mins to lock in some moisture and restore shine – the perfect way to give your hair some TLC after exposing it to the harshness of Winter.

Top Tip: Want to avoid splurging for a hair mask? Try leaving your normal conditioner on for a little longer than usual. You may not get the same deep results, but you will still be able to add moisture and softness to your hair.

Bonus Tip: Take Care Of Yourself

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘you glow from within’; well, when it comes to your hair health, that’s somewhat true. The better you look after your body and mind, the happier and healthier your hair will look.

So, even though these top five ways to improve your hair health in Winter can help you manage your locks, remember to look after yourself first. Stay warm, happy and safe out there!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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