Top 5 Vertical Designer Radiators of 2022

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Designing any home is always a challenge. Getting everything to fit together and work cohesively is never easy, but some aspects of a home have always proved to be a challenge to stylise. 

For the longest time, radiators have been one such aspect. But not anymore!

Designer radiators are more common and popular now than ever before. They provide a home with a unique statement piece where there would once have been a boring radiator unit that you needed, regardless of its looks. 

And now, for homes that have large ceilings or spaces that require a vertical radiator solution, designer vertical radiators are your answer. 

What radiator should you choose? What brands are worth considering? Read on and discover the world of vertical designer radiators.

Trade Direct Nevo Anthracite Vertical Radiator

The Nevo range from Trade Direct is not only sleek and beautiful; it goes relatively easy on the wallet too. Boasting as being one of the most coveted flat panel radiators on the market right now, it is a compact solution that can heat a huge variety of different spaces.

The Nevo range comes in all kinds of sizes, with one of the more common sizes being the 800 x 340 mm unit.

The specifications of the 800 x 340 mm unit are:

  • 1082 BTU
  • 317 Watts
  • Matt – RAL 7016 finish
  • Mild steel radiator chassis

Not to mention it comes with a 15-year warranty. And if anthracite isn’t your colour, the Nevo range is available in shades like white and black. The cheapest of the range will clock in at around £85 – £100. 

Towelrads Oxfordshire Vertical Radiator

If you want something a bit taller and wider, why not consider the elegant Oxfordshire radiator from Towelrads? This radiator is great for those spaces that require a modern feel with its unique Gun Metal finish.

Choose something that will complement a wide variety of aesthetics with a stark but cool shade of grey.

The most common size you’ll find this radiator in is the 1800 x 465 mm unit, which has specifications such as:

  • 10-year guarantee
  • 3057 BTU
  • 896 Watts
  • Mild steel chassis
  • 8 Sections

With an impressive price tag of around £350-£400, you can’t go wrong with this impressive radiator.

Reina Dimaro Designer Vertical Radiator 

If a fashionable statement piece is what you are after, then Reina can deliver with their Dimaro radiator unit. This distinct radiator feels like a one-of-a-kind unit with a criss-cross wave pattern that will turn heads.

For this particular radiator, you’ll find that the most common unit will be a 1760 x 620 mm unit with a chrome finish. It isn’t just stylish; it’s also a brilliant addition to any room with specifications such as:

  • Highly polished finish
  • 2873 BTU
  • 842 Watts
  • Mild steel chassis
  • 12 Sections
  • Warranty of 5 years

The best bit is that it won’t break the bank, despite how expensive it looks, with a modest price tag of £380 – £420, depending on the stockist.

Nordic Sigma Vertical Radiator

This would be a very good listicle if we didn’t mention Nordic, a fantastic radiator brand that develops impressive units. One such unit is the Sigma vertical radiator range. Unlike the others on this list so far, the Sigma features an aluminium chassis.

The aluminium chassis will improve the conductivity of the heat through the radiator and speed up the rate at which the radiator heats up. This unit is also faster at cooling down, making it ideal for those thinking about efficiency.

The standard size of this radiator is 1646 x 260 mm unit with specifications such as:

  • A BTU of 2774
  • Wattage of 813W
  • White gloss finish
  • 15-year guarantee

The Sigma model described above will set you back around £230 – £280, depending on your stockist.

DQ Heating Cove Vertical Designer Radiator

Our last pick for the list is a radiator from DQ Heating’s Cove range. This particular unit is characterised by its stainless-steel chassis with a satin brushed finish – making it a brilliant addition to any home.

As standard, the most common size of this range is an 1800 x 295 mm radiator, which is great at fitting into horizontally compact areas with high ceilings or roofs.

For the 1800 x 295 mm unit, you’ll be receiving the following:

  • A BTU of 2184
  • Wattage of 640W
  • 10-year guarantee

As well as a host of other impressive specifications such as UKCA, CE & EN442 certifications. Depending on your retailer, this radiator will cost around £355 – £400

To Summarise 

When picking a radiator, BTU and wattage are crucial but always consider the dimensions, pipe centres, sections, column profile, and placement of the radiator when you choose your place to mount it.

But we do hope our article has given you some food for thought.

Be sure to pick something that will fit a variety of aesthetics to future-proof your investment!


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