Top 5 Ukrainian Dating WebSites – Explore Online Dating In Ukraine


There are lots of various platforms that offer services for finding dates and friends you can use if you want to explore Ukrainian dating sites. We have prepared a list of 5 legitimate Ukrainian dating sites you might want to check out if you are interested in dating Ukrainian women and men. All of these offer a significant range of tools and services, ranging from integrated translation tools to online present systems and in-depth profile searches,  that will make your online searching and dating experience as smooth as possible. 

Top 5 Ukrainian Dating WebSites – Explore Online Dating In Ukraine – offers free communication with other platform users without the need for additional fees, has millions of active profiles from all over the world and has a diverse target audience – has a wide variety of profiles for everyone and a nice targeted system with very detailed specifications of people you would like to meet – a free site that allows you to look for romantic and friendly relationships which also doesn’t have mandatory registration – one of the biggest dating platforms worldwide with a greatly designed site and hundreds of millions of profiles – a great dating service with more than 1.6 million daily users and a convenient integration system for Facebook


Meeting people on the Internet is the new norm in today’s world. And it has lots of advantages. Moreover, everyone wants to meet a beautiful, interesting, loving partner. And this site is a great place to find exactly that person. 

The site boasts a very pleasant and smart interface without usual visual clutter. It’s very simple to use and provides all of the essentials you might need for dating ukrainian ladies for free, such as free messaging and quick-search. A nice bonus to the package is a built in blog system with tons of useful information. 

You may use credits bought on the site to access VIP services that allow you to access more search options and view a wider selection of profiles as well as moving your own profile close to the top. The site has a default option for browsing profiles that are located close to you. It also has an incredibly handy system that allows you to see what accounts are online at the moment so you can start chatting immediately. 

  • Members: over 10 million 
  • Established in: the start of 2020
  • Main features: chat system, personal gallery, interests section for advanced search, integrated blog
  • Prices: from $2.99 for a credit
  • Free features: messaging, quick search and gallery is one the biggest Russian-speaking dating communities and one of the best known dating websites not only in Ukraine but in all of Eastern Europe. So if you are looking for Ukrainian women dating sites, look no further! All of the core features as well as registration are completely free. On top of that it offers additional features such as top 100 monthly pictures selected by the users’ votes and also provides a nice question-answer system for getting to know others more closely very quickly. The platform is incredibly nice to use and in fact has such a successful design that it has been copied by a number of other dating sites. 

Just like the majority of free Ukrainian dating sites it also has some great paid features that will make your experience so much more enjoyable, such as VIP status that allows you to enter a “secret mode” that hides your online status or  lets you change the profile sorting order. Other paid options include highlighting profiles or moving a your profile to the top or top of the region.

  • Members: over 5.5 million active account in Ukraine alone
  • Established in:  2003
  • Main features: free registration and messaging, unlimited number of pictures for profiles, ability to sort chats, question-answer subsystem
  • Prices: from $2 for a credit
  • Free features: chat, gallery and diary 


Loveplanet is a popular Russian and Ukrainian dating site. The site has a nice layout with all of the info you might need easily accessible as well as clear and straightforward navigation. Mobile application is great as well and is available for both Android and Apple users. Besides all the functions you might expect from a similar service Loveplanet’s premium status gives you an option to send your message to multiple people at once, go into incognito mode, see all the likes on your and other profiles and disable the ads. In case you are interested in Ukrainian women dating site give Loveplanet a go.

  • Members: over 35 million 
  • Established in:  2005
  • Main features: free registration profile search, support of both Apple and Android applications, togglable system that memorizes your preferences and looks for the profiles you specifically might like
  • Prices: from $3.5 for a week premium
  • Free features: search engine, “meet” and chat


Badoo is a dating social network and is at the very top of free Ukrainian dating sites. One of the main selling points of Badoo for us is the encounters system that notifies people if somebody from the number of people whose profile their “liked” has also liked them back which makes things so much easier. We would also like to highlight a very solid security and anti-fraud system which requires people to send their selfies so they can be verified as the person in the profile pictures by a moderator. Paid options include promoting your account in encounters so it will get shown more often, getting featured in daily top list and sending an online present. This Ukrainian dating service is available for Apple as well as Android. 

  • Members: over 510 million 
  • Established in:  2006
  • Main features: show people near you, people that you matched with, show your profile visitors 
  • Prices: $10 for 1250 credits
  • Free features: “encounters” system, messages


Topface is an amazingly popular Ukrainian dating site and is a great option if you are looking for ways of dating Ukrainian ladies. The site has an integration system with Facebook which makes signing up so much easier. Premium account allows you to see who has recently visited your profile and unlocks chatting with the most popular profiles which is restricted by default if you haven’t built your profile rating up yet. Having a premium account disables all ads as well. There are also presents that you can buy with credits separately to give out to profiles you fancy or want to impress.

  • Members: over 146million 
  • Established in:  2011
  • Main features: show sympathies,profile visitors, detailed profiles with preference system 
  • Prices: $4.99 per week Premium
  • Free features: chat, show users near you 

To sum up

Dating sites in Ukraine from this list are an amazing asset for those looking to kickstart their relationship or those who want to reintroduce themselves to the dating scene. Yet still it is always worth remembering that it’s not about the tool but how you use it. And these sites give you all the tools you need to find the love of your life. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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