Top 5 ReactJS Development Companies in Asia

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By Thanh (Bruce) Pham

Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights has and continues to be a trusted source of information for more than 800 Vietnamese entrepreneurs and businesses when it comes to software outsourcing. Is it true that ReactJS development is critical, particularly when it comes to creating user interfaces? This post is for you if you’ve been stumped by this topic and are currently building a web app, but the most pressing problem is a lack of qualified human resources who don’t know where to hire.

There are a wide range of ReactJS development companies specialized in software outsourcing services in the globe nowadays. In this regard, it is hard not to highlight Vietnam as a perfect location because of the team of software engineers who are in their “golden working age,” full of excitement and professional talents. The following are the world’s top five ReactJS development companies for your overview:

Saigon Technology

  • Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Strategic market areas: The US, Canada, Australia, The UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore
  • Range of services: Offshore software development, Software outsourcing, Custom software development, AI Development, Software testing, Mobile/ Web app development, Cloud migration

Saigon Technology’s ReactJS developers comprise the top one percent of Vietnamese talent, setting it apart from the competition in the booming global market. Many firms in the US, Australia, Canada, and other countries are turning to Vietnam as a possible source of cost reductions. In addition, Saigon Technology is an illustrious brand for high-quality products and a dedicated and professional working attitude.

From banking and healthcare to logistics and marketing and advertising, Saigon Technology has been a long-term software development partner – especially ReactJS development – for some of the world’s largest organizations for over a decade. What has made their name what it is now is the dedication and talent shown by a group of young engineers.

KMS Technology 

  • Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Range of services:  Software engineering, Technology consulting, Digital operations

While KMS Technology is known for its product engineering and service offerings in the United States, it also specializes in providing software development and testing services to clients in other countries overseas. Since its establishment in Ho Chi Minh City, KMS has drawn a huge number of top-notch software engineers from across the world, and it has since been the site of several international projects as Vietnam’s brand has grown.

It offers excellent software development and consulting services to companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, they have access to some of the best software experts in the globe, enabling them to give real value to their customers while also supplying the excellent possible labor force.

FPT Software

  • Headquarters: Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam
  • Range of services:  Digital Consulting Services, Digital Technology Services, Outsourcing Services 

The worldwide IT services firm FPT Software Ltd. is situated in Hanoi, Vietnam. Alternatively, it is a subsidiary of FPT Corporation (HoSE). FPT Software, a prominent Vietnamese software development outsourcing company, focuses on the skills of a diverse group of Vietnamese technicians.

Low service costs and a supply of motivated, fresh talent set Vietnamese development companies apart from the competition. Some of the world’s well-known organizations’ have also been the most influential FPT Software with their software outsourcing needs in general and ReactJS development in particular.

DI Central

  • Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Range of services: Supplier, Buyer, Microsoft business, Apps on Microsoft marketplace, etc.

When it comes to electronic data interchange innovation, DiCentral is a top player. Many of the world’s leading organizations have relied on DiCentral’s EDI and supply chain integration expertise for almost two decades, while the industry keeps changing.

There are now 11 sites throughout the world of Houston-based DiCentral, which serves customers in a wide variety of sectors and nations from its base in Houston. When used in conjunction with the EDI cloud infrastructure, DiCentral’s pre-built and proprietary ERP adapters boost ROI by eliminating duplicate or error-prone data entry.


  • Headquarters:Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Range of services: Software engineering, Business process, Application management, Data, Digital monitoring, Software solution consulting

Major nations including the United States, Canada, Australia, and France have entrusted NashTech as a respected brand for their initiatives. The teams at NashTech and its parent company, Nash Squared, have worked on hundreds of projects from a wide range of industries, sizes, and clients. In order to provide clients with superior service, NashTech relies on a pool of talented individuals that are both varied and enthusiastic about what they do.

They’ve gone a long way from two modest offices in London and Hanoi, Vietnam in 2000 to more than seven offices across the globe. Together with a team of specialized staff that are constantly encouraged to challenge conventional thinking, be honest, and adapt fast to transform, they have now become the face of renown for clients with software outsourcing needs.

About the Author

Thanh (Bruce) Pham

Thanh (Bruce) Pham is the CEO of Saigon Technology. He  strives to deliver successful projects maximizing value for the Client by clearly establishing the project objectives and risks, controlling the programs and costs and pro-actively managing the project teams.


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