Top 5 Jewelry Trends in 2022

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Whether you’re looking for a gift or want to score some fashion-forward accessories, these are the top five trends in the shiny jewelry world you should keep in mind!

Many different trends have come up in jewelry. Some of these fashion trends have been popular for a long time, while some others are relatively new. One thing that is known to be popular it’s the desire of people to tend to wear jewels in their daily activities or special events as an essential part of their fashionable appearance. This is called “chunky” or “glamorous” jewelry. The gemstones in this type of jewelry often come from smaller locales, like jewelry made out of gold, silver, copper, and brass. One of the most notable fashion directions in 2022 will be Kundan. Kundan is a gemstone composed of many thin layers of gold and silver soldered together. In 2022, people will be wearing these strips in their piercings or around their necks. Another popular trend is to wear earrings with multiple strands of beads. There is a wide variety of combinations to express yourself through jewelry. Therefore, if you have a clear vision of the shiny jewelry you want to match with your outfits, choose the best piercing shops near me for long-lasting accessories. So, what trends can we expect to embrace in our accessories combinations for this upcoming year?

1. Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are a popular trend that comes back often. The necklace is made of thousands of tiny circular beads, each one with a lab-created pearl inside. These pearls create a classic and timeless look that never goes out of style. Pearls are timeless gemstones that have been popular for centuries. They were a popular trend in the early 1900s and had a resurgence in popularity in 2010. Now, it’s foreseen to become one of the top trends in 2022. Pearls will get incorporated into many jewelry styles, from cleansers to wine glasses to bags. The tendency to use pearls will be significant and one of the most popular trends for years.

Pearl necklaces are a trendy accessory that lasts in time and at every special event because many people want to wear them. The pearl necklace can be purchased as an actual pearl necklace or as a pendant with a clasp. The charms are also available in different styles, such as geometric and circular shapes.

2. Crystal Drop Earrings

In 2022, crystal drop earrings will be a must-have jewelry trend. These earrings form several hundred tiny crystals attached to a thin wire, and they can get worn as hoops or dangles. They’ll go great with any outfit and will look chic no matter what your fashion sense is like. In 2022, the trend towards crystal-drop earrings is expected to be widespread in fashion tendencies. Women will wear them perfect for everyday wear, special events, and an ideal combination to any outfit. They are present in various shapes and colors, so it’s easy to find one that suits you.

3. Bold gold chains

Bold gold chains are trendy among the more youthful generation. With this trend, silver jewelry is becoming increasingly rare because it has become a staple for older ones. This generation is also becoming less and less interested in diamonds, as they’re more popular than ever, with some designs incorporating none at all. In 2022, gold chains will be a bold way to wear jewelry. The trend of wearing gold is not going away anytime soon. Jewelers are likely to love this trend because they can make gold chains suit the wearer’s personality and style.

4. Candy-Color Jewels

The colors set any piece of jewelry apart from other detail, shape, or size. Many people like to see a mix of colors and shapes in their jewelry. In 2022, candy-colored gems will be increasingly popular. It’s possible that some jewelry might not even comprise stones at all, but just out of metal. Jewelry trends are constantly changing. The trend has been towards metals and more sophisticated colors to reflect society’s new image in recent years. As of 2022, the most popular color for jewelry is candy-palette, primarily in high-end brands. In addition to candy-colored gems, another trend in jewelry for 2022 is the use of champagne diamonds. These diamonds have a warm, golden-brown color that is unique and sophisticated. One popular option is an Argyle champagne diamond ring, which features a champagne diamond from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. These diamonds are known for their high quality and are often used in luxury jewelry.

5. Super Chic Rings

Rings are one of the biggest trends for this year. Diamond cut is becoming a popular trend with expensive and unique pieces like ‘The Ring.’ This ring is set with an incredibly rare diamond, and it’s one of the most expensive rings on the market. For less costly rings, fantastic shapes are in style. Jewelry is always a trend. The public does not well receive some directions, but others have been catching on for some time now. In 2022, we’ll be seeing more and more people wearing rings on their fingers. They’ll be sporting sleek designs that appear nothing like rings from decades past.


Jewelry has evolved a lot over the years. It’s no longer just for adornment on your body. Jewels are a remarkable element of fashion that can be used for many different occasions and often get a personal meaning behind them. 2018 saw the introduction of many cuff bracelets that function more like a watch than a typical bracelet. The trend is predicted to persist in 2022 with mandala-shaped pendants made from different materials such as gemstone, metal, and polymer clay. In 2022, there will be a new trend in jewelry. It is called “whiskey stones.” These stones are cut and polished from bourbon barrels. They are soft to the touch and have a smooth surface. People use them as charms or to commemorate events.


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