Top 5 Incredible Places to Visit in Germany


By Karl Schmidt

Germany is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Europe, there’s no denying that. Tourist from around the globe visit this city all the time. However, in a country, as beautiful as Germany, it can get pretty hard to prioritize the places. Therefore, we have enlisted 5 top-rated destinations for you so you won’t miss the best places. 

There are many diverse places to visit in Germany. You can discover ancient places, from unreal scenic lake resorts to cosmopolitan city regions to lush valleys of countryside. It can get quite hard to decide to spend your vacation expenses wisely that is not a small feat. Well, do not worry anymore because we got you here.

Here is the list of must top five places to visit in Germany:

1. Berlin – The Ever Popular:


Berlin is one of the most famous places of all time. You would want to add Berlin to your bucket list to increase fun and exciting experiences to your journey. As we all know, Berlin is the capital of Germany. Therefore, it entertains a majority of the popular tourist sites. For instance, you’d enjoy the finest dining experience from shopping to vibrant art galleries to the zoological gardens to so much more.

You will love Berlin for various reasons. But one of the most highlighted places of Berlin includes Europe’s top cultural destinations. So, if you are into art and paintings then, you can explore one of the finest art galleries to prehistoric museums in the heart of Germany to so much more.

2. The Magical – Black Forest:


Are you someone who loves going to spa sessions? Then, black forest of Germany is your go-to place.

Let us inform you that the best way to explore the town of Baden-Baden is by car. It is one of the most suitable ways to enjoy the pleasant climate, hot springs, glamorous boutique, rich culture of the town art galleries, and finest cafes. Make sure to visit the ever-popular spa garden, the Kurgarten as no trip is completed without going back into Roman times!

You can either avail the service of a rental company or reach the richly therapeutic spa town in your car. In case, your car starts to have any issues? Then, you can reach out to The Kfzteile24 gutscheincode as they have the best coupons for Kfzteile services. 

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It is said about the Black Forest that travelers should make efforts to explore the magical Baden-Baden at least once in a lifetime.

3. Lake Constance:


 We bet, you saw this one coming. Didn’t you? You should definitely visit this lake as you should know that is Germany’s largest and most breathtaking lakes. Lake Constance is one of the spectacular bodies of water in central Europe. It is a scenic gateway to the Alps and borders Austria as well as Switzerland. The lush scenery attracts nature lovers from every corner of the world. Thus, it remains one of the most popular holiday destinations.

The lake cities such as Lindau, Friedrichshafen, Konstanz are enriched with the diversity of nature spots. For instance, explore numerous wonderful islands meanwhile visiting cultural sites on spot as well. Lake Constance will be an ever-favorite place on your travel list- for all good reasons.

4. The Famous Harbor Area aka Hamburg:


Hamburg is well known as the gateway to Germany. It is the largest city in Germany after the capital Berlin. Yes, there is so much more to the city except the huge port of Hamburg.

If you are someone who loves to discover the newest places from the local people’s perspectives? Then, Hamburg folks’ hospitality will melt your heart. If you live in Germany? Then, you can take a mini-vacation by road easily. As it is located on a short distance by the River Elbe!

It’s only three hours, 10 minutes’ drive from Berlin to Hamburg. Surely, one of the most affordable ways to explore the second largest city within your budget is by your vehicle.

Who wants to miss out on the opportunity to visit one of the most top-notch cities in the world? Therefore, get your car out of the car and get the parts checked for an exciting adventure. 

You will get to see many fantastic places that include the top family attraction- The International Maritime Museum, diverse architecture, old canals, beautifully crafted bridges as well as ancient townhomes in Deichstrasse.

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5. Munich – The Most Loveable City in The World:


Did you know that British Monocle named Munich one of the most loveable cities in the world in 2018? Well, now you know! You can visit Munich at any time of the year but the best time to visit Munich is from March to May. However, if your goal is to have a good time at Oktoberfest? Then, you better take along a coat! As the temperature is quite chilly during the season.

Munich is well-known for its Oktoberfest But there is so much more to visiting southern Germany than the festival of Oktoberfest only! The rich culture, the beer gardens, the lush countryside, the greenery full of public parks, beautiful lakes, and even castles.

The best way to travel in Munich is by taking public transport or by your transport. Although, the country’s highways are well-developed. However, the parking situation can be a bit expensive. Therefore, traveling by your car unless you are planning a road trip won’t be the wisest option of all! 

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About the Author 

Karl Schmidt is a retired auto part specialist from Kfzteile, he has years of experience on auto part repairs. In his free time he likes to write informative posts about auto parts and safety while driving around Germany.  


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