Top 5 At-Home Clear Aligners Globally Revealed

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The see-through, custom-fitted materials used by clear aligners allow more people to consider teeth straightening treatments. One study shows that most people considering teeth straightening find traditional braces unattractive. However, they are willing to pay more to wear visually appealing teeth straightening treatments. There is a definite link between attractiveness and the value of orthodontic appliances.

Moreover, people are attracted to the availability of at-home clear aligners because of their value, comfort, time-effectiveness, and convenience. The increasingly ready availability of at-home clear aligners allows more adults to have their teeth straightened remotely, using telehealth technology.

Revealing the Top5 At-Home Clear Aligners

Smile Prep is the platform that makes it easier for consumers to wade through all the information available online when pursuing orthodontic treatments. On this site, you can read guides and follow up on reviews about all major at-home clear aligners. Read about which treatments are most effective for your type of misalignment.

However, several factors contribute to why the following at-home teeth straightening treatments made it onto the top five list, so let’s break them down:

1. Byte

Quick outcomes, impressive results, and excellent customer service are just three reasons that Byte is always one of the first names people hear about when looking for teeth straightening treatments.

The “HyperByte” is the company’s high-frequency vibration device created to quickly and painlessly assist with shifting teeth and is included in the treatment price. An excellent support team is available on several channels, including phone and social media. Customers are appointed an advisor for concerns or questions.

Byte has an “At-Night” plan for anyone with even more esthetic concerns. Instead of 22 hours of wear daily, these require 10 hours of continuous wear at night. The material of At Night aligners is thicker and grind-resistant material for faster and safer results.

Two further advantages are the Byte-for-Life guarantee (if you purchase retainers and use them correctly after treatment) and quick access to financing without requiring a credit score.

2. Candid

Candid uses a hybrid treatment model, meaning that your treatment starts in-office before shifting to at-home care.

CandidPro starts with a local dentist, and then the Candid Monitoring service is where you check in with the dentist every fortnight to ensure everything is going well with your treatment. The monitoring system also allows you to send a digital scan on a mobile app if needed.

Besides the high-quality experience for patients, Candid’s treatment plan can move all the teeth, including molars. In contrast, other at-home aligners move the front teeth and premolars. The aligners are all-day wear with no nighttime option.

Candid has wonderful customer service available 24/7, but you need to live near one of the dentists on their network. Currently, there are over 200 of these. It is a more expensive clear aligner treatment but still more affordable than Invisalign.

3. AlignerCo

AlignerCo has hit the market with affordable treatments without compromising quality and customer service. Starting from $1,145, finance our treatment without credit checks through their SmileFlex Easy plan. If you prefer their standard SmileFlex method, a soft credit check is needed. Look out for their occasional discounted prices.

NightOnly is AlignerCo’s answer to a nighttime treatment. It is slightly more expensive (+$200) than its day-wear clear aligners, and the treatment time increases to an average of 6-8 months.

AlignerCo doesn’t include free whitening products with your treatment (although this cuts costs and helps them offer their low prices).

Treatment time is slightly longer, and there are fewer customer reviews available for AlignerCo because they are relatively new on the market, but their pricing makes them an attractive choice.

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4. SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub is a popular clear aligner option because they have been around the longest. Since 29014, they have treated over a million patients and have a Partner Network of over 1000 dentists, ensuring a quicker start to your treatment plan.

If you don’t prefer to start your treatment with a consultation at the dentist, there are 300 SmileShops to scan your teeth. You can get 24-month financing through Smilepay without a credit check. Retainers are vital for keeping teeth in place after teeth straightening; SmileDirect Club charges $99 for the first retainers, whereas its competitors, Byte included, provide these for free.

SmileDirectClub has the most experience with customer concerns and complications than other at-home transparent aligner companies. However, a quick online search indicated that they lack customer support, inconsistent treatment communication with customers, and shipping delays.

5. NewSmile

NewSmile is a newer tooth alignment option with better prices than most. Their treatment time is relatively faster than most, beaten only by Byte, and you have a nighttime choice at only $100 more than the regular aligner price of $1295. No credit checks are required, so everyone qualifies for financing.

Currently, at-home teeth impressions are the only option for starting treatment, and customer feedback is still relatively scarce because they are the newest company on the list.

Last Word

These 5 at-home clear aligner companies make it onto the list for their different advantages. Choosing the best for you depends on whether you need to align your front teeth or need to include your molars in the treatment. Furthermore, price and customer service also play a role in how you may decide to choose a clear aligner provider for you. Ultimately, everyone wants a perfect smile, and these five companies make it easier for you to achieve yours. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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