Top 4 Tips to Figure out Who Called You


It is fairly common to get phone calls from unknown numbers as a mistake, given that more than 5.12 billion people are using mobile phones worldwide. Someone may have accidentally entered the wrong details for contact or dialed the wrong number.

It would be best to use spam blocking apps, which block incoming calls from different unknown numbers. But those calls shouldn’t be a common occurrence.

If you regularly get calls from a number you don’t really know, it can be an attempt to scam you. The success of how to know who called you depends on the ways you use. So without further ado, the following are some of the ways you can consider:

1. Carry out Reverse Phone Lookup

The easiest and the best way to figure out who called you is to do a reverse phone lookup. You just need to type an unknown phone number, and billions of records will be available within a few minutes.

Using a site specializing in reverse phone lookup is a dependable way to know who called you. Plus, some sites have a happy hour where you may run phone lookups at zero cost.

2. Get a Good App

There are apps for everything, and that includes identifying blocked or unknown phone numbers as they pop up on your mobile device. Among the most common apps is TrapCall. The app is readily available for Android and iOS devices.

It can tell you the number of anonymous calls in real-time and may block spam on your behalf. The best part is that it will notify you when it blocks a call, should you decide to call back.

Fake numbers are also not an issue. TrapCall will force unknown callers to identify themselves before it lets their calls go through. A premium package will enable you to find phone information and record all the incoming calls and has the option of playing warning messages to ascertain whatever you do aligns with the laws of your state. Though the warning message is not a must.

3. Contact the Local Authorities

Filing a police report is a faster way to identify callers. This can be the best course of action if you have been receiving repeated calls from unknown and blocked numbers that make you feel threatened.

You have to say everything you already know regarding those calls. This may include the voices you hear, call list, time of call, and other helpful details. Those details can help police officers work with the local network carrier to uncover the individuals behind the caller ID.

4. Call the Phone Company

Because phone companies have a record of previous calls, they normally offer their customers anonymous caller ID services. Based on your carrier, you may activate what is called the 57 services.

The services can help to reveal all the phone numbers and other minor details. But not all carrier supports this. And the people that do, the provider usually charges a fee all the time they use the service.

Closing Thoughts!

It might be difficult to undertake a cellphone or landline number search. But as you have seen, there are many simple tools and ways to identify all the unknown and block phone numbers. So ensure you choose the right tools and ways that work best for you.


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