Top 4 Tips In Choosing The Perfect Windows For Office Buildings

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An office space should be functional yet appealing. It must inspire productivity in your employees. Aside from tweaking some aspects to make your office more inviting, one way to boost its aesthetic is by choosing the right windows. Whether you are thinking of renovating your office space or designing one, four tips will help you pick windows for your office. 

Select the Right Material 

Before choosing anything, consider the window’s material first. You might think that all glass is the same, but it is pretty different window types. A glass window is primarily the material used for office buildings, unlike other commercial establishments where you could find wooden shutters as windows. Doors, windows, and walls help support your office’s structural integrity, so pick the suitable material for your office’s windows and walls design.

For example, if your office is located higher up the building, you might consider tempered glass. It is four times more durable than ordinary glass, and it is heat and scratch-resistant. Another excellent material is insulated glass, and it consists of double or triple glazing that reinforces the glass resulting in better heat insulation and noise isolation. It is beneficial for buildings in high-traffic areas or those in cold regions.

Choose a Window Frame

Windows need a frame; otherwise, how will you install them? Common window frame types for office buildings consist of vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. In terms of the window frame, it is not just the durability at stake. You also want your windows to be energy efficient to minimize your carbon footprint. If budget is not an issue, fiberglass frames are one of the best options. Fiberglass is durable and only has the slightest space between the glass and the frame, making it most resistant to weather or temperature changes. 

It won’t set you back on your utility bill come winter or summer months. Vinyl or PVC is another excellent option as it is also resistant to weather changes making them energy efficient. The downside is that you can’t paint on the surface, so you are stuck with its default color. In terms of durability, you can’t outlast metal or aluminum. It will not chip, crack, or fade. It is also a reasonably affordable material. However, aluminum is not the most energy-efficient window frame as it is a good heat conductor. 

Pick a Style 

Windows also say a lot about your office. When they turn for inspiration in an office, most people look out their windows—choosing a style that best showcases the view before them is vital. A poorly designed window could make people feel cramped instead of feeling inspired or refreshed. If you want to appear professional, you want to opt for open and welcoming windows. Picture windows are a great example if you’re looking to achieve a more modern design. It is also the go-to option for co-working spaces. 

Nowadays, open layout offices are taking over traditional office layouts. People also feel more creative and less restrained than in cubicles. Office windows are a great way to reflect that change. Large, fixed windows are also something to consider seeing as nobody fiddles with the windows in an office. People either go out to the balcony or step out of the building if they want a breather. 

The kind of office you have will also determine the window style. For instance, if your office is a standalone and not part of a building or on the ground floor, you might consider sliding windows or French window styles. 

Decide on Its Size

In terms of windows, it is one instance where the size matters. Windows must be big enough to let a lot of natural light in and give you access to a view. An office with wall to wall or bay windows floods it with lots of natural light and makes it appear bright and wide. Research has shown if workers get exposed to natural light, it improves their performance and reduces their eyesight strain. It helps increase an employee’s productivity. You must know that satisfied workers equate to a more productive and cheerful workplace in an office setup.

Expansive windows also offer a panoramic view of the city or landscape below you, which may help inspire your creativity. It is beneficial seeing as workers are inside the four corners of the office for most of the day. They rarely get to go outside save for their lunch break or if they want a quick breather. And even then, perhaps they are stuck in the pantry if your office doesn’t have a balcony. Giving them a good view gives them something to look forward to. It also helps stave off boredom.  

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These four tips will help you select the perfect window for your office building. Not only will the right window let in natural light and a great view to keep your employees productive and engaged, but it will also be energy efficient and save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. 

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