TOP 4 Essay Writing Services in the USA: 2021 Edition

Essay Writing Services

Why are essay writing services in such high demand these days? Have students become so lazy? Or have professors started to ask for something impossible? Absolutely not. The reason is a lack of time.

It can occur due to different circumstances. Some students get a job and then need to spend more and more time working to pay their bills. Others have family issues. Someone fights depression and anxiety. We go through different stages in life, and it is okay that sometimes we need help and support. It is what academic writing services were created for.

How To Find the Best Essay Writing Services?

If students experience hard times, they can ask an essay writing service to take care of their college assignments. Today, you can do it in a few clicks. Yet, you should know which service will not let you down and deliver you the paper you need.

If you already know the service you would like to make use of, it is great to hear. In this case, your problems are almost solved. For other students, we have prepared this article. Here, we would like to teach you how to choose a good trustworthy essay writing service from hundreds of them and share with you the TOP 4 essay writing services that we have used and left completely satisfied. So, let’s start!

Proven Recommendations for Students: The Best Essay Writing Services Features

There is a simple algorithm you have to follow to make the right essay writing service choice:

1. Dig deep

When looking for reliable essay writing services, be thorough and attentive to every little detail. In the beginning, it might seem easy. The idea of finding an ideal essay in Google is pretty cute but hard to believe.

Searching for essay writing recommendations, pay attention to information about the company registration documents, their experience in the niche, their Terms and Conditions pages. Try to find any website that is also registered by the exact company (it is a bad sign). Find loyal customers (there should be ones if a service is worth your trust) and try to get real feedback. Do your research to save yourself from regrets.

2. Be realistic

Many essay writing service reviews are false, and you have to understand it. Companies that have little experience or no experience at all order all writing reviews from a third party. It can be false, and you might regret it.

When you are trying to evaluate paper writer services reading the reviews, always check if there are negative ones. Even the most reliable essay company has bad reviews. It is impossible to satisfy everyone. Yet, there should not be a lot of negative feedback. It might be 2 to 5%. If the percentage is higher, it is reasonable to consider ordering your essay from another company.

To improve your research skills, let’s find out how to know whether the review is false.

Essay Writing Service Reviews: Red Flags 

Try to recall when was the last time you left a review on something? Were you satisfied? Doubtfully. According to top social studies, people tend to leave the review if they are not satisfied. Thus, the negative reviews are bold, full of details, and contain actual ordering information. People decide to leave the negative review to change the situation, to make the service provider improve their performance.

When the customer is satisfied, they accept it as granted and do not see the necessity to share their experience with others. If someone decides to write a positive review, it will be vague and general, for instance, “everything was perfect, thanks”, or “I’d recommend these guys”. It is too difficult to say whether the person who left the review ordered something or just wrote it for money.

You should not check each review you will find. Anyway, there are the red flags that should help you decide if you can trust this opinion: 

1. No subject, topic, or discipline mentioned

Sure, a real person can leave a generally positive review if they have no time and just want to thank the service. Nevertheless, it is too strange for the essay writing service review to not contain information about the subject, topic, or discipline.

Many academic writing companies work only with specific subjects, and students choose them exactly because of their expertise in a certain field. Thus, the actual customer would write something like this:

“I’ve ordered a Computer Science lab here as my mate has suggested it is a good place for the case. And yes, he was right. It feels like someone has done the lab who has heard my professor’s requirements word for word”.

2. Too long

Comprehensive, very detailed, long positive reviews do not deserve trust. No, a real person would never do it. If the review is negative, then it could be true. But positive ones are concise. They state how the client feels about the experience and whether they are going to come back. If you see something like this:

“My Biology term paper that I ordered here had a big effect. Though the paper barely fits the required length as it was written in 6 hours, my professor praised me like never before. If you are not sure where to order your paper, I can help you. It is the best choice for essay writing you can make”

The chances it is true are high. It contains specific information, the deadline, the flaws (it is okay, a perfect paper is too suspicious, after all, it is written by a human), and the customer’s feelings.

One way or another, to make sure the essay writing service is a good one, you have to make an order. If you have no time to do expensive to check all those services by making test orders from them, so we have done it for you.

TOP 4 Essay Writing Services You Can Rely On

Each of our team has been there where you are now. We were also struggling while trying to balance studying, working, and personal life. We know what you feel and what you need. Thus, we applied our knowledge and experience to test and choose the best write my essay services that you can trust. 

1. WriteMyPapers.Org

Are you looking for highly educated degree-holding writers with broad experience in writing academic papers exactly? Then, this is the place you will love.

WriteMyPapers offers their customers unique essays and college papers written from scratch by the best writers. Each writer has proven writing experience, knows their subject deeply, and can complete the orders fast without impacting the quality.


The essay writing service has a wide range of services. Moreover, they can cope with some unusual topics and disciplines like Religious studies, Anthropology, etc. Thanks to a professional team, the papers you will get from WriteMyPapers meet the highest academic standards. As a rule, such a combo brings students the highest grades.

The service is working on a round-o-clock basis and responds to over 99% of requests in less than 5 minutes. They claim it on their page, and we can only agree with this statement. Indeed, we have got the response in 3 minutes. Here, you will not waste your time for sure.

Despite the company’s performance is excellent, it is still an affordable variant for every student. Thus, the prices start from $11 per page. In our opinion, it is one of the best options for a newbie student to take advantage of.

2. EssaysWriting.Org

The company has existed on the market for over a decade. It always plays by the rules and keeps its promises. The company takes full responsibility for their service. They offer customers a full refund option to save them from unsatisfying results and delays.


Here, it is possible to get your paper done in 3 hours. The service is crafted the way it meets your expectations completely. In case the client needs some alterations, the paper is taken for free revision. This process can be repeated unlimited times for free. It is a perfect way to ensure students will get what they need, even if it takes to rewrite the paper dozens of times.

Besides the mentioned characteristics, the service has one more advantage that not many services are ready to offer. EssaysWriting experts will format your paper according to your strict requirements. We know that sometimes professors are obsessed with formatting, so the service will surely take care of it, too. Obviously, you get this service in the package with no extra payments.

Now, you probably think you cannot afford this kind of service. You are wrong. Like many progressive essay writing services, EssaysWriting keeps its prices low. At $10 per page, a client can get a 275-word essay written by a talented writer. It is as attractive an offer as it could be. You can try to skip an extra cup of coffee tomorrow, and you win with your extra essay tomorrow!

3. Affordable-Papers.Net 

Affordable-Papers was created with the best client’s interest in mind, to be clear, with his best financial interest. Though there are many good college writing services, plenty of them establish high prices. As a result, students that are supposed to be their main clients cannot use it. Affordable-Papers decided to solve this issue. So, in the review of this website, we will start with the prices.


The company offers to write a college paper at an unbelievable $9 per page. It is very generous, considering the level of essays quality and possible deadlines. At this price, a customer can get a high-school essay written by an intelligent, attentive writer. Also, there is a 7% discount for new customers and first orders. This way, you will pay a little bit more than for a hamburger and get a paper that will improve your reputation in college.

Affordable-Paper’s writers are different. There are Ph.D. holders and English native speakers, but at the same time, there are English as a second language speakers and undergraduate writers. Generally, the most educated writers are in high demand, and hiring writers of an average level is not a good idea for a company. Yet, Affordable-Papers took this risk, and now students can pay less but still receive an original essay free of plagiarism and mistakes.

Talking about the additional features, here, customers get free bibliography and a plagiarism report included in the package.

4. BuyEssayFriend.Com

Students that need help with writing an essay try to find it among their friends. While asking your mates to help you with your academic struggles is not the best decision, there is a friend that will help you — BuyEssayFriend writing service.


Its list of services is quite impressive. Yet, there is a specific area they are most experienced at. It is research paper writing. Yes, you can say all the college papers require research at first. It is partly true. Yet, there are serious college assignments. They are based on thorough and deep research, like dissertations, term papers, and course works. The service has delivered over 40 000 papers; thus, its experts know their job well.

The service stands out from others with its attention to the client’s privacy. This topic is quite sensitive, and knowing this, BuyEssayFriend protects your data by not sharing it with third parties or asking you for information that is not necessary.

Besides the writing, the company offers editing and proofreading services that could be a great solution for those who need the professional expertise of the paper they have written independently.

BuyEssayFriend offers very competitive prices, that are due to the specifics of the company, could be evaluated as low. Here, you can get one page of your Master’s dissertation for an affordable price. Undoubtedly, your future career is worth such an investment.

Do essay writing services really work: FAQ 

It is normal to question everything you’ve found on the Internet and try to make sure the information you’ve got is true. Especially, when it is about your college and future career. So, below we will try to answer the most common questions clients of essay writing services ask to make everything as clear as possible.

Is buying essays online safe?

Yes, if you choose essay writing service responsibly.

Today, there are many reliable paper writing services. You have to accept their Terms and Conditions to place an order. They state their guarantees and are obliged to deliver them. Everything is operating within the law. Both sides are protected.

However, be aware of fraud. As essay writing services are in high demand nowadays, many people want to get their piece of the pie and make zero effort. Do not let someone trick you. Do your research, read the reviews, investigate, and use our help if needed.

Which essay writing service is reliable?

It is hard to understand whether the essay writing service is reliable the moment you find it in Google or land on their website. However, some tips would help you:

1. Recommendation

If a friend has recommended an essay writing website to you, then you can confidently make use of their service. Word of mouth is the most reliable source of information. So, feel free to use the service that someone used earlier and was satisfied with.

2. Full refund guarantees

If the service claims it returns your money in case of the missed deadline, or poorly-written paper, or your comments, it is a sign of a trustworthy company.

No one will promise you to give your money back until they are good at what they do.

3. Clear pricing policy

The price can vary. There are professional essay writing services that offer high and low prices. The price itself is not a sign of a good company. Clear policy about them is.

If a service does not publish their prices publicly or is vague about them, think about looking for another one. If the company promised you nothing, you cannot claim your rights for something. Look for a reputable company that has a comprehensive and easy-to-understand pricing policy.

What is the best essay writing service?

The best essay writing service should be professional, experienced, and well-known. They have to hire the most talented and highly educated writers and be great at communicating with the customers.

Yet, only you can choose which academic writing website is the best for you. There are many features to consider: the deadlines, the prices, the writers’ and services’ range. Also, the essay service that delivers the best Chemistry labs cannot be good in writing application letters. Grasp what your real preferences are and choose.

Are essay writing services legit?

Yes, essay writing services are legit, and their occupation does not break any law. It is academic writing assistance and editing service that students can get with a light heart.

Though some colleges strictly prohibit such kind of assistance, so it is better to double-check with your college rules so there will be no issues later.

Which essay writing service is the best?

We have listed 4 essay writing services above. We truly think they are the best and the most progressive compared to others and those that have been popular since 2020.

The best essay service never misses the deadlines, delivers original papers as it was promised, protects customers’ privacy, and keeps improving its performance constantly. Still, choosing the best website for you, apply your actual circumstances so you will not be disappointed with the lack of certain services there. 

Are essay writers legit?

Yes, essay writers that are working for well-known and professional college writing companies are legit. They fulfill their duties and have a proven experience.

If we are talking about freelance essay writers, no one can be sure they are legit. It is too difficult to find out whether the writer is good and experienced, or if it is a random user who just wants to make easy money. It is the reason we always recommend our customers to use professional essay writing companies’ services instead of looking for freelance writers.

Who is the best essay writer?

The best essay writer is a person that has the appropriate education, has proven writing experience, is attentive to details, and does their job passionately. Legit essay writing services hire different writers, with various academic backgrounds and experience, so the customers can get exactly what they need.

If the writer has done a great job on essay writing, the majority of essay writing services would allow their clients to choose him for the following order. So the risks to get a low-quality paper will be approaching zero.

If you have any doubts till now, put your idea away and get some fresh air. Then, come back and choose one of the essay writing services from our list. We promise you will be amazed by the service and keep asking yourself why you have not asked the essay writing company for help much earlier. And may the greatest essay writer be with you!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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