Top 4 Deep Sea Fishing Baits and Lures to Use

Deep Sea Fishing Baits and Lures

You won’t get much use out of deep sea fishing unless you use the proper gear, a good boat, and more importantly, you will know what bait and enticement to use for certain fish species regardless of whether you go fishing with a company or handle everything yourself.

Throughout this article, you will learn about some popular fish and the kind of bait or lure to use to catch them.


The silvery and thick scales of the tarpon fish distinguish it from other species. To catch them you need to consider using baits such as crabs, mullet, pinfish, and shrimp. Unlike other species of fish, Tarpon likes going for live baits. If you don’t have enough live bait, you may want to use the right kind of artificial lures to be successful.

You will need to use artificial baits that can mimic the natural prey of Tarpon, something that looks like mullet, shad, shrimp, and menhaden will do the job.


The yellow tails and fins of the Kingfish, also known as the King Mackerel, make them easy to identify. The majority of their body is black, and the belly is white. To catch this fish, you need natural baits as they do a better job compared to artificial ones. Menhaden shad are known to work well in attracting Kingfish, but you can also get lucky if you use squid and ribbonfish. Artificial lures can work on some occasions but it is always advisable to work with more natural baits.


You can easily identify Sailfish by the long rounded spear that extends from their snout. They are very popular and the most targeted by fishermen because of their unique and stunning look. To catch Sailfish you want to use natural baits but lures also work well on them. They enjoy eating octopus, squid, mullet fly fish, tuna and mackerel, or any type of small fish. When it comes to lures, you can consider Copa lures, Mold Craft, or the Pakula Lumo Sprocket.


Cobia is a dark brown fish with a single dorsal fin; they are more often confused with sharks. This fish is aggressive and known to bite both natural and artificial baits. Fishermen love it because it makes for a tasty meal. This fish can be quite a challenging catch; it will always try to escape even when hooked.

It weighs more than 50 kilograms and enjoys natural food. Thus, you can use natural baits such as shrimp, crabs, eels, squid, mullet, pinfish, and menhaden to catch it. Since artificial bait lures work well for Cobia, you can use a well-designed plastic swimming eel, multicolored bucktail jigs, or any other artificial bait mentioned in this article.

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