Top 4 Countries With The Most Casino Gamblers

Here is the list of the countries where gambling is the most common and comes in many forms. These are the countries that have the most gamblers and the ones that will have even more in the near future.

Let’s check out countries with the largest number of casino players. As some of you may know, casinos are extremely common these days. All countries have them. The only exceptions are predominantly Muslim countries and remote islands where casinos are not available due to numerous reasons. All other countries have casinos and now you will see the ones that have the most.


As some of you may know, Australia is the country with the highest number of casino gamblers. There are over 6.8 million of them (over 39% of the population) and they gamble on a daily basis. The most popular games are pokies (slots) and table games. It is one of the gambling countries where players can keep all the winnings. They don’t have to pay any taxes. Addiction is not a big problem considering between 0.5% and 1% of gamblers have this issue. An interesting fact is that 900 people have been banned from visiting casinos in the country.

When it comes to deposit casinos online, they are extremely popular as well. In fact, more people play online than in the real world in Australia. You can even play with a $1 investment. To know where to play, be free to check out $1 minimum deposit casinos add your first deposit, and enjoy. By finding the best casino you can enjoy the best games. In addition, you can also browse and take a look at the most popular casinos in the country, which are visited by millions on a daily basis. These sites offer rewards, great games, and more.

United Kingdom

The UK is a well-known place for gamblers. 46% of the population gambled at some point in the last 3 months. The market is known as the strongest when it comes to value and investments. This is good for the economy as well, considering all casinos must pay taxes and must pay for UKGC license. Keep in mind that each online casino must have a UKGC license in order to offer games to UK players legally.

There are 3.1% of gamblers with addiction in the country. But, there are many platforms used to help these people. The best one is GameStop which will limit gambling to all UK casinos if or when a player wants that.


Almost 52% of the population in Singapore likes to gamble at some point. An interesting fact is that the country tries to decrease gambling by adding a fee when a person wants to enter a casino. Casino legalization is not available here and you can gamble only at specific places.

Gambling here was legal in 1923 but it led to an increase in criminal activity and addiction so it was banned. Today, you can legally place bets at Singapore Turf Club and also Singapore Pools.


Gambling in Canada is not completely regulated. Most if not all of the casinos are in British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. From these places, the country makes $13 billion profit per year. Canadians can visit and play at all online casinos using real money and there are no limitations. But, a casino must have a license in order to offer games to players.

Here we must add that a very small percentage of players suffer from gambling addiction. In fact, 0.6% of all gamblers have it which is around 250.000 people. In other words, the percentage of gambling addiction in Canada is lower than in other countries.


As you can see, gambling is common all across the planet. In all cases, you can keep your earnings and enjoy without breaking a law. But, each country is different so you may want to check the specifics in order to play freely. All we can add is that gambling doesn’t have a bad effect on society and has a positive one on the country’s economy.  

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