Top 25 Marketing Tools Restaurant Owners Should Try

Restaurant Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of the key aspects for any business. With more than 616,000 restaurants in the United States, you can guarantee that each one of those restaurants are competing for customers. Even mobile devices continue to expand in usage, resulting in yet another space in which restaurants are competing for viewership and time.  If you’re a restaurant business owner, you won’t make the grade if you’re not utilizing some sort of digital marketing tool or marketing automation platform. From loyalty reward tools to custom menus, there are quite a variety of tools available for restaurants. For example, there’s, an AI-powered logo maker that can help you design a restaurant logo in less than 30 minutes.

In order to best aid local restaurants, we’ve put together a list of the top 25 marketing tools restaurant owners should try. We guarantee that at least one of these tools and resources will boost traffic to your website or place of business.

Read on for our list of the top 25!

  • Bridg – Bridg allows you to get more customers, engagement, and revenue the simpler way. For your multi-unit business, you can conduct relationship management, track analytics, and more!
  • ChowNow – Get your online orders made today with ChowNow! Create your own custom app to integrate with your brand, and allow Facebook ordering from your restaurant.
  • – Let your customers see who delivers in their neighborhood with You can acquire more sales by enabling orders for delivery!
  • Eateria – Eateria is a digital marketing tool that offers a whole new way for owners in the food and hospitality business to operate their marketing. Create promotions, send campaigns, share offers, and collect user data to become the most informed and optimized restaurant in town!
  • LoyalBlocks – Keep your customers coming back for more when you have all of your marketing tools in just one app. LoyalBlocks gets you more foot traffic and social media exposure.
  • Places – Have your local business be seen from anywhere! Spread awareness regarding your events and  promote special offers from your business through Places!
  • Must Have Menus – If you want your menus designed, printed, and online, head over to the folks at Must Have Menus! The menus are mobile-ready for easy access for your customers.
  • Main Street Hub – Do you want to be in control of your restaurant’s marketing in order to achieve maximum growth. Main Street Hub helps you to motivate your customers’ purchases and strengthen relationships for years to come.
  • Offerpop – Make no mistake, your customers are always on the go; therefore, you have to reach them on their most portable devices in order to keep them loyal. Offerpop is a mobile-social solution enabling you to post content and drive revenue for your restaurant.
  • Posiq – Learn how to build a profitable relationship with your customers using Posiq! This software provides a fully-integrated marketing solution that works with your restaurant’s POS (point-of-sale) system.
  • Privy – All the data you need to know on your consumer base is at your fingertips! Privy allows you to gather specific information on your customers so you can deliver actionable results.
  • Qwikon – Are you looking for a solution to providing mobile offerings? Qwikon offers you more customers through instant limited offers, generating same day profits from your client base.
  • Relevant – Relevant builds apps that transform your company for the better. Address customers the same day right after a purchase to increase their chances of loyalty to your brand.
  • Seamless – Have your restaurant brand’s menu and reviews consolidated all in one place! No matter which platform your customers use the most, Seamless give a platform to promote on.
  • SeenMoment – Launch, promote, and measure Instagram and Twitter photo campaigns in an instant with SeenMoment! Your restaurant’s food will go splendidly as a photo campaign.
  • Signal Engage – To grow your consumer base, you have to engage with your followers on a much deeper level. Signal Engage provides text and email messaging tools that aids you in receiving traffic from day one.
  • SimplyEngage – SimplyEngage is a terrific way to engage businesses locally. Combine all of your email, social, and analytics capabilities in this smart tool.
  • SinglePlatform – SinglePlatform helps showcase the most important information on your business to the local market. Engage customers and publish your expertise wherever your audience goes!
  • Swipely – Your business can increase its marketing potential, sales, and financials with the help of Swipely at your side.
  • Talk to the Manager – Using texts can be quite beneficial to improving your restaurants customer service. Talk to the Manager gives you the power of user feedback, offering the leverage that comes with anonymous reviews and comments via a dedicated text-message phone number.
  • Unoapp – Unoapp allows you to manage all of your digital marketing needs on one platform. Drive sales to your bottom line by delivering the right message to your audience at the right moment.
  • Yelp – Your home of reviews is the most populat site for testimonials and checking reputation in the world! Yelp is one of the mainstays and top review sites in the web industry; get listed today!

Did you enjoy our top 25 restaurant marketing tools and resources? After using these tools we’re certain that you’ll make quite an impact on your customers! Let us know if you have any extra suggestions in the comments section below.


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