Top 15 Bitcoin Mixers In 2022


Bitcoin mixers, also called tumblers, “washing” or “laundries”, are services that allow you to get rid of the history of previously conducted coin transactions. Although bitcoin is considered a confidential currency, in the process of buying or selling it, the addresses from which the currency was sent and to which the currency was transferred are saved. Additionally, many exchanges require you to verify your identity during registration. Thus, all transactions involving Bitcoin are recorded in the public register, therefore, if necessary, other interested parties can find information about the sender and the recipient of the crypto.

Bitcoin mixers work according to the following algorithm: they accept the user’s coins, split them into many parts, and mix them in random order with the coins of other users. After that, the sender’s crypto deposit is returned to the sender, minus the service commission, yet now it consists of pieces of addresses belonging to other unknown random clients unrelated to each other.

Types of Bitcoin Mixers

There are two types of BTC mixers:

  1. Centralized services that belong to the first generation of mixers and are already losing their popularity. The gist of their work is that the client sends cryptocurrency, pays the commission, and coins of another user are sent to the specified destination address. The level of anonymity increases as more coins holders register on this platform. The plummeting demand for this kind of service is explained by the fact that when third parties access the site’s logs, anonymity decreases significantly.
  2. Peer-to-peer or decentralized Bitcoin mixers allow users to directly exchange coins, while the service does not have any separate function at all. Using a protocol (CoinSwap, CoinJoin, or SharedCoin), clients can join forces and execute one general coin exchange transaction, which is completed as the required number of participants is reached. Neither senders nor recipients keep each other’s addresses, they are known only to the tumbling service.

Top 15 Bitcoin Mixers

1. UniJoin

A high-quality and reliable service that does not require registration. For tumbling, only an address for receiving crypto coins is required, that’s why it’s possible to track in the blockchain only bitcoins that were sent from the user’s wallet to the address. How it works: the mixer has its own reserve of coins, as well as coins of other users that make up a single bitcoin chain. Upon receiving the user’s crypto coins, the service attaches them to the end of its chain. The sender receives back the coins from the beginning of the chain that are not connected to the sent money in any way. Thus, any possible connection between the coins received and sent back to the user’s wallet is excluded.

Additional benefits: the option to manually set a time delay for a transaction and to add 8 withdrawal addresses for an additional commission of 0.00008 BTC.

2. SmartMix

A popular bitcoin mixer that allows mixing even small amounts of coins. Among its advantages: an intuitive interface, no registration required, fast exchange processing with the option to set an artificial delay, up to 5 output addresses are allowed, the exchange logs are cleared after the transfer. There is also an affiliate program and a system of rewards and discounts for regular users.

3. Sinbad Mixer

Secure and reliable service with intuitive interface.

The service does not keep logs, all data about your mixings is deleted within an hour after the result is sent to you. This is an important feature when you care about your anonymity.

It is also quite easy to use. Enter the address where you want to receive the result, then send the bitcoins to the address provided by the mixer. The waiting time is not long as the service has it’s own pre-mixed reserve of bitcoins.

To increase the quality of mixing the user is provided with several opportunities to customize it. You can specify several receiving addresses and distribute the result between them. You can specify the delay for receiving the mixing result – an extra time gap between incoming and outcoming transactions from the mixer enhances anonymity. And there is an opportunity to customize service fee – it makes more difficult to establish the connection between transactions by their amounts.

4. Anonymix io ​​

A service that also allows you to launder coins, yet you should be careful since the site has a minimum transaction amount. The sum should be greater than the minimum threshold of 0.03500000 BTC, and the transaction fees must also be accounted for. To withdraw Bitcoins, the user can use 5 additional addresses. Translation logs are automatically deleted after 7 days. The site is hosted on a separate dedicated server, while the bitcoin blender itself is installed in a different place and if there is a suspicion of a DDoS attack on the server, the site is automatically blocked.

5. BitMix

Automated coin cleaning service. The anonymity of payments is protected with help of a letter of guarantee. How it works: to exchange coins, you must specify the destination address, if this is not the first operation, then enter the code from the letter of guarantee, and select the delay time for the mixing process and the commission sum in the parameters. The unique code you enter allows you to exclude the bitcoins you sent earlier from the process. There is a feature for amounts over 0.1BTC that allows increasing the number of mixes for better coins ‘laundering.’ After the exchange, save the letter of guarantee with the code for future transactions.

6. BitcoinMix

A new service for mixing BTC, which has the following features: the exchange information is stored only until the end of transactions, in order to help the user if necessary. Laundering happens through a fully automated coin mixing process. The site has an affiliate program that offers a bonus totaling up to 65% of the exchange commission paid by a client who came through a referral.

7. CryptoMixer

The project was created from scratch by the community of bitcoin owners and, thanks to its own reserve of 2000BTC coins, continues to gain popularity among crypto owners.

Bitcoin Blender Features:

  • the 2000BTC reserve of their own coins, so they can mix large amounts;
  • unique algorithms for cleaning bitcoin addresses;
  • technical support 24/7;
  • availability of an affiliate program and a system of discounts.

8. BitBlender

The resource has been operating since 2013; to access Bitcoin addresses ranking, it is necessary to get through two-factor authentication, which significantly increases security and at the same time reduces anonymity. To erase the information about the coins exchange, you can hard-delete your account.

Among the platform advantages:

  • convenient functionality of the website;
  • a commission is as low as 1-3%;
  • option to use multiple addresses.

9. BitCloak

This Bitcoin blender works solely in the Tor browser and does not use JavaScript. The service allows you to choose between two mixing methods:

  • first – a regular one with a time delay and the ability to add up to 5 addresses for exchange;
  • second – an anonymous payment indicating the amount and address to which the money is to be transferred. BitCloak will execute the operation anonymously, and you can receive a payment to your wallet in the same way.

It should be remembered that the sum cannot be lower than 0.1BTC and higher than 100BTC.

10. ChipMixer

A platform for bitcoins mixing that does not require registration and does not establish links between consecutive user logins to the platform.


  • lightweight pages that run without JavaScript;
  • the deposit lasts for 7 weeks but can be continued;
  • the size of the commission is set during the exchange;
  • logs are deleted automatically after the transaction is completed.

11. MixTum

The peculiarity of this service is that it runs on the platform. Its principle of mixing is that it does not mix its own available funds but buys coins for swapping on crypto exchanges. Since these platforms have a large turnover of money happening all round the clock, after the exchange procedure, BTCs to be sent to a customer will be assuredly clean.

12. Wasabi Wallet

An open-source bitcoin wallet with versions for Windows, Linux, and OSX. The service is integrated with the Tor browser.


  • the output scheme is implemented using BIP 157-158 technology;
  • the algorithm generates its own bech32 addresses;
  • the service works according to the Chaumian CoinJoin mixing technique, which eliminates the possibility that the provider will steal coins.

13. FoxMixer

This Bitcoin blender has been in operation since 2017. The website is developed with an intuitive interface and assures transparency of payments. So, a user can, after entering the amount, see immediately what portions of payments will be credited from each of the specified addresses.


  • 24/7 support;
  • a delay of payments for up to 48 hours;
  • a letter of guarantee is provided to the user with the purpose of resolving future disputes should they arise;
  • the option to track the BTC mixing process in real-time.

14. Mixertumbler

The site for blending bitcoins works through a secure SSL connection without registration. For maximum anonymity, the service works in the Tor browser.

Main advantages:

  • the transaction history is deleted in 24 hours after the completion of the transaction;
  • a commission is around 2-5%, and there is a developed a system of discounts for regular users;
  • it’s possible to set a delay for addresses mixing from half an hour to 20 hours.

15. Mixer Money

The principle of the system is that the funds received from the user are split into small parts and mixed with the fragmented amounts of other clients’ funds, as well as with coins purchased on crypto exchanges. As a result, clean bitcoins are delivered to a user’s account in small portions.

Benefits of the service:

  • 2 different blending algorithms;
  • automatic deletion of exchange information in 2 days after the completion of the transaction, which excludes the possibility of client data being stolen by hackers;
  • the guarantees are provided with PGP signatures;
  • the whole mixing process takes up to 6 hours;
  • data encryption algorithms are used;
  • using it does not require registration.

16. Bitcoin Laundry

This service has the lowest exchange commission of 0.0002BTC since it works for donations. Cleaning operations can be carried out for amounts in the brackets from 0.005 to 38BTC.

When using the mixer, you can provide up to 5 addresses and set the percentage of the amount that should go to each of the wallets. The system also allows setting the time delay for the withdrawal of coins manually or randomly to each of the specified addresses.

The history of the transaction is stored for 7 days and then automatically deleted, or the user can manually delete it earlier if desired.

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