Top 10 Mocktails for the Holidays


What comes to your mind when you think about holiday parties? Friends and family, food, and, very likely, alcohol. Although the main purpose of alcohol is to bring people together for a good time, it can often isolate those who are on their path of sobriety. You can detox from alcohol at home and after that you can enjoy mocktails when out with your friends.

It is important for people with addiction to feel included and loved, especially during the holidays. Why not say no to alcohol-centred celebrations and invite some of your sober friends for a party of your own?

You can prepare your own mocktails and ensure a good, alcohol-free time for everyone. People will feel part of a group, and can even play drinking games with their mocktails and stay in their comfort zone.

Being around so much alcohol, coupled with possible peer pressure to indulge, can be very dangerous for recovery. Relapses often spike around holidays due to this. But the tricky thing is, relapses can also occur due to loneliness.

So whether you sit out the celebrations, or attend them, you’re vulnerable to a potential relapse. This is why it is important to find a balance that serves your recovery best.

1. Virgin Mojito

Made with a tantalising sour lemon kick, this drink will refresh you in a matter of seconds. Swap out the rum with some lemonade, and add some mints to top it off. This drink is quite popular in the summertime but can be equally enjoyable in cooler weather.

2. Spiced Pina Colada Mocktail

Instead of rum, you can use mock rum syrup which tastes similar to the real thing. It is another summer delight, combined with refreshing pineapple and sweet coconut milk. You can top it off with pineapple leaves and even a literal cherry on top for an added flavour.

3. Faux Fizz

Add some fizz and pop to your party by serving faux fizz. It is a great substitute for champagne and perfect for making toasts. Prepared with pear, apricots, golden caster sugar, honey, and lemon, it is a sure-fire way to bring light to your party. You can further add apple cider vinegar to enhance the taste and top it off with another rosemary sprig to bring out its flavour.

4. Sidecar Mocktail

Sidecar mocktail is the go-to for people who don’t care for sweet and fruity drinks. Unlike the former, this drink has a slightly bitter taste coupled with a smoky essence. You can prepare it easily by combining souchong tea, lemon juice, marmalade, and honey. All these ingredients create the perfect blend of (not too) sweet, sour and bitter flavours. You can slice a small piece of lemon and let it float on the top of the drink.

5. Gin-free Gin and Tonic

Although the name of the drink is quite contradicting and unusual, the drink is quite a delight to sip on at parties. This alcohol-free delight has an earthy taste thanks to cardamom, cloves, rosemary and chamomile.

6. Hot Apple Cider

Unlike the cold drinks above, hot apple cider is a warm, soothing drink that is often coupled with dinner. The best part about the drink is that it is made with only two ingredients: apple cider and pumpkin butter. However, you can garnish it with star anise and cinnamon as per your liking.

7. Virgin Watermelon Margarita

By simply combining pureed watermelon, lime juice, agave, and sparkling water, you can make yourself this cooling drink in a matter of minutes. Whether it is for designated drivers or people abstaining from alcohol, it is a great option in any alcohol-free setting. Like the virgin mojito, it is also a popular choice for the summer.

8. Pineapple Ginger Beer

Pineapple ginger beer is another great refreshing drink to brighten up any gathering. You can make it by shaking lime juice, pineapple juice and ginger syrup together with ice, and pouring it over more ice. You can decorate this glass with some ginger and lemon.

9. Raspberry Bee’s Knees

This fruity, sweet drink is prepared using lemon, honey and raspberry (also known as nature’s candy!). Simply shake the ingredients together with ice and pour into a glass of more ice. Top it off with another raspberry to seal the deal.

10. Revitalizer

To take a break from the sweet drinks, you can refresh yourself with something a little stronger. The revitalizer is made from carrot juice, apple juice, ginger syrup, and lime juice. Shake all the ingredients with ice, and strain them into your favourite mason glass mugs. The combination of the tangy and earthy ingredients will keep your guests asking for seconds.


It should be noted that holiday parties are supposed to be fun and a source of a good time for everyone involved. They should never trigger a relapse for a recovering addict.

  1. Make sure the people abstaining from drinking are not abstaining from participating within a group. They can always join a drinking game with a virgin mojito in their hand!
  2. People who consume alcohol-free drinks should not be looked down upon, especially men, who are often emasculated for abstaining from alcohol.
  3. Due to the prevalent culture of drinking, alcoholism abuse signs can be largely ignored or overlooked. Don’t give in to peer pressure, and consider drinking alcohol-free beverages.
  4. It is important to be around loved ones around the holidays while also refraining from putting yourself in an alcohol-centred situation to ensure you’re safe from a relapse.
  5. With just a little creativity, you can make the juiciest and most refreshing drinks at home, and have alcohol-free celebrations of your own.

It is very possible to have a great time without alcohol.


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