Top 10 Home Renovation Companies in the UK


There always comes a time when you feel like your home needs an upgrade. But while the prospect of redecorating is fun and exciting, the truth is that home renovation doesn’t always come easy.

If you want to achieve the best look and upgrade for your abode, you will need the professional services of a company you can rely on. You’ll save more time and effort while guaranteeing excellent results!

1. TBFC Brickwork

TBCF Brickwork is a professional and reputable company that handles all your renovation needs regarding extensions, adding extra space, and more. Its team of bricklayers in reading provides a wide range of services that apply to your current home project needs. Moreover, they also work according to the NHBC standards and are accredited by the Federation of Master builders. Rest assured that you’ll get high-quality results with utmost efficiency and convenience.

2. B Mat Scaffolding

Are you looking for scaffolders in London? If this is the case, B-mat scaffolding is your best option. B-Mat Scaffolding has been a trustworthy residential and commercial scaffolding specialist in Waltham Abbey, offering a breadth of services to Hertfordshire, Essex, and London. The company’s expert professionals can help manage your renovation projects regarding exterior renovations and upgrades, resulting in a better-looking home with greater value.

3. RZ Building

The North London Builders RZ Building is always open to assist with an array of refurbishments, new builds, renovations, and extensions. The company especially specializes in home refurbishing, which involves close collaboration with a client. Additionally, RZ building consistently meets clients’ demands by using a tailored approach to the changes that the customers want.

4. Easiglaze

Easiglaze is a trustworthy double-glazing Essex-based business that provides high-quality double-glazed doors and windows. With over 35 years of working in the industry, Easiglaze proves the excellence of its services by offering multi-chambered profiles, weather-tight seals, and double glazing at competitive prices. Their services ensure you experience as much comfort as possible by ensuring that heat loss and disturbance are minimized in your home.

5. J&A tiling

J&A tiling provides the best ceramic tiling and brick slip installation services for home renovations. J&A’s team of professionals understands the importance of professional installation when it comes to home upgrades, which is why they hold service quality to a high standard. Whatever you need, you can assure that J&A tiling will find the best solution for your needs.

6. All division building

Suppose you want to focus on the renovation of your kitchen. In that case, the All Division building has professional kitchen fitters and property renovation specialists who can help improve your home’s look and overall value. All Division Building’s services are centered on customer satisfaction which is why they make sure to put in the required work to meet client demands.

7. Castlepoint Building Services

Castlepoint Building Services comprise some of the most reliable and professional builders in Essex. If you’re around the Essex area, feel free to consult the services of this company, along with an array of bathroom or kitchen installations, extensions, alterations, or general improvements to your home.

8. Rollaway garage doors

There are so many great garage flooring ideas you can execute. Rollaway garage doors help make these a reality while ensuring they turn out for the best. With over 20 years of experience, you can guarantee that your home project is in safe hands as the company’s team of professionals hammer away to give you the vision you want for your garage.

9. Zenn Interiors

Do you want to add a touch of zen and comfort to your rooms? Zenn Interiors has some of the best curtain makers for your room, tailored to your exact specifications and aesthetic. They also provide a wide array of handmade curtains and even sofa upholstery for interior design renovations.

10. Create a Room

Summer houses are on the rise nowadays. Create Room helps execute your dream summer house with the help of its expert summer house builders. From garden rooms, log cabins, corner summer houses – you name it — Create Room guarantees that your vision is executed the way you want it to be.


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