Top 10 High CBD Seeds For Sale In 2022


Finding the best high content CBD seeds for sale is easy when you’re looking online. Thanks to the marijuana seed bank from UK company Seed City, it’s simple to find rare strains from all over the planet. Find super popular cannabis strains that orinate from California such as the famous Runtz. You can find a collection full of a captivating variety of souvenir seeds from this brand! With world renowned strains like Shark, Diesel, and Widow, there is no wrong choice when searching for your next favorite product at Seed City. Besides having a ton of CBD strains, they are known for their massive selection of marijuana seeds for sale.

The Differences Between Cannabis and Hemp CBD

An easy answer to the difference between cannabis and hemp CBD begins with the variety of the plant. Hemp contains high amounts of cannabidiol, better known as CBD. The uses of CBD are praised due to its non-intoxicating effects and potential to help people with a plethora of issues including; pain, depression, addiction, and nausea. 

Cannabis contains varying amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, almost always referred to as THC. The use of THC is known for its ‘high’ effects on the body and mind. More on the legality and differences between cannabis and hemp CBD can be found on Medical News Today

Feminized Seeds and Flowering Period Meanings

Without a doubt, some of the most popular and best CBD seeds at the best seed banks in the United states are feminized. These cannabis seeds are guaranteed to cultivate a female plant. They are genetically designed to produce only female marijuana plants. 

Autoflowering is a term regarding the growth period of plants. It can also refer to day-neutral plants. In simple words it means that plant growth is based on age and not by exposure to day and night. 

12/12 Photoperiod is designated for the proper growth of certain plants. This means that there needs to be a 12-hour cycle of light and same amount of time of darkness for proper cultivation.

Best CBD Strains 

So what are some of the most popular CBD strains available at the Seed City marijuana seed bank? Some options have a some THC content, while others have virtually none. Smoking CBD and THC together provides less mind-altering effect, as the CBD helps reduce the psychoactive properties. Smoking CBD cannabis or help with barely any THC will result in a calm and relax feeling. The best CBD seeds come from reputable brands that specialize in cultivating these strains from all over the world. 

Northern CBD Feminized Seeds

Northern CBD seeds are a leading choice for breeding collectors. It has been genetically crossed many times but this is the classic version, keeping it pure. This strain is a Afgan-Thai hybrid and is indica dominant. You can expect soft flavors of vanilla and spices from this seed.

The effects are fantastic and produce feelings of positivity and balance. Northern seeds come available to be grown in the normal 12/12 photoperiod but these seeds are also available in autoflowering! This seed strain will produce plants with one central bud and not many branches. There will be few but very large leaves, offering the advantage of quick and clean harvesting.

Shark CBD Feminized Seeds

Shark feminized seeds come packed with the delightful and tantalizing flavors of dulce and licorice. Purporting the rich aromas of coffee and incense. They are able to be grown utilizing the 12/12 photoperiod. This strain has a strong resistance to disease so it is great for beginner collectors. It is noted as a hardy and earthy stabilized seed that is so good it is commercialized.

Shark seeds produce resin-covered buds that are heavy. This medicinal strain is indica dominant and provides relaxing effects. It is noted that the effects are very strong and offers yields within 7 weeks. 

Yumboldt CBD Feminized Seeds

Yumboldt seeds belong to the Indica family. This strain will bring anyone back to their natural roots. It has scents of moss and woodlands and flavors of berries and sweetness. It offers tantalizing psychedelic effects and is a known medical strain.

These seeds come available in the 12/12 photoperiod and autoflowering. It offers an average yield with branched bids and broad leaves. The buds have some orange hairs and a thick resin layer. Yumboldt is a great addition for any collection. 

Diesel CBD Feminized Seeds

Diesel stands out with purple and golden flowers and leaves at the end of its flowering cycle. Garnering its name from the unmistakable scent of diesel fuel but also sweet hints of citrus. It offers a tasting of grapefruit and candies. 

Diesel is a well known strain across the globe! This seed comes from the genotype of breeding the strains Mexican and Afgani. These Diesel seeds can also be purchased as autoflowering. 

Lavender CBD Feminized Seeds

Lavender seeds are strong, hardy, and feminized. These seeds are preferred among collectors due to their viability. They belong to an indica dominant family tree with a genotype as a stabilized hybrid. Lavender feminized seeds are available in autoflowering as well!

The Lavender strain offers tastes of mint and lavender, becoming a favorite for many people. It gives a strong, long-lasting, all day effect. The aroma it produces is that of fresh lavender and rosemary. 

Domina CBD Feminized Seeds

The Domina seed was stabilized after several generations. These seed types are known for their 12/12 photoperiod life cycle. It has a strong genotype evolving to 90% Indica.

This is a strong and medicinal seed strain offering relaxing effects. There are tones of the floral variety in its aroma. The taste of the Domina strain is exuberant and has hints of Eucalyptus and orange.  

Critical CBD Feminized Seeds

Critical seeds come in with a genotype that is said to be split at exactly 50% indica and 50% sativa, a true hybrid. It has a very high yield and is a sought after strain. 

Critical CBD seeds offer the taste of light caramel and exotic fruits. The odor produces a soft candied fragrance. It provides powerful and cerebral effects that you will enjoy!

Kali CBD Feminized Seeds

Kali strain seeds come feminized and available for purchase as single seeds. The genotype makes it a 90% sativa. This strain can grow to be very tall and yields an average production.

Providing an active and strong effect, typical of many sativa strains, Kali is one of the best. It offers tastes of citrus and smells of spices and incense. 

Widow CBD Feminized Seeds

Widow is a hybrid stabilized sativa dominant strain. The smells of citrus and hues of wood make you feel divine. The flavor is smooth and sweet, like that of wine. Widow seeds also come in autoflowering seed types. 

Vanilla Haze CBD Feminized Seeds

Vanilla Haze seeds are of a high grade medicinal quality. Their genotype is a sativa dominant strain. Vanilla Haze is a proud medicinal strain and is thought to work well for some people who may suffer from depression.

This strain may take longer to flourish, 9 – 11 weeks, but it is well worth the wait. With a sweet flavor of vanilla and lemon and scents of spices, it tickles the sensations. 

About CBD Seeds

High CBD Seeds were created with the medical properties provided by the plant in mind. The desire to offer cannabis seeds in their original form for collectors while displaying classic properties. By collecting feminized seeds from around the world, CBD Seeds is able to offer high-quality varieties. Whatever seed you choose to collect, CBD Seeds knows you will be satisfied with the excellent genetics of these unique strains. 

Where Can You Buy CBD Seeds?

CBD Seeds can be purchased from Seed City Cannabis Seed Bank. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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