Top 10 Dab Rigs For Sale in 2022

top 10 dab rigs for sale-2022

Dabbing rigs continue to cement their status as one of the greatest innovations in cannabis smoking. Potent, ritualistic, and brutally efficient, dab rigs are known to get users incredibly high. Mini dab rigs, or small dab rigs, are no different. The adage that “bigger is better” does not apply with dab rigs. In fact, small dab rigs are known for their higher potency, because the compact design allows less air to flow through. This means more flavor and THC in every pull. Quartz Banger has many options that you can check out.

In addition to potency, people love small dab rigs for their portability and their relatively low prices. This online smoke shop also has nectar collectors for sale too, hosting some of the most exciting dab rigs available on the market. World of Bongs is run by stoners who understand the importance of a great dab rig. There’s a reason hey have over 2 million followers on Facebook and 428K followers on Instagram: they are in touch with the cultural zeitgeist within the cannabis world. 

If you’re looking for a compact dab rig that won’t break the bank, World of Bongs is your one-stop online head shop. You’ll be able to find quality dab rigs for cheap, made from all sorts of materials, for under $100.

10. 6″ Cactus UV Dab Rig


Price: $89.00

Bring a southwest kick to your dab sessions with the 6’ Cactus UV Water Pipe. With illuminating UV accent colors and an adorable saguaro cactus topping off the dab rig, you’ll be able to smoke your weed and concentrate in style.

This water pipe comes with a diffused downstem, a quartz banger nail, and a sturdy base. For a simple and striking dab rig, you can’t go wrong with a fun cactus design that marries functionality with fun.

9. 7″ Bent Neck Showerhead Thick Rig

7 bent neck showerhead

Price: $55.00.

World of Bongs has a reputation for producing high-quality dab rigs that bring vibrant personality to the table. The 7” Lemon Wedge Dab Rig exemplifies this unique sense of design. The strength of this dab rig lies in its simplicity. This is a super effective and creative mini dab rig that delivers powerful hits with no hassle. 

This mini dab rig is designed to look like a lemon wedge. There is a straw sicking out oof this citrus fruit one one side. On the other side is a sturdy banger. The quirky fruit-shaped bong will spark engaging conversations in social situations and help bring some fun to your dabbing sessions. 

However, this is not a cheap novelty bong. In fact, this dab rig is so effective that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it earlier. With a compact design that allows the dab rig to travel well, you’ll be able to dab on the go without having to lug around a huge rig. 

8. Atlas Mini Rig

atlas mini rig

Price: $55.00

For many dabbers, percolation is essential to the dabbing process. The Atlas Mini Rig uses a unique double ball system to allow smoke to spread and cool down before it hits your lungs. This allows you to take massive rips without sending you into a coughing fit. 

This cheap dab rig gives you a bang for your buck. It is fortified witth a strong 2.5 inch beaker base and sturdy borosilicate glass. With durability and stability in mind, you can this four-inch tall mini rig anywhere. 

7. Claude Mini Rig

claude mini rig

Price: 55.00

The Claude mini rig is a sleek and complex recycler rig that offers water filtration unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This is a compact recycler rig that fits in the palm of your hands and will knock you into the couch if you aren’t careful. 

The rig comes with a 10mm Quartz bucket and is made from borosilicate glass. Enjoy potency like never before with a rig that offers flavor and filtration. 

6. Silicone Bubbler Rig II – Eyce

silicon bubbler

Price: $49.99

One of the biggest complaints levied at dab rigs is their bulky design and fragility. The Silicone Bubble Rig II is Eyce’s elegant solution to this problem. Silicone is a rubber material that won’t break on impact. Able to withstand drops, bumps, and bruises, this portable dab rig is the perfect travel buddy bong. 

This silicone dab rig comes with a 10mm glass collar for increased stability and features a titanium nail. Titanium nails are known for their quick heat up time and durability. 

The dab rig also has reinforced walls and a beaker bas, ensuring stability not found in many bubbler rigs. 

5. Infinity Mini Rig – MJ Arsenal

infinity mini rig

Price: $64.00

IF you’re someone who likes to dab, but finds themselves unable to handle how harshly they hit, MJ Arsenal’s Infinity Mini Rig is a godsend. The Infinity Mini Rig is a recycler dab rig that allows water and air to constantly move between the two dab chambers. This creates a whirlpool effect that maximizes flavor while reducing the toll a standard dabbing rig can take on your lungs. 

This recycler dabbing rig is very compact, coming in at 5.5 inches. This allows mobility and probability, making the Infinity Mini Gig perfect for travel. 

Take huge hits with any 10mm banger and experience a dabbing session so smooth that you’ll think you’re hitting a vape. 

4. Mini Jig Mini Rig – MJ Arsenal

mini jig mini rig

Price: $66.00

The Mini Rig Mini Rig is MJ Arsenal’s other recycler dab rig. Instead of using a double uptake recycler, this dab rig uses narrow tubes to direct airflow and water. This majestic receptacle of endless filtration comes with a MJA Custom Flat Top Quartz Bucket and a fortified beaker base for increased stability. 

Enjoy supreme flavor with incredible percolation with a dab rig that’s big on flavor and easy on the lungs. 

3. 6” Egg Mini Rig Bong w/ Banger

egg mini rig

Price: $55.00

World of Bongs has done the unthinkable: they have created a dab rig that brings the beest of rigs and bongs together. The 6” Egg Mini Rig Bong w/ Banger allows you to seamlessly move from smoking dabs to smoking flower in a matter of seconds. This is a bong that comes with a bowl and a banger. 

Now you don’t have to choose between packing a bong or a dab rig. This versatile mini rig does it all. With a complex and beautiful design, a sturdy base, and smooth hits that are potent and flavorful, this rig is your all-in-one miracle bong!

2. Portable Dab Rig

portable dab rig

An affordable and small dabbing rig thats great for those who want a more direct hit, but still with water filtration.

1. 5″ Bottle Style Glass Rig with Angle Cut Banger

5 battle

Price: $35.99

It’s so simple and effective that you won’ believe someone hadn’t thought of this before. The 5″ Bottle Style Glass Rig with Angle Cut Banger is a mini rig that’s shaped like a glass bottle. This 5 inch piece includes and angle cut banger and a diffused downstem perfect for taking powerful rips of your favorite concentrates. 

With an elegance and simplicity unmatched by other bongs, you’ll come to love the quick setup and cleanup this rig offers. 

If you’re looking for heady glass, World of Bongs recently opened their own gallery called Cloud7, located in downtown Zürich, where they mainly sell heady glass and glass art.

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