Top 10 Crypto-Games to Play in 2022


The digital revolution is devouring the world that we once knew and the transformation is so huge and so quick. The digital currencies are taking over the world at a scary pace and the word “crypto” isn’t alien to people anymore. 

As digital currencies are taking over the conventional methods, newer ways to earn cryptocurrency are emerging and now that it is all being incorporated into the gaming industry, it’s about time we took a break from bagging New World Coins and looked at the best 10 crypto games to invest in in 2021.


Etheremon puts you in a world with Ether monsters that you can capture, train, and trade as crypto creatures. Etheremon works very differently from other crypto games where players directly interact with others through smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain instead of using a single server. 

Etheremon has been brimmed up with a lot of new features recently like the Town system, Guild Battle and Ring Arena which increases the likeability of the game to a whole new level.


This is yet another great crypto game from the Canadian developer called Dapper Labs in which you can collect, breed, and sell virtual cats for the actual value.  You can try outbreeding different types of cats to get different results. Your furry friends are quite adorable and the whole design of the game is lovely.

However, it has been getting mixed reviews from people all over the world so can’t really be sure if it lived up to the expectation.

Axie Infinity

For all the Pokemon lovers out there, if you want to make some money while staying close to your favorite Pokemon, Axie Infinity might just be the best option for you. This game is heavily inspired by the all-time popular Pokemon franchise, where you collect and evolve your Axies by fighting battles with other explorers in a pretty familiar environment.

Each and every Axie you collect is genetically different from the rest and as you progress into the world, you will learn different combat strategies to get the best of your Axie! The best part? There is no transaction fee thanks to the Ronin scalability solution! You can collect these NFT-based digital creatures and grow your kingdom.

Bomb Crypto

While we are on the topic of collecting awesome creatures, Crypto Bomb is yet another NFT-based creature collecting game that is heavily inspired by the classic bomberman. This game lets you battle off with other bombers in this intense PVP gameplay. Your goal is to battle with other bombers and collect as many BCoins as possible.

But always keep an eye on your energy bar because the more you play the more energy you consume. Once the energy bar gets empty you will have to wait for a while for it to get replenished. You can even spend the currency to buy an in-game house for quicker energy replenishment.


The next game on this list takes us to a Sci-Fi world infested with deadly wars. This is a roleplaying multiplayer strategy game set in space, where you fight battles with other space explorers. These battles earn you money that you can spend on evolving your weapons and safe havens. 

You can explore, set up your troops and fight strategic battles to conquer land from other players in the MetaWars. You can also cooperate with other players and explore the vast galaxies to expand your armies and earn more $Wars tokens.


Lightnite is the latest Fortnite-like crypto game that rewards you for headshotting your foes.  Developed by Satoshi’s Games, this online multiplayer battle royale game allows players to earn an actual monetary penalty or a reward for every time they interact with other players. Lightnite is a really fun game that you can spend your time in and leave with real-time money in your pockets.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians lets you build a dream team of “Guardians” to raid dungeons and compete in guilds. This is yet another great title from the makers of the greatest crypto game of all-time Gods unchained. The game is supposed to be out in the market in early 2022 and is all set on massive success as it has Ubisoft working on the game as well as the developers have partnered with Sandbox to ensure that the game goes way beyond all over expectations. 

Idle Cyber

This appealing RPG game combines with a Play-to-earn mechanism to make sure that players leave with something in their hands. Idle Cyber goes a long way in the future where vicious cyborgs are trying to end the human race. As you play the game, you earn tokens that you can later trade on the in-game NFT marketplace. Idle cyber is still a work in progress but it is only going to get better and we are going to see a lot of new features by the start of 2022 for sure.

Sandbox 3D

The next game on this list is probably one of the best crypto games to play in 2021. Sandbox 3D as the name already suggests, is a huge sandbox game that lets you create your very own world, where you can have parties, concerts, hangouts and so much more. Think of it as Minecraft but in a rather cute and visually appealing world.

You get to buy land, create a mansion, throw in a bunch of swimming pools if you want, with an easy-to-use UI that makes everything drag and drop. Sandbox 3D is not only one of THE BEST crypto games but it also is one of the best Sandbox games I have ever seen.


We know not every one of you wants to battle out with other players in a multiplayer competitive game or spend countless hours building houses and mansions in a sandbox game, that is why we have included Splinterlands, a free-to-play card game. 

This strategic card game is super fun to play and if you are lucky enough, you can get your hands on some rare cards as well, which are precious! Collect those rare cards and then sell them for cryptocurrency to earn a major profit, all while having a ton of fun!


Crypto-gaming has certainly spread like wildfire, with many awesome games where you can have fun while earning a passive income for other needs, some of them are evolving from classic games that you can get from Gamecamp. Crypto games are slowly becoming common as more and more developers are jumping in on this golden opportunity to dominate this somewhat infant world of gaming!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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