Tips You Didn’t Know About Instagram Video Views: How to Increase Engagement in Your Business Profile

Instagram Video Views

Nowadays, entrepreneurs and small business owners are turning to Instagram to promote their products, build their brands, and network with other professionals. Because of this, it’s important to use the platform in the most effective way possible, and that means getting people to follow your brand profiles, as they are into what you are doing.

Accordingly to recent studies, video postings get twice as many views as photos. With this in mind, more marketers and IG users are turning to video content as a marketing approach.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Instagram Video Views

Here are some Insta video views suggestions you didn’t know about that will help you raise interaction on your business page, as well as content ideas to make your videos more appealing to users. 

1. Buying IG Video Views Gets You More Than Impressions

Building an Instagram account to generate more views, likes, and followers can be challenging. It also demands lots of time and effort to achieve a table. However, you can buy real impressions fast if you buy IG views from credible vendors.

2. Fewer Instagram Followers Bring Higher Engagement Rates

Logically, it appears as though getting higher is key to a higher impression rate, but that may not be entirely true. More insights from Hootsuite’s report show that people with lesser followers have a higher impression rate compared to larger accounts.

Such findings prove that smaller businesses are not disadvantaged by having a smaller community. So as long as you maintain excellent communication with your followers and viewers, you can grow your viewership and engagement organically.

3. Location Tags Increase Likelihood for More Views

Adding a location tag to their profile helps businesses target potential customers nearby. Here is how that works: a prospect looking to buy cakes typically searches for vendors or bakeries around their location. With a location tag attached to your post and bio, your page gets more possibility to show up.

4. Carousels are the new black

Hootsuite’s Fourth Quarter 2021 Digital Trends Report reveals that Instagram carousel posts have a higher engagement rate of 1.08 percent than single videos with a 0.61 percent rate. Here’s the psychology behind it: surfing through IG carousel posts gives viewers more to consume and, thus, more impressions.

The best variant, in this case, is to present your Instagram videos in logical steps, ensuring they are engaging. It is beneficial for describing features of a new product and giving customers direction and instructions on an offering.

5. Ride on Trends

Maintaining an eye on trends and incorporating them into relevant content can help you build an engaging Instagram community. For instance, if a major news event is taking place, post about it and share your thoughts. Hop on challenges and encourage your viewers to join the trend and share their videos.

Instagram Video Views

5 Ways To Improve Engagement On Your Business Profile

Do you know that when people watch videos, they retain more information? Many businesses and corporations are beginning to invest in video marketing, as video views can be an effective tool to improve the stats on your business page. Below are some tips to help you improve your video views.

1. Stay Consistent with Sharing Quality Content

People are visual creatures, so it’s important to use high-resolution videos on your profile. Keep an excellent angle and ensure the lighting is top-notch. That will help to capture attention and improve engagement. Beyond that, you want to ensure that your post is not only engaging but also sharable. Here are some extra tips for producing consistent, standard content:

  • Use a content calendar to plan when it’s time to post.
  • Do not forget who you are posting for.
  • Consider building a consistency checklist.
  • Use interesting and excellent visuals
  • Post at the time of the day when most of your Instagram viewers are usually online.
  • Also, include compelling captions and CTAs that convince people to view your posts.

2. Build Viewer-Centric Content

Videos that are focused on the audience rather than the brand tend to receive more views. For example, instead of showcasing your company’s offerings, create an Insta video that showcases how they can benefit the viewers.

That means that you should post interesting or useful content to your followers. Think about what they would want to see and what would interest them. Here are some tips you should consider.

  • Keep your Instagram videos short so you don’t bore the audience.
  • Use creative IG stickers that boost conversations and impressions. One example is to do polls, allowing users to choose between options.
  • Build content according to users’ demands.
  • Ensure that your videos are sharable, as that helps to multiply views.
  • Tagging viewers in your post helps to create more customer involvement and brand loyalty.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently said through his IG story that hashtags do not merely help users get improved reach. He explained that hashtags only help to categorize a business and show it on the hashtag page.

The number of hashtags attached to an Instagram post does not significantly affect the viewership of an Instagram post. How then can your post rank higher?

Rather than flooding your posts with tags, you should consider increasing the quality of the content. As more people spend time on your videos, it suggests to Instagram’s algorithms that the content is top-notch, giving it more authority to show up on the hashtag feed.

4. Socialize with Your Networks

There are many purposes for staying connected with your network, and socializing is one of the most important. When you socialize with your network, you’re increasing the chances that more users will see your page. This increased exposure can result in more IG views and collaborations.

One way to go is to interview a renowned personality in your niche or connect with other micro-influencers. Building such relationships helps you expand your reach. You may also organize live streams, giveaways, contests, and questions and answer sessions to connect better with viewers and subscribers.

5. Create Instagram Ads

With Insta, you can convert any post into an advertisement. That makes the post stream across multiple platforms at the same time. Instagram Ads is an excellent way to promote your IG profile. It helps you increase viewership on your posts and get more followers.

Follow these steps to run an IG advertisement.

  1. Go to business and sign in with your Facebook account.
  2. Click the menu and select Ads.
  3. Select Create Ad.
  4. Choose an objective for your ad.
  5. Set up your targeting.
  6. Create your ad creative.
  7. Add your billing information.

While you work to improve impression on your profile, measuring the strategy to calculate its efficacy is essential. That is where your business profile impression ratio comes in.

How To Measure Your Business Profile Engagement Rate

Instagram engagement ratio is a metric used to measure how well your posts are performing on the platform. It is calculated with this formula:

Engagement Rate = (Likes × Comments × Saves )
(Total Number of Impressions)

A high rate means that your posts resonate with your followers and are getting a lot of interaction. That is a good indicator of posting videos that your audience wants to see. A low rate could mean that you are not resonating with your followers or not posting content that is interesting to them.

Wrapping Up

People can like your Instagram page, comment on your posts, and share your material with their friends. Use IG video views to enhance engagement on your company page and keep visitors coming back. Sometimes you may buy Instagram views to improve your stats. With these tips, you can boost engagement in your profile really effectively!


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