Tips to Make The Most Out Of A Networking Event


Whether you want to progress in your career or looking for new clients for your business, the adage always comes true for all: Network! Network! Network! Regardless of your goals in life, one thing that stands out is that everyone require the human touch. Even with the onset of the pandemic and the shift of focus to virtual networking, nothing still beats physical meetups. 

So, how do you plan for your next physical networking? How will you ensure to make the most out of it? Here are a few tips: 

Find The Right Events To Attend

The first step to making the most out of your networking event is to find the right one to attend in the first place. It will be pointless for you to prepare to participate in an event only to realize that the people there aren’t in your industry. It would be waste of your time. 

Look up the right events in your area directly related to your field. That’s where you can find people that might help grow your career or even get clients and referrals. With the new digital business card trend, you can easily connect with more people.

Have A Goal In Mind

Do not just attend an event for the sake of it. Always have a goal in mind. You should know what you want to achieve after the event: is it to get new connections? Is it to get mentors? Do you plan to walk out with new clients or referrals for your business? Is it to catch up with friends?

Many things are there to consider. Have a goal in mind before going to any networking event. Having a goal helps you remain focused instead of just wandering around aimlessly. 

Make An Effective Introduction.

Your introduction to the prospect is all that matters. If you do not make an excellent first impression, your mission will have been dead on arrival. Once you spot the person you would like to talk with, give them friendly eye contact, smile, and follow up with a firm but gentle handshake (assuming you didn’t have to go through the pandemic).

An effective introduction should be one that ensures that you let the other person know who you are and why they should be interested in you. This you can do by letting them know what you do after you have stated your name. 

Be A Good Listener

The common adage that you should listen first and speak last applies here. Take your time to know more about the person you’re talking to. Ask them questions, and they will be more relaxed and inclined to ask you questions too. Don’t appear nervous. Almost everyone is. But with a good smile and a friendly tone, you’ll easily get over the nervousness. 

Exchange Contacts

As a rule of thumb, only give out your business cards to the people that you’d wish to speak with soon. However, if someone asks for yours, you should give it to them out of courtesy. It is not a competition over who gets or gives out the most business cards but do so selectively. 

Fortunately, with the new trend of digital business card, you don’t have to worry about carrying too many business cards in your pocket when heading out to networking events. 

One is more than enough as you simply tap your card on their phones and they’ll get all your information. In fact, this is a more memorable method that will get them more interested and will sure remember you. 


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