Tips To Consider When Choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Company

air duct cleaning

When left unchecked and uncleaned, air ducts accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. The duct supplies air around the house, and if it is dirty, the air supplied will also be contaminated. It is advisable to keep your duct checked and clean by a professional air duct cleaning company. This will guarantee you the best results.

If you want your heating and cooling system cleaned, it is essential to work with professionals. Choosing an experienced duct cleaning company is not an easy task because there are many in the market. However, to make the work easier for you when selecting a good duct cleaning company, you can consider the following. Check more details on Comfort Clean.

1. Research For A Variety Of Air Duct Cleaning Services Companies

Look on the internet for different cleaning companies within your area. You can also ask your colleagues to refer you to some they have worked with. After getting a variety, interview them one at a time. One way of knowing if a company is well experienced in the job is by asking how long they have been in operation. If the company has been in business for over five years, they are likely to do an excellent job than one that has worked for only a month.

However, it is also essential to ask the employees about their years of experience. They are the ones coming to do the job for you. A company might have five years of experience but with employees who are only two months in the business.

2. Check For The Company’s Reputation

You can know a company’s reputation by checking the customers’ feedback on their website. You can also talk to one of their customers and ask about the experience they had working with them.

Companies that have over ten years of experience are likely to have a good reputation. It is a company’s reputation that keeps it running for long. You can also ask your friends if they have heard about the company. Make sure you also call a council around your area that deals with air duct cleaning services and check the company’s report. This will give you better insights into the company you are considering working with.

3. Ask If The Company Has A License And Insurance

Having a license shows that you are eligible to be in operation. A company that does not have one should not be considered. You should also check the papers closely to make sure they are legit. It is not advisable to operate with a cleaning company that does not have insurance.

Working with an insured company means that you will get reimbursed if any damages are caused during the cleaning process. You will also not incur hospital bills and court cases in case of an accident. Ensure the insurance is up to date.

4. Ask The Company What They Will Use To Clean

Some companies use chemical treatments during the duct cleaning process to clean and prevent bacteria in the future. However, some of these chemicals cause allergic reactions, and this could affect your family members. It is essential to read the instructions on the cleaning product before use.

5. Compare Quotations From Different Companies

Before choosing a duct cleaning company, compare their quotations and also services. Some have too high quotes for services that you can get at a lower cost. Do not also go for the lowest cost. Some might be inexperienced, and that is how they pull their clients. While comparing the prices, also consider other factors.

6. Ask How Long The Exercise Will Take

Knowing how long the duct cleaning exercise will take helps you prepare before it begins. You should also know how the company will take care of your home during the process. Will they cover your seats and floor? And will you have to take your pets and children to another place?

Knowing such things beforehand helps you prepare well for the start of the project up to the completion of it. Also, ensure the cleaning company you choose dusts off your seats and floor after the process. They should also block the holes they create during the cleaning process and leave everything in place as they found it.


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