Tips from Asif Ali Gohar on Hiring for a Growing Business


Several stages of a business life cycle will require hiring new staff in all areas. When a business is growing, there will almost certainly be a need for new employees and a growing employee base. Some of the key things to look for are a fit to your business goals and focus, that they have the education and background that is necessary for the position, and that they have an availability during the hours that you need. Asif Ali Gohar has some great tips on this process as he is hiring for his growing business.

  • Look at the schools that are local to you and ask in the classes and majors that apply to the position you are filling. Many colleges and universities have job placement programs and career counsellors that will provide you business information to those they feel would be a good fit. This can make the search easier, and can bring in top performers before they launch their career elsewhere. Due to the connection with the counselors, you are more likely to get employees looking for a business such as yours and that they have all of the classes and marks that you need.
  • Ask unusual interview questions. This makes it more enjoyable for both but also helps you to see how they think when they are surprised, and how they tackle the unexpected. Creativity is more easily spotted when it is necessary to think on your feet and come up with answers on the spot. Not things that can be problematic or that are private, but things like a favorite food, how would they handle a coworker that is always late, or what designer would they most want to have lunch with. Add in some light moments to break the tension, as they are not showing you their best version of themselves if they are unable to relax.
  • Balance the professionalism and seriousness of an interview with some light conversation and questions that are easy and reduce the tension in the room. You get the best answers and responses from interviewees who are relaxed and able to be themselves, but you must remain professional as well.
  • Take chances on those who feel like the right fit even if they aren’t as experiences as others. Experience is very valuable, and can bring a lot to the company, but if should be balanced with a few people who are just the right fit even if they are new. They bring fresh approaches and new ideas, and may just need that first chance to build their career. If you give someone their first chance because it just feels like the right thing to do, they may return that with loyalty and care, focusing on what’s best for the business and how they can prove themselves.
  • Offer genuinely competitive wages. The best workers will be able to find a good pay rate, so if you aren’t offering it, they can find it somewhere else. Employees who are paid well enough to build a good life will be less likely to leave their jobs, will have better mental health, and often produce better quality work.


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