Tips for Choosing Mopeds

Electric moped motor

Many car owners are trying to ditch their vehicles in favour of smaller, more environmentally friendly vehicles. Among them, the most popular are electric mopeds. Such vehicles have electric motors, batteries (built-in or removable). Various models can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h. For city driving, people often choose mopeds which accelerate to 70 km/h.

Unlike a hoverboard, a segway and other vehicles, an electric moped can move on the road. Electric moped from is very comfortable for covering long distances in the city. In addition, it doesn’t emit harmful substances into the air while driving.

Main factors to consider when choosing a moped

The heavier the moped is, the lower is its maneuverability. But don’t choose too heavy electric mopeds if your own weight is small. The vehicle must be perfect to drive. If the personal weight is suitable for a particular scooter model, the braking distance, the time to reach the maximum speed and other parameters will correspond to those indicated in the documentation. Driving safety will remain at a high level.

The weight of scooters designed for city driving is within 100 kg. If you opted for a massive model, you can carry small boxes or other items while riding.

Don’t forget about your personal safety. You will need a helmet and other accessories to protect you in unexpected situations. Some vehicle models have a special helmet storage compartment so you won’t need to carry it with you when you’re not driving.

What affects power and speed

Many buyers want the fastest and most manoeuvrable electric moped models. But don’t forget that the battery charge affects the time the vehicle is moving. Each moped has a range, which means you can ride a short distance after the batteries are completely depleted.

The minimum cruising range is 10 km, which will be enough to get home after a drive. In more advanced models, these numbers reach 70 km. These parameters are influenced by various factors:

  • vehicle load;
  • speed with which it most often moves around the city;
  • driving style;
  • motor power.

The power reserve will be less if you travel at high speeds. The load on the motor increases, so after the battery is completely discharged, you will hardly be able to drive any more longer. To maintain the range, you need to drive within 55 km/h. Electric mopeds are not suitable for high-speed driving — this not only negatively affects the operation of the motor but can also lead to an emergency on the road.

Electric moped motor

A powerful motor ensures the best operating conditions. You will be able to reach great speed and accelerate faster. The carrying capacity also increases, so you will be able to carry small items with you, which will not affect the maximum speed.

Electric mopeds suitable for quiet city driving have a power output of up to 800 watts. If you want to get it started easier (especially uphill), accelerate and drive quickly around the city, choose models with a maximum power within 2 thousand watts. Such electric scooters are suitable for two-person driving and aren’t recommended to those drivers who are going to try their hand at driving such vehicles for the first time.


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