Tips for Bowhunting Preparation

Bowhunting Preparation

In the modern world, when we hear the word “hunting”, the image of a burly man, in equipment, with a rifle in his hands is created in our imagination. Yes, this weapon is very practical and has a lot of advantages and gives the hunter a lot of privileges in the game for both small and large game. But not everyone chooses this option of hunting. Sometimes someone wants to feel like Robin Hood. Therefore, when going hunting, they decide to take a bow with them. And now, in fact, it is difficult to say which of these two types of weapons is more traditional. However, we think that everyone who likes to spend leisure time in the forest from time to time should try this weapon: to improve skills, new sensations and adrenaline. Because it is a more complicated method to get your prey. And it also earned the title of “honest method”. Our ancestors used to hunt deer, wild boar and other game with such weapons. No gunpowder and lead. Everything is fair. Here you can’t shoot the animal from a long distance. You need to get close to the game, at least fifty meters. From this distance, the animal can easily feel the hunter, and the sound from the archery shot reaches the game faster than the arrow flies. Therefore, you need to know the habits of animals by heart. In addition, it is a humane way to kill an animal. According to statistics in America, hunting with a bow leaves much less wounds than with a gun. There is only one shot – the arrow will either hit or kill the animal. After all, you need to hit a certain point – the heart, kidneys, for example. Death after such a shot comes from blood loss. And it causes almost no pain to animals. Sometimes they do not even notice that they were hit. You release the bowstring, the arrow silently goes to the target. 

So, if you want to relax from everyday worries, and plunge into the feeling of the past centuries, then bow hunting is a good option. True, it requires effort and patience.

First of all, if you have already decided to take a bow and arrows in your hands, you must understand the great responsibility to yourself and your safety. And in this article we will consider the main tips that you need to pay attention to in the process of careful preparation.

How to prepare for the bowhunting?

The preparation process is a very complex issue, and it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare everything you need. So the first advice is to prepare in advance. 

Do not forget that in America there are strict rules of restrictions or permits for the place of hunting, the game you intend to hunt and the type of weapon you use. So before you plan such an outing – find out whether bow hunting is allowed in your region. And if not, answer yourself the question whether you are ready to go to a neighboring state to hunt for this. If so, do not rush to buy equipment right away. Find out what documents you need for this. After all, there are states where you must have a certificate confirming your education in the use of this weapon. And somewhere you will just need to put a stamp that already confirms the permission for this type of hunting. 

And only after that you can start preparing your details. It is wrong to think that it concerns only the bow and arrows. Much attention should be paid to the choice of clothes and shoes. You need to get as close to the beast as possible, despite the rapid development of these weapons, that they are much better (of course) than what was even 10-15 years ago, this need does not disappear. It follows that you should make as little noise as possible. Secondly – pay attention to the issue of your smell. Animals are very sensitive to changes in their environment, so the appearance of, say, the aroma of washing powder may hint at danger. Therefore, wash things using baking soda. Apply an odor neutralizer to the lower clothes, and apply a spray with the aroma of pine needles or earth to the upper clothes. 

Be sure to check your first aid kit, and that your backpack also has a flashlight, water bottle, knife, compass, cord. As well as a mask and gloves. 

After you have checked these points, chosen the bow that you will use – proceed to a very important stage – training. After all, no hunter will go hunting without preparation and confidence in his weapon, that it is properly tuned and all mechanisms work properly. And during training you have a great opportunity to independently understand the weapon and its settings in emergency situations. Try to shoot from different distances, explore your capabilities and the capabilities of your bow and arrows. Pay special attention to the optics that you will use in the game. All of the above also applies to your sight. Once you understand and feel your actions, practice more in the clothes that you will wear on the hunt itself. It is important! You should know whether you make noise, whether you are comfortable, whether the bowstring can catch on something, which will lead to a false shot. As we said, this is a very complex issue. Therefore, as you have noticed, you have to control many processes and foresee all situations.  

How to choose optics for bowhunting?

Yes, once there was a condition that if you have poor eyesight, you can hardly shoot accurately. After all, you need to clearly see the target. Especially when we are talking about big game, paradoxically, this target is very small (we are talking about life support organs).  But now, like any modernized weapon, a bow or crossbow also has a sight. How to choose it?

To begin with, we must understand where and how you will fix it. And also, as we have already noted earlier, to understand the farthest distance that you can keep when shooting at game. This will determine the multiplicity of your optics (that is, how many times it brings the object of your observation closer). Due to the short shooting distance, in most cases, a scope with 4x magnification is enough. The collimator sight is also convenient – the so-called “laser dot” on the target, but in some cases it can frighten the game.

Do not forget about the need for additional batteries for your optics and that after each use you should carefully inspect and clean it to make the sight serve you for a long time. 

In general, these were all the primary recommendations that you should pay attention to. Hunting is not just your hobby, it is also a craft, and in addition, it can be dangerous for you. Therefore, you must follow all these recommendations to ensure your safety in the first place. After all, only you are responsible for it to yourself.

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