Tips For A Shopify Store


Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform for new and established businesses to create and run an online store. It comes with a host of services and built-in features to set up an entire store without the technical skills required for a regular e-commerce site.

With all its versatility and promise, it can be overwhelming when you start. While Shopify has helpful tutorials, marketing tools, and a professional customer service base to help you take full advantage of your store. However, it helps when you know how to accelerate your brand and drive more sales.

Here are some helpful tips for building a Shopify store to put you on the fast track to success.

Shopify Fulfillment Services

Your goal is to keep selling regularly since that is how profits are made. While you hope shoppers complete sales, you must keep up with fulfillment.

This involves getting your orders to the customer and includes:

  • Receiving inventory
  • Housing that inventory
  • Pulling items
  • Packing item
  • Shipping orders
  • Handling returns

This is a lot of work and takes a dedicated team of employees to tackle so you can focus on sales. A better idea is to use Shopify fulfillment services to take the burden off you.

Shopify has a fulfillment network to store all your inventory and fulfill orders as they come in. When you have ordered, the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) picks and packs your items and ships them to be delivered quickly. They have an extensive network of fulfillment hubs, so you only need to ship your products to one place. Then, they distribute it across their network for your inventory to be closer to your customers for delivery. 

SFN works with different shipping providers to ensure you get the lowest rates with the fastest delivery and handle returns. You can also manage data by accurately tracking all your deliveries, inventory levels and customer information in one place. This is a huge advantage for your business.

Add Solid Pricing

We have all seen price tags at stores that add cents to their prices. The price appears to be less than the next dollar amount, so you are getting a deal. Many retailers use .97, while many online stores adopt the .99 cost of their wares as a bargain.

You don’t need to position yourself as a budget retailer, though. By using solid pricing, you show that you are more credible and confident. Companies like Nike use reliable pricing because they sell popular, high-quality products. If you want to be seen as a big player in the Shopify store, drop the cents and be seen as a more professional, high-end brand.

Focus More On Mobile

Before computers, people went to brick-and-mortar stores to shop. Computers have allowed us to shop online from the comfort of our couches, and we can purchase and have our selections delivered to our homes. With smartphones in most people’s hands, they take shopping on the road, so you need to make your Shopify store a mobile mecca.

Start by checking out different Shopify themes to see how they look on mobile devices. It helps if you create larger buttons for different call-to-action prompts and use less text on your page. You want mobile access to your store that is fast to load and easy to read and navigate, so don’t clutter it up with too many pictures and information. 

This is how people shop now because they have the most powerful computer in their pocket everywhere they go, so make sure you are optimized for mobile.

Enlarge Your Product Line

Unless you are a company with a wide variety of products across different sectors, you probably concentrate on a specific niche. This is how you build your brand, which is great, but if you only have a few products, your chances of sales are narrowed. A better idea is to build up your product line so people stay longer on your site and buy more.

Consider what types of items complement your current product line. This will keep you on brand while being more flexible, exposing shoppers to what else your company has to offer. Do some research to see what your competitors sell to get inspiration. While visiting their stores, you may get targeted ads to give you ideas. There is nothing wrong with expanding your product line. It also allows you to market other items and attract new clients. 

These are some helpful tips for a Shopify store that will put you ahead of the pack. Implement these, monitor your growth, and be ready for a wave of sales to come your way.


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