Tips for Email Integration with Salesforce

Tips for Email Integration with Salesforce

Business success goes hand in hand with the latest technologies. Salesforce is considered one of the best technologies in the modern-day business world. It is a cloud-based SaaS tool that focuses on managing customer relationships.

Since its launch, Salesforce has revolutionized the operations of sales personnel by providing a centralized database through which all sales activities are managed. Emails, on the other hand, are an effective mode of communication with clients. Integrating email with Salesforce helps make the work of the sales team more productive.

Considerations to make when choosing an email integration solution

There is a wide range of tools used for integrating email with Salesforce. Each tool comes with features that differ from the rest. Before choosing a tool, you should be certain it will meet your company’s expectations. There are several considerations to make.

Advanced features: You need a tool that comes with several advanced features that allow different functions such as email and calendar sync, automation, and mobile device support. The email integration Salesforce tool by Revenue Grid is one of the email integration tools that comes with advanced features. Its Activity Capture feature allows automated capture of every sales information and activity to Salesforce. It allows syncing of emails and calendars and auto-saves data in Salesforce.

Supported email features: The tool should have features that support a wide range of email environments. The developer should provide consistent support by ensuring they keep updating to the latest versions.

Ability to perform common integration tasks: The main idea for using email integration tools is to allow smoother management of workflows. The tool should effectively perform all basic Salesforce integration tasks performed daily in an organization.

Tool stability and functionality: Unstable integration tools cause a lot of frustration to salespeople. It should provide maximum performance to boost the overall functionality of the organization. If a company wants to sync Outlook with Salesforce, they should choose a Salesforce sync Outlook calendar that allows automatic syncing and calendar unification between both tools.

calendar unification between both tools

Why should organizations integrate email with Salesforce?

Create and launch marketing campaigns from Salesforce

The email lists of a company keep growing as the company grows. It becomes harder to sort out emails, categorize them, and decide on required actions for each. With email integration to Salesforce, it is easy to segment email lists and create a customized marketing campaign for each. The integration tool features allow the teams to create their email campaigns from Salesforce and implement them.

Consistent support

Salesforce email integration tool developers keep updating their tools often. They provide support to users 24/7 to enhance customer satisfaction. Through integration, it is easier to monitor campaigns and analyze their success.

Automatic syncing of information

Email integration allows users to automatically synchronize all contacts and other important data. The team can view any new contacts and leads so that they can act accordingly. Using the tool to integrate email with CRM gives the sales team freedom to focus on their core mandate. They spend more time focusing on sales than dealing with data entry and updating.

Email integration with Salesforce, data security, and storage

There are security and storage issues to be concerned about. More data will be stored in the cloud, and more people will be permitted to log in and use the CRM. This creates several security breach loopholes that need to be addressed from the start. The company needs to have in place additional security measures such as data encryption. The management needs to think in advance about the best way to manage its growing data in the future.

Different email integration tools require different setup procedures. Everyone can effectively implement the integration procedure on their own by following the simple guiding steps. The integration allows the execution of a range of areas, such as personalization, real-time marketing, report generation, and data analytics.


Email integration with Salesforce provides a company with a wide range of benefits. The sales team manages data effectively, and they are no longer required to send emails manually. The team performs all its email tasks on Salesforce without the need to keep switching from the email platform to Salesforce and back.


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