TimeXtender Helps European Companies from Numerous Industries Manage Their Data

Managing corporate data is mission critical for any company or organization and for good reason. When having an abundance of high-quality data and instantaneous access to it, companies can significantly improve their capabilities to make sound, strategic decisions to grow their business. The challenge is finding a solution that will efficiently manage all this information – “efficiently” being the key word. 

Traditionally, building a technical infrastructure with a data warehouse as the centerpiece has required excessive labor hours and costs, only to see the new data warehouse unveiled and often times not aligned with then-current-business needs. This is where TimeXtender® comes in. 

TimeXtender is a market leader with its automated, no-code/low-code data management platform for organizations – across any region or industry – to build, deploy, manage and operate a corporate data estate.

Following are four examples of how TimeXtender has helped European companies from across various industries do just that. 

1. Food Industry


Data plays a vital role for Sonneveld Group B.V., part of the Orkla Group. Its operational environment and the machines in the company’s production environment generate vast quantities of data. The supply chain in the food industry must be clear and transparent at all times and the organization needs insight into stock levels, prices of raw materials, customer preferences and transport statuses, among countless other vital aspects. TimeXtender was used to help with data management.

Once you have a data management environment like TimeXtender, in which all data is automatically collected, compiled, documented, validated and prepared, you can truly get your data to work for you via analytics, data mining or AI. And once your data is working for you, your organization can operate in a data-driven, flexible and agile manner,” said Ismail Yasemin, CIO, Sonneveld Group B.V. “TimeXtender now serves as our ‘Central Park’ in which all of our data is collected and distributed. We can now create validated reports incorporating all of our systems, all of our definitions and all of our data. This has helped to boost data quality within the organization.

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2. Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Data is becoming increasingly vital across the board, and the construction sector is no exception. From safety to productivity and from streamlining business processes to proactive maintenance, the sector is using ever-greater volumes of data. Following a SAP implementation in 2014, Heijmans N.V. installed Qlik software to give staff and management access to reports and analytics. After many years of successful use, the ever-increasing demand for reports within the business meant it was time to take the next step: developing a “data estate.” Rather than conducting an extensive RFP process, Heijmans adopted a pragmatic strategy.

We could see that TimeXtender provides a modern data management platform. We also saw that TimeXtender can easily connect with every data source, allowing us to categorize, model, transfer, transform and document all of our data down to the very last bit. As all of the business logic is now stored in a central location, the reporting and analytics performance within Qlik and Power BI has been substantially boosted,” said Marc Salah, Informatie Manager, Heijmans N.V.

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3. Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Where data quality is important for every organization, this is especially true in healthcare. Institutions deal with sensitive information and efficiency is extremely important. Employees must always have up-to-date and correct information in order to lead the organization efficiently.

The care group Zorggroep Charim chose TimeXtender’s data management platform to bring data from various sources in a simple and secure manner together, as the foundation for reports and analyzes. The implementation of TimeXtender did not take months or weeks, but merely days.  The time required for data updates and integrations has decreased from days to hours.

Let me state first of all that I have no IT background. I am now responsible for setting up and maintaining the data warehouse up to and including building dashboards and reports,” said Tessa van der Linden, BI employee at Zorggroep Charim. “If you have to do that alone, TimeXtender is a very easy solution. There are countless ways to retrieve the data in a very user-friendly way. The nice thing is that you don’t need to have as much detailed technical knowledge of the design of different packages. Otherwise you would have to seek outside help for that.

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4. Manufacturing & Resources Industry

Manufacturing & Resources Industry

Hardi International A/S has grown to become a world leader in crop protection and sprayer equipment. To control its unusual manufacturing process effectively, the business needs clear, easy-to-understand data analysis of every step from planning and manufacturing through to delivery. With such processes in place, Hardi can keep track of its manufacturing, deliver on its promises and accurately analyze its finances and sales statuses. As is so often the case in the modern world, what it needed to achieve this was a stricter control of its business data.

Hardi quickly realized that TimeXtender offers the flexibility and ease-of-use that it was looking for. By being independent of analysis tools, TimeXtender can feed, for example, Microsoft’s Power BI with the data it requires to visualize data in ways that are clear and valuable to users. Yet, by also being fully customizable, TimeXtender allows Hardi to add in enough fields to match the complex nature of its product builds. As a robust data management platform, TimeXtender creates a single source of data capable of feeding any number of BI applications. By doing so with minimal support from staff, it saves time. Widespread automation, plus features such as continuous incremental loading of additional data, save even more time, allowing Hardi to concentrate on their business rather than maintaining their back-end systems.

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TimeXtender’s Data Architecture


Wrap Up

TimeXtender has helped more than 3,300 companies over the last 15 years — these success stories as shared above are just a small sample of how TimeXtender offers an automated data management platform, without writing code, that helps implement and operate data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts; automating the process to get data ready for AI and analysis.

Use cases for TimeXtender include accelerating Azure Synapse Analytics, data warehouse modernization, migrating to the cloud and a modern data estate, and building a data warehouse for SAP.

For more about TimeXtender’s success in various vertical industries visit here, or at this point to discover greater details about TimeXtender software.


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