This Startup is Hyper-Personalizing Retail in the Post Pandemic World

This Startup is Hyper

Personalization in e-commerce is nothing new. Over the past decade, online retailers have been delivering 1-2-1 experiences to consumers by leveraging users’ demographic data and historical behavioral data. This method drives companies to suggest relevant content that may convert prospects into buyers. Its scope is limited, but it’s a slope that marketers and retailers simply need to explore and conduct trials and errors until real value is delivered.

This was the standard in digital retail until the pandemic hit in 2020. Suddenly, customers have fully resorted to online shopping. From what used to be a backup, browsing items through apps became the norm as physical stores take a backseat. As one of the most affected industries by COVID-19, digital presence is one of the most integral reasons for retail’s survival during that time. And as the world transitions to the new normal, retailers all over the world are bracing themselves for the post-pandemic model they had to adopt.

After experiencing the ease and convenience of having products delivered right to their doorstep, customers now treat the online shopping experience as the go-to. In fact, studies show that e-commerce sales are predicted to hit an all-time high by the end of 2022 with $5.5 trillion – a massive increase from 2021’s $4.9 trillion. But despite these statistics, the re-emergence of physical stores may be seen as a threat that can affect the retention of online shoppers. To combat this, online retailers had to create a holistic experience that can give customers the physical shopping experience virtually: hyper-personalization. renovai, a visual AI shopping assistant for lifestyle brands, aims to empower retailers with the capacity to take personalization to the next level through Correlated Deep Tagging, a unique technology that hyper-personalizes brands, transforms product discovery, and improves the tagging accuracy with computer vision AI.

How Does Correlated Deep Tagging Work?

Correlated Deep Tagging improves filtering based on the categories shoppers want to explore by adding context when creating a match. It takes the guesswork out of the picture as if customers are in the physical store with a shopping assistant and an array of relevant items customized according to their taste and need. It also works on multiple visual discovery cues that shoppers can select, combine or remove until they find exactly what they want – think of it as a tailor-made product catalog.

Moreover, it filters out items that do not fit the specific criteria of a customer for a more accurate search. Not only does it alleviate shopper frustration, but it also focuses solely on effective product discovery and personal style, enabling personalized style-based recommendations like similar items and completing a full look.

A Visually Cohesive Language for Multi-Channels

renovai enables retailers to take hyper-personalization to the next level through visually cohesive marketing across multiple channels. Their personalized re-marketing solution allows marketing teams to create a coherent look for their multi-channel marketing strategy based on website interactions and complete funnel optimization. This is easily adaptable for all social media platforms and email marketing. What’s more, a visual content generator boosts visual appeal that ignites the shopper’s imagination with lifelike product displays, and an interactive landing page that creates campaigns while maintaining their solid brand identity and promoting your signature products.

In a nutshell, renovai’s hyper-personalization retail tool brings the physical store shopping experience to a virtual setting. In an era where shoppers crave unmatched CX and visually stimulating experiences, their cutting-edge technology catapults brands in the post-pandemic world with customized content and nuanced interactions.


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